Tar3D – Dark Dimensions Volume 2



Returning to the pages of Breakzlinkz once again Tar3D brings us a straight up mix of the music we call breaks.

After extensive digging and searching deep within his crates Tar3D drops a new mix of of blistering Breaks & Bass heat creating this combo of both old and new tracks for his second Volume of Dark Dimensions.






1. Jackal & Hyde VS. Evan Gamble Lewis – You’re Like A Drug (Original Mix)
2. Superfly Jeff, Xquizit DJ X – I Know (Original Mix)
3. Brownstone – If You Love Me (The Push Remix)
4. Orelem & Solrac – Cleopatra (Original Mix)
5. Mon A Q, Kromozone Project – Take My Love (DJ Trashy Remix)
6. Breaksjunkie, Alekay – Get Em (DJ Chronic Feat. Chronic Jr. Remix)
7. Wes Smith – Give It To Em (Original Mix)
8. Meager Means – Got A Beat For Me? (Vibal’s Break Remix)
9. The Prodigy – Warriors Dance (Future Funk Squad’s “Rave Solder’ Mix)
10. Kid Digital – Pull The Trigger (Original Mix)
11. Mutantbreakz – I Need Your Love (Original Mix)
12. JimiTheGenius – What You Need (Original Mix)
13. Krafty Kuts – Hustle (Original Mix)
14. Ruby Goa – Beat Breaking Boy (Stanton Warriors Remix)
15. DJ Icey, Arion Lee MC – Baby Girl (Original Mix)
16. Yo Speed – Brapp Boow (Original Mix)
17. K – Deejays – Wanted Be Free (Original Mix)
18. Plump Djs – Big Apple (Original Mix)



Tar3D – Summer Heat Sessions Volume 8



Tar3D blazes through a new Summer Heat Session throwing down a blend of all thriller no filler Breaks & Bass tracks some of which date back to the early 2000’s while others have undertones that reach even further back adding an extra touch of nostalgia to a mix that is a perfect blend of old and new.






1. Stanton Warriors, Taiki Nulight, Danny Dearden – What You Got Now (Extended Mix)
2. Mizzo – Rockin (Original Mix)
3. Left/Right, Dread MC, Bodyblow – One/Two (Original Mix)
4. Multiply, BreaksMafia – Powder (Original Mix)
5. Aylen – Kick Masta (Original Mix)
6. Si-Dog – Krush Groovin (Original Mix)
7. K-Deejays – The Bomb (Original Mix)
8. Vibal – Come And Get It (Original Mix)
9. Plump DJs – Keep A Focus (Original Mix)
10. Daze Prism – Why (Original Mix)
11. The Brainkiller – Alien (Original Mix)
12. DJ3OA – Hot N Cold (Original Mix)
13. Yo Speed – Flying To Miami (Original Mix)
14. United States Beat Squad – I Need You (Original Mix)



Tar3D – Get Funk’d! The Funk Series – Winter Music Funk



What if i told you that you can go get Funk’d ? Well you can, Tar3D supplies us with the latest installment of the Get Funk’d! The Funk Series mixes for the Monkey Tennis Group. This one is all bout that low down bass and breaks with a few golden oldies thrown in to suit, click that download button to grab your copy.







Get Funk’d! The Funk Series – Tar3D
Huda Hudia – Destroy The Club (Original Mix)
Nerve – Hands Up (Dirty Version)
DJ Fixx, DJ 30A – Orion’s Belt (Original Mix)
Yo Speed Feat Javo Scratch – Classic (Original Mix)
Bomba Rosa – Jariana (Original Mix)
DJ Icey – The Wake Up (Original Mix)
Si-Dog, Fal N – Purity (Original Mix)
Kimboy Feat Bad Legs – The One (Original Mix)
Rain Man, BLI – Mirage (Original Mix)
Huda Hudia, DJ King C – Make Some Noise (Original Mix)
Stanton Warriors, Hollywood Holt, Ruby Goe – Get Up (Original Mix)
Merlyn – Bump (Original Mix)
DJ Fixx – Don’t Walk (Original Mix)
Josh B – Got It Bad (Original Mix)
Left/Right, Just 10 – Falling (Original Mix)
DJ Icey x Under This – Hold The Pain Feat Melanie Rev & llldan (Bootleg)



Tar3D & DJ Chronic – MTG Linda B Exclusive Mix



Breaks mistress Linda B presents to you an exclusive mix for the Monkey Tennis Group (MTG) from none other then the two brothers from another mother Tar3D & DJ Chronic. With lots of breaks, bass and boom Tar3D is first to take to the decks while in the second half of the mix DJ Chronic stands up with bag of new tunes to hear.





TAR3D Track List

Bubble Couple – Stick’Em (Original Mix)
Merlyn – Short Circuit (Original Mix)
Left/Right & Just10 – Crazy (Original Mix)
Aylen – Dope (Original Mix)
DJ Fixx – Stars (Original Mix)
Merlyn & JimiTheGenius – Just Listen (Original Mix)
Kid Kinobi and A-Tonez – Take It Back (Chris Royal Remix)
Tim Healey and Audio Anonymous – D.I.S.C.O. (Deekline & Fixx Remix)
Freestylers and Deekline – Get High on U (Original Mix)
Meager Means – Problems With Bass (Vibal Remix)



Lo IQ? – Ghetto Tr!x (Original Mix)
K-Deejays – We´re Coming Back (Original Mix)
Florence – You´ve Got The Love (Bubble Couple Remix)
Kimboy ft Bad Legs – The One (Original Mix)
Ondamike – Back In The Day (Original Mix)
Huda Hudia – Destroy The Club (Original Mix)
Kesha – Hideaway (Supernaut 1001 Remix)
Robert Miles – Children (The Beatkillers Remix)
Mr Fli – Tarantula (Bootleg Remix)




TAR3D – Dark Dimensions Volume 1



For some more straight up Breaks be it a variety of several styles TAR3D takes us on a journey of Star Trek proportions and sends us through the galaxy to the Dark Dimensions.






1. B-Phreak – Burning Up
2. Chris Lake – Changes (Scratch-D & B-Minus VIP REMIX)
3. The Brainkiller – I’m Crazy
4. DJ Laz – Red Alert (Bradley Drop Remix)
5. DJ 33, The DropStarz – California Flight
6. Huda Hudia – Zombie Killer
7. DJ Icey – Chained
8. DJ Fixx – Never Forget You (Girly Tune 3)
9. Mutantbreakz – Hercules
10. Tsunami One + BT – Hip Hop Phenomenon (Peter Paul 2015 Remix)
11. Uberzone and Rennie Pilgrem – Black Widow
12. State of the Nation – Tell Me feat. Jungle Brothers & Mike G (Stanton Warriors Remix)
13. DJ Icey – The Zapper (Zap VIP)
14. Stanton Warriors – Hoping (Jay Robinson Remix)
15. Huda Hudia – Drop The Bass Now (Si Dogs Triple Dog Dare Remix)
16. Dustin Dynasty Nelson – Make It Pop



TAR3D – Summer Heat Sessions Volume 7



Heating up those long hot summer nights TAR3D brings the fire with a fresh new mix of bass and breaks bangers guaranteed to get any nightclub moving. Some new music in this one with the occasional golden oldie thrown in for good measure.






1. Head Bop feat. Rell Rock (Plump DJs Clean Remix) – Tru Fonix
2. Bolted – DJ ICEY
3. Doors – Bombo Rosa
4. Faith – Deekline, Keith Mackenzie
5. Wild feat. JC – JC, Max Olsen
6. In My Brain – Rabbit In The Moon
7. Egyptian Stutter – Wes Smith
8. Time To Roll (Tundro Remix) – Vibal
9. I Wanted You – Sweet Charlie
10. Uro – Hankook
11. Lets Move On (Disperto Seguro Remix) – Staxia
12. Good Vibrations (Stanton Warriors Remix) – Beach Boys
13. Rocinha – Bombo Rosa
14. Pop Ya Cork – (Stantons VIP Mix) – Stanton Warriors
15. No More Wait – BreaksMafia
16. Slinky – Lady Luck, DJ30A