Vandal – BBC Radio 1 – 20.8.2007



Vandal aka Sam Evans was a pioneering Tech Funk producer and DJ with a bunch of releases on such labels as LOT49, Global Underground, Plastic Raygun, and U&A. His Punk Rock attitude to the music and scene has seen him play all over the world and gain a large fan base in the mid 2000’s. This mix was aired on Annie Nightingale’s BBC Radio 1 show and was personally downloaded by me using my leet hacking skillz (lol).







Vandal – ‘Bad Acid’ (Lot49)
Elite Force – ‘Return2Mindfunk (Vandal Remix)’ (Used & Abused)
Hyper – ‘No Rockstars’ (Kilowatt]
Simpleton – ‘Just Let Go (Baobinga & ID Remix)’ (Spinout)
30Hz – ‘Mutton’ (Lot 49)
The Klaxons – ‘It’s Not Over Yet (Blende Remix)’ (Rinse)
Digitalism – ‘Pogo (Mentalism Mix)’ (Virgin)