Jay Cunning & Terry Hooligan – Breakbeat Classics on Koollondon.com



Taking it way back Jay Cunning & Terry Hooligan decided to do some crate digging and mix up 2 hours of Breakbeat Classics from the Nuskool sounds of the early 2000’s through to Tear Out and a bit of Jungle Breaks the guys drop a set of classic Breakbeat with a collection of tunes that were a highlight of their time.

You can hear Jay Cunning on the Sub Slayers Drive Time show every friday 5-7pm UK time at www.koollondon.com







Jay Cunning B2B Terry Hooligan – Breakbeat Classics

Jay Cunning B2B Terry Hooligan - Breakbeat Classics


The grandfathers of the Breaks scene Jay Cunning & Terry Hooligan recently dusted off some old tunes and bought them back into the light for a Breakbeat classic set. For those that remember there’s a bunch of top old classics in this mix which was broadcast LIVE at www.koollondon.com.

You can also peep the LIVE video >HERE< for the multi-deck mix with generous amounts of effects and scratching.









Terry Hooligan – Breakbeat Volume 3

Terry Hooligan - Breakbeat Volume 3


The Breakbeat Channel on Soundcloud had released “Breakbeat Volume 3” and mixed by a DJ no more fitting then Terry Hooligan. Terry reached international success with his music sidekick Matt Welch forming the group Atomic Hooligan in the Early 2000’s. While Terry still DJ’s today he now concentrates more on the promotional side of electronic music with his PR company On The Rise Promotions with his business partner Jay Cunning.

For more information about Atomic Hooligan follow this link: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atomic_Hooligan





1. Breakbeat – Eastcolors-groza-ft-lameduza
2. Breakbeat – Vinyl-junkie-sanxion-mustard
3. Breakbeat – Libra-i-need-your-love-archive
4. Breakbeat – James-mannion-diamonds-premiere
5. Breakbeat – 2beeps-tweaked-premiere
6. Breakbeat – Seveng-kl2-the-big-bang-funky-neoh-remix
7. Breakbeat – Sly-one-the-six-four-premiere
8. Breakbeat – Hypho-ambush-strange-rollers-remix
9. Breakbeat – Freestylers-ready-for-the-clash
10. Breakbeat – Jason-laidback-jamadelic-premiere
11. Breakbeat – Wuki-lip-pop
12. Breakbeat – Jaxx-da-fishworks-why-wont-you
13. Breakbeat – Rob-analyze-trough-the-bass
14. Breakbeat – Deibeat-the-train
15. Breakbeat – Jps-hoover-gu
16. Breakbeat – Ed-west-daddy-nature-morgans-rain-bahia-premiere
17. Breakbeat – Vinyl-junkie-kickback-rat-race-peter-culture-601-remix-premiere
18. Breakbeat – Destroyers-aggresivnes-pickaxe
19. Breakbeat – Dusty-bits-we-bout-to-crush-exclusive
20. Breakbeat – Toronto-is-broken-mirrored-walls-premiere