Wiccatron Rory Hoy Sir-Vere – Big Fat Mama Beats & Bootlegs EP0013



Hosted by Wiccatron this months Big Fat Mama Beats & Bootlegs show features guest mixes from Rory Hoy & Sir-Vere. With Sir-Vere’s new release out on Big Fat Mama Beats label called MK6 you can hear a bunch of tunes in this mix from the release as well as a bunch of new undergound material from Rory Hoy & Wiccatron.

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1 – The Prodigy – Need Some1 (WICCATRON Bpmfixintro)
2 – Beezerk – Megaheartz (WICCATRON Remix)

1 – Rory Hoy – Flamingo At The Disco
2 – Junior Senior – Move Your Feet (Extended Mix)
3 – David Holmes – Grit Shaker (THE BEAT PIMP Re-Boot)
4 – An Der Beat – !KNUF
5 – SirVere – MK6 (RORY HOY Remix)
6 – Rory Hoy – Feel Dis (UNDER INFLUENCE Remix)
7 – Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (RAVE YARD Remix)
8 – Blur – Parklife (RORY HOY Re-Edit)

1 – SirVere – Headrush
2 – SirVere – Night Time (S-VAS Remix)
3 – SirVere – Plaything (RETROID Remix)
4 – SirVere – Rebirth
5 – SirVere – Busted Loop (SYSTEMIC We Bomb At Dawn Remix)
6 – SirVere – Lips (FIRE ENGINE RED Mix)
7 – SirVere – Believe
8 – SirVere – MK6 (NATHAN GREEN Remix)
9 – SirVere – Gorgeous (S-VAS Remix)



The Tesla’s Method Wiccatron Placenta FBforce SIDalien Krizzz UrbanKid – Operation Breakbeat – 22.9.2017



The Big Beat Breakbeat Elite have gathered special forces near and wide for this 4 and a half hour mix for Operation Breakbeat. Recorded LIVE at the Mod Club in Saint Petersburg and presented by Floyd The Barber with the very special talents of The Tesla’s Method, Wiccatron, Placenta, SIDalien, FBForce and Krizzz who went back to back with Urban Kid. Breakbeat of all sorts in this one including a brand new tune from me (Pecoe) that Wiccatron dropped as his last track.






00:00:00-00 :39:40 @ TheTesla’sMethod @ Operation BREAKBEAT SPB

00:39:40-01:39:22 @Wiccatron @ Operation BREAKBEAT SPB

54RU & Wiccatron – The Ultimate Seduction
Prodigy – Their Law (PulpFusion Mix)
Cypress Hill – Insane In The Brain (Chemical Brothers Remix)
DJ Icey – Wanna Do It
Dire Straits – Money For Nothing (PulpFusion Mix)
Kasabian – Club Foot (Eddy Losers Remix)
Wiccatron – We Will Rock You (Wiccatron Predator Edit)
Mr Rich and The Caretaker – Constant Soggy Bottom (Wiccatron Re-Slurp)
Chemical Brothers – The Golden Path (Ewan Pearson Extended Vocal)
Doors – Break On Through (Flapsandwich Bootleg)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Aeroplane (Yum Cha Re-Funk)
Metallica – Sad But True (Elite Force Revamp)
Prodigy – Firestarter (Liam’s Roof-On-Fire Mix)
A.Skillz – Flash Mash
Wink – Higher State Of Consciousness
The Chemical Killers – Fuck Up Beats (Wiccatron Bootleg)
Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling (BSD Remix)
Beck – Loser (Leygo Remix)
Nobodi Da Vinylist – Knight Rider
Earth Wind & Fire – Shining Star (Pecoe Edit)

01:39:22-02:24:20 @ Placenta @ Operation BREAKBEAT SPB 22.09.17

02:24:20-03:24:56 @FBForce @ Operation BREAKBEAT SPBB 22.09.17

03:56:27-04:31:56 @ Krizzz btb Urban Kid @ Operation BREAKBEAT SPB 22.09.17




Wiccatron – Operation Breakbeat NSB Radio – 2.9.2017



Mixing the old with the new Denmark’s Wiccatron drops a set of breakbeat and big beat celebrating past bangers and promoting the up and coming artists of now. From Underworld to Plump DJs to Groove Mind this mix is a nice blend which was aired on NSB Radio a few days ago. This is “Operation Breakbeat” (from what i can gather) a promotional mix for an upcomimg event later this month. Details here: www.vk.com/breakbeat_spb_msk







01.Underworld vs OBB intro (mashed)
02.The Dust Brothers – Dope Coil
03.The Tesla’s Method – You Must Play (outside mix)
04.Junkie XL – Def Beat
05.Plump djs – The Gate
06.The B52’s vs The Prodigy – Bananarama Smack (mashed)
07.Slyde – Vibrate To This (DT edit)
08.Atomic Hooligan – Seven 10 Split (Klaus Heavyweight Hill mix)
09.Utah Saints – What Can You Do For Me (Atomic Hooligan mix)
10.Hybrid – Empire (mashed)
11.FB Force – My Force
12.Wiccatron & Muhla – Legion (US edit)
13.Mr Rich and The Caretaker – Get Out
14.Sirvere – This Is Heaven (feat Cut La Roc)
15.Groove Mind – My Funky Worm (BadboE & Wiccatron mix)
16.The Tesla’s Method – I Like The Ladies (edit)
17.Snap – The Power (The Tesla’s Method mix)




Wiccatron – Big Fat Mama Beats and Bootlegs Episode 003

Wiccatron – Big Fat Mama Beats and Bootlegs Episode 003


For those that love Funky Breaks with a bit of bass Wiccatron serves up a selection of Funky tunes in Episode 3 of Big Fat Mama Beats & Bootlegs for Digitally Imported Radio.







Alex North, Wiccatron, Richard Strauss – Space Odyssey Funk intro
Funky Boogie Brothers, Steve Jones – Bring The Noise Re-Rub
Laptop Funkers – Ready To Rumble feat Dynamite MC
N.E.R.D – Lapdance (Machete Cut)
Cypress Hill, Dubra, Arteo – Kill A Man
Justin Johnson – Master Control Funk Program (discObeta Remix)
Buck Rogers – BuckFunk
Fresh Dirt – Acid Grooves
Hardfloor – Knuckle Skills
SkilfulGorilla – Jazz Me Infamous
ElectroGorilla – Habanero Breaks
DJ Grooveellar – Beastie Blues Break
Boys Noize – Rock The Bells
Mr Candy – Glitch Kids From The Gutter
Ondamike – Word Up (Booty Breaks mix)
DiscObeta – Chineese Robots (Re-Up)
X-Ray Ted – Blackstepper
Roast Beatz – Carnival Aerobics (BadboE Remix)
ArrondaTSP – EEE.exe (original mix)
Funky Boogie Brothers – Boom
Rory Hoy – Rythm Section
Royal Blood, BBK – We Aint Gotta Stop
One Less Producer – Cruzin (original mix)
MIA paper planes (DJ Caution final remix)
Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Under The Bridge (Pimpsoul and Funk Hunters Remix)
Funky Boogie Brothers – Crunch (Scratch by DJ Craft)
Mr Rich and The Caretaker – My Feelings For You
Crashgroove – Once Again
Zemerald, Snap – Power






Wiccatron – Big Fat Mama Beats and Bootlegs Episode 002

Wiccatron - Big Fat Mama Beats and Bootlegs EP002


Wiccatron hosts and mixes up this session of “Big Fat Mama Beats and Bootlegs”. Episode 2 in the continuing podcast series and a collection of Funky Frozen Bass, Broken Tech Funk, Ghetto Blues Breaks and Glitch Hop Bangers.

This set is also housing A BIG premiere of some tasters, straight out of the amazing Big Fat Mama Beats Compilation BBB-111. Out 26th May 2016 on www.bbprecordings.com.






1. Kl2, Mc Shureshock – Funky Hoover (feat MC Shureshock)
2. Plump Djs – Like A Boulder (remix)
3. Illegal Content – Inspire (Guau remix)
4. Dnch – Kraut (Kostas G remix)
5. Grove – Conspirator (original mix)
6. Wes Smith – Every Move I Make (Original mix) (DEDR-051)
7. DiscObeta – Chinese Robots (Re-up) – BBP-111
8. Fresh Dirt – Acid Machines
9. Wiccatron – Mission Improbable (dl on SC)
10. Wonky Llama – Quesadilla Wonky Llama
11. Wiccatron – Stick Em Up (BBP-111)
12. Opio, Shapeshifter – Slug A Bug
13. Rory Hoy – Rok Tha Party (BBP-111)
14. Mr Rich and The Caretaker, The Prodigy – Re-Poison
15. Mechanical Pressure – Wild West (XT016)
16. Mechanical Pressure – Pekos Bill (XT016)
17. Calagad 13 – The Fonkey Callin (instrumental) (BBP-118)
18. Jiggyjoe JazzKLipa – Welcome (feat Tatted Up Toon) (BBP-087)
19. Mechanical Pressure – Khamag (Original) (SCAR69)
20. Crashgroove – Once Again (BBP-111)
21. Funky Boogie Brothers – Crunch (Scratch by Dj Craft) (BBP-111)
22. The Uptown Felaz, Mc Kyl – Now You Know (Kid Panel remix)
23. Wiccatron – The Dirty Drop (BBP-79)
24. 2 Live Crew – Bad Ass Bitch Miami (Bootleg)
25. Dj Kid Stretch – Get Away (Basement Freaks remix)
26. Phibes – Belong To You (BBP-120)
27. Bobby Collins – I Wish (Bobby C Sound TV remix)
28. Mr Rich and The Caretaker – My Feelings For You (BBP-111)
29. Wiccatron – Love & Happiness (Ghetto Filth remix) (BBP-97) (12″ dl on SC)






Wiccatron – Big Fat Mama Beats & Bootlegs – Episode 001

Wiccatron - Big Fat Mama Beats & Bootlegs - Episode 001


Wiccatron mixes up some fresh handpicked big beat and party breaks in this episode 1 of his Big Fat Mama Beats & Bootlegs series.

You can catch Wiccatron on the big beat channel at Digitally Imported Radio here www.di.fm/bigbeat





Wiccatron – Big Fat Mama Beats & Bootlegs – Episode 001
1 Up & Comin’ (Wiccatron Revamp) – DiscObeta X Wiccatron
2 Rhythm Business (DiscObeta Remix) – Mr Bristow **
3 In The Summertime (Swing Hop Mix) – The Captain X Mungo Jerry
4 Inspire (Original Mix) – ilLegal Content
5 I Got A Woman – Pulp Fusion **
6 To The Rhythm – Crashgroove **
7 Where’s My Money (Tempa X Gashton Bootleg) – Gash
8 Flash Mash (A.Skills Mash Up) – A.Skillz X Queen
9 My Love (Booty Flip) – DJ Icey
10 Rock The House (Jayl Funk Remix) – Tom Drummond & Philly Blunt
11 Beastie Blues Break – DJ Groovecellar X Beastie Boys
12 Lets Have Scratch For Break-Fest (Bootleg) – Skeewiff
12 Feel Like Funkin’ You Up – BadboE **
13 Suck A DJ (Dusty Tonez Remix) – Generic People
14 Noboby Else – Arteo **
15 I Was Made For Loving You (Pulp Fusion Mix) – Kiss
16 Everybody Get Down (Hardy Hard Mix) – Hardy Hard
17 We Like Cars That Go Boom (Meat Katie Bootleg) – L’Trimm
18 Jive A Lime (Rory Hoy Remix) – Wiccatron **
19 Funky Monkey Strut (Wiccatron Remix) – Rory Hoy & SBK **
21 Woman From Tokyo (ilLegal Content Remix) – Deep Purple
22 R U Ready X Michael Brøndsted (Guitar) – Kid Panel