The Beatkillers – Mix Edition #009



Spanish born Pachy Hildago is the one man band known as The Beatkillers with a long history in the local Breaks scene from DJ to Producer and now running his own digital label called Deep Low Records. He has also played and supported such international acts as The Crystal Method and Lady Waks to name a few.  Now up to volume 9 this is The Beatkillers – Mix Edition.







01. Colombo- Blazing Pianos (Original mIX)
02. Breaksmafia- Remember (Original Mix)
03. Suga 7- Hipe Dub (Original Mix)
04. Nitro- Violence (The Rogue Element Remix)
05. Sunsha- Wizard (Original Mix)
06. Under This- Be there (Original Mix)
07. Nosk- Orion (Original Mix)
08. Guau- Tzamio (Original mIX)
09. Quadrat Beat- Jump (Breaksmafia Remix)
10. Kultur + Colombo – Granmankoudj (Original mIX)
11. Retropolis- Retckless (Original mix)
12. The Beatkillers- Vida Loka (Original Mix)
13. Suga 7- Higher (Original Mix)
14. Nitro- Violence (Original Mix)
15. The Beatkillers- Metamorfosis (Original Mix)
16. Ed Solo, Skool Of Thought- Babylon Breaks (Original Mix)
17. Sunsha- Put Your Hands Up (Original Mix)
18. Colombo- Keep It Down (Original Mix)
19. Amnexiac- July (Original Mix)
20. Stonewash -Night Hunter (Original Mix)
21. Colombo- Drop Tha Beat (Original Mix)
22. The Prodigy- Your Love (The Beatkillers Remix)Deep Low Records
23- Alex Clubbers- Kiss The Piano (Original Mix) Coming Deep Low Records!!




The Beatkillers – Mix Edition #008



The Beatkillers return with Volume 8 of their Mix Edition Series with some pure fire of broken beats. Starting off with a golden Nu Skool Breaks oldie from the Plump DJs which has been slightly edited then mixing it into another golden oldie from the Bassbin Twins. Another great session from Spain’s, The Beatkillers.







01- Elektronaut- Bumper (Plump Djs + Obscene Frequency Mix)
02- Tsunami One – Hip Hop Phenomenon (Bassbin Twins Edit)
03- Manic -Im Coming Hardcore (Peter Paul Remix)
04- Nosk- Mob (Original Mix)
05- Quadrat Beat- Phenomenon (Original Mix)
06- Da Antidote (Future Funk Sqwuad Ultrarock Remix)
07- The Beatkillers- Metamorfosis (Original Mix)
08- Stanton Warriors- Feel This Way (Original Mix)
09- The Beatkillers- Apology (Original Mix)
10- Suga 7- Keep Right Now (Original Mix)
11- Stanton Warriors- Walking (Original Mix)
12- Colombo- Take Control (Original Mix)
13- BreaksMafia- Let Me In (Original Mix)
14- Arsa Ketoma- Lose Control (Original Mix)
15- The Beatkillers- White Hearts (Original Mix)
16- Yo Speed- Only Me
17- Baby D- Let me be (The Beatkillers Remix)
18- JanB – sHIPER (tHECK4 rEMIX)
19- rOBERT mILES- Children (The Beatkillers Remix)
20- Neuroziz , G$Montana- Gheto Funk (Veth Vogh Remix)
21 Brothers Of Dub- Same Frequency (FFS VIP MIX)



The Beatkillers – Mix Edition #007



Spanish outfit The Beatkillers have made some cranking remixes of some well popular tunes over the last couple of years and most are available as a FREE download via their Soundcloud page. This brand new mix from them is “Mix Edition Number 7” a continuing series of Breaks mixes with the best tunes out there with lots of local artists and an upcoming Beatkillers remix of the classic tune Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy soon to be released through Deep Low Records.







01. Suga- Fearles Hiena (Original Mix)
02. The Beatkillers- Baby (Original Mix)
03. Mutant Breaks & Seveng – It Believe (Original Mix)
04. Under Break- Zipped (Original Mix)
05. Paket- Animal Instint (Original Mix)
06. Deekline & Wizard- All your love (The Beatkillers Remix)
07. Shade K & Dj goku- Wumpa Combo (Original Mix)
08. Staxia- Stracorporeal (Eztereo Remix)
09. Sunsha- Bounce to this (Original Mix)
10. Aggresivnes- Rock This (Original Mix)
11. V Aparicio- Albert (Original Mix)
12. Wes Smith- That Funky Disco (Original Mix)
13. Pio Beat – You (Original Mix)
14. Suga7- Let Me Come Again (Original Mix)
15. Destilux- Anubis (Original Mix)
16. Nosk- Camorra (Original Mix)
17. Sunsha- Bring it Back (Original Mix)
18. Baby D- Let Me Be Your Fantasy (The Beatkillers Remix) Coming Deep Low Records!!
19. Sunsha- Glide (Original Mix) [Coming Deep Low Records]
20. Paket- Not Brother Me (Original Mix) [Coming Deep Low Records]
21. Dj Randy – Night In Florida (Original Mix)
22. Liquid Crystal- You got Me (Peter Paul Remix)
23. Something Human ft Yola (Colombo Remix)
24. Peter Paul & The Funk Fury- Bomba (The Breaks Mix)
25. Sunsha- Reverence (Original Mix)



The Beatkillers – Mix Edition #006



Spanish born Pachy Hildago is the one man band known as The Beatkillers with a long history in the local Breaks scene from DJ to Producer and now running his own digital label called Deep Low Records. He has also played and supported such international acts as The Crystal Method and Lady Waks to name a few. This is his latest mix with a top selection of new Breaks tunes that are around at the moment.







01. Agresivnes- Our Nitgh (Brainkiller Remix)
02. Dj Fixx-Roll it up (Original Mix)
03. Basstyler- Danec To The Rythm (Original Mix)
04. Obscene Frequency- Lose Conntrol (Original Mix)
05. Colombo- Shake That Jazz (The Beatkillers Remix)
06. Sunsha- Bass up (Original Mix)
07. Detach- Hard Work it (Original Mix)
08. Aquasky &Autoboots- Dreamland (Original Mix)
09. Ufo Project- Change your way (Original Mix)
10. Eztereo- Feel the heat (Original Mix)
11. Perfect Kombo- Untitled One (Dmoney Remix)
12. Detach- Get your name (Original Mix)
13. Sub Focus- Love divine
14. Mechanical Presure- Fearles Hyena (Suga7 Remix)
15 Quadrat Beat- Sky (Under This Remix)
16.Paket- Judith Bitch (Original Mix)
17. Liquid Crystal- You got me (Suga7 remix)
18. Suga7- Rock On (Obscene Frequency Remix)
19. Cellardore- Make it work (Original Mix)




The Beatkillers – LIVE @ Templo Transition – 16.4.2016

The Beatkillers - LIVE - Tempelo Transition - 16.4.2016


The Beatkillers in typical Spanish festival style mix up a cranking LIVE set full of uptempo Breaks, gnarly basslines and synths in this mix that was recorded a few days ago at Templo Transition.








The Beatkillers – Deep Low Breaks Compilation Vol 02

The Beatkillers - Deep Low Breaks Compilation Vol 02





01.Ark Love- Lens (Original Mix)
02.Blond- Come See Us (Ark Love & Ez Breaks Remix)
03.CBZ- Blister (Original Mix)
04.Paket- Toxic Sound (Original Mix)
05.Perfect Kombo- Long Life (Original Mix)
06.Shade K- Crater Tunnels (Original Mix)
07.The Beatkillers- Fire (Original Mix)
08.Paket- Travel To Mind (Original Mix)
09.The Beatkillers- Bass & Pianos (Original Mix)
10.CBZ- Evils Heaven (Original Mix)
11.The Beatkillers- Breaks History (Original Mix)
12.Ark Love- Lens (Headset Heroes Remix)
13.The Beatkillers- Silenthly (Original Mix)