Storm-e – Rocksteady (Breaks Mix)

Storm-e - Rocksteady (Breaks Mix)


This mix is all about the 808 Bass, a sure fire selection of tracks with that 808 bass sound that so many people are digging these days. From DJ Icey to Bradley Drop to DJ Fixx those that are liking this sound are sure gonna dig this mix from Storm-e.

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L-Train, Treen Da Bean – Bass Drop (Original Mix)
Ellie Goulding – Figure 8 (French Fries Club Mix)
L-Train, Treen Da Bean – Bass Drop (DJ Fixx Remix)
Yo Speed – Yo Ready (Original Mix)
DJ Icey – The Zapper (Original Mix)
k4DJ – I Can’t Stop (Original Mix)
Lakotah – Drop It Low (Original Mix)
B-Phreak, Philly Blunts – Get Ya Head (Bradley Drop remix)
Subconxious – Hieroglyphs on the Sun (Keith Mackenzie remix)
DJ Fixx – OMFG (Original Mix)
DJ Hero – L.B.S.G. (Original Mix)
Huda – Pop That (Original Mix)
Markk Polo – Bars (Wes smith Booty Juice remix)
Stranger – Wait A Minute (Original Mix)
Wes Smith, BumpR StickR – Listen To The Beat (DJ Fixx Remix)
Peep This – Can U Feel Dat? (Original Mix)
Wireless Mice – Baunts (Curtis B remix)
H20 – Candy Painted (Jackal & Hyde vs MojoLeFay)
J-Double – Baddness (Original Mix)
Plump Djs – Yes Yes (Original Mix)
Shade K- Bubble (Original Mix)
Shade K – Fuckuplay (Original Mix)
NLP, CRAB DJs – Rockspot (CoolTasty remix)
Si-Dog, Bradley Drop – Whats Up Now (Original Mix)