Westwood Radio 037 – The Best of 2020



Westwood Records have certainly made a name for themselves over the last few years honing their output of music to a Bass Funk type of sound that the people generally love. Although times are shit at the moment for most performers Westwood Records have still released some great music this year be it that we have only heard some of these tracks through various live Twitch streams. So here is Westwood Radio and their version of the best music of 2020.







The Funk Hunters x Moontricks – Get Up N Go
Defunk – Alone
Eko Zu x KillWill – Dose Of The Darkside
DWAM – Southside Jane
Dubra – Light
K+Lab – Level 35
Maddy O’Neal – Forgive Me feat. Mandy Groves (Shylow Remix)
Mouthe x DJ Brace – Right Back In
Chali 2na – Keep Goin feat. Choklate (2020 Version)
Chali 2na – Comin Thru (2020 Version)
Frase x SkiiTour – Too Hot, Too Cold
The Funk Hunters x CMC & Silenta – Tribute (La Felix Remix)
SugarBeats – Different feat. LIINKS
Hot Tub – I’m Coming Home
RUMPUS – I Get Down With Aliens feat. Kid Enigma
Kotek – Index
The Funk Hunters x Stickybuds – Empire feat. Flowdan
Austero – Lets Get Started feat. Arowe
Al Mijn Vrienden – Falling
Moontricks – Wood For The Trees (Gone Gone Beyond x The Human Experience Remix)



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