Stanton Warriors – BBC Radio 1 Quest Mix 2017



At the top of the leader board (if there ever was such a thing) are the duo that is the Stanton Warriors who have been in the electronic music scene from the 1990’s and look like never slowing down. This mix was recorded for BBC Radio 1 and Annie Nightingale’s “Quest Mix” an hours worth of beats, bass, breakbeats and music that the Stantons are digging at the moment, plus it’s a FREE direct download.






Stanton Warriors – LIVE @ Klub K4 – 8.12.2007



The Stanton Warriors have a discography about as long as my arm ! Consisting of Dominic Butler and Mark Yardley, the duo have performed internationally with their infamous Stanton Sessions parties in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Their name was taken from a manhole cover, made by Stanton Ironworks, which seemed fitting with their style of underground, cutting edge music.

The is so much to be said about this duo and their influence in electronic music today that i could go on forever….
This mix from back in December 2007 was recorded LIVE at Klub 4 in Ljubljana, Slovenia and showcases the typical Booty Bass Breaks sound from them at that time. Enjoy !

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Stanton Warriors – Jan Slam US Tour Promo Mix



The time you make a mix without necessarily trying to do so …. The Stanton Warriors hit the record button while going through some new promos and ended up busting out this mix at 4am in their studio. Currently on tour in the USA this mix is full of quality new Breaks and Bass music, get your ears around this one from one of the leaders in the Breaks and Bass scene.










Stanton Warriors – LIVE @ Fabric Nightclub – 20.10.2006




With the recent closure of Fabric Nightclub the launching pad for many an artist i thought it was only fitting to post up this mix from local residents the Stanton Warriors from way back in 2006. This LIVE mix was recorded on one of the many nights the Stanton’s played featuring a bag full of Booty Breaks and all the tunes we used to know and love. Enjoy !

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