Splitloop – Triple J Mixup – 19.7.08



Splitloop were a UK Breakbeat duo, Phil Byrne and Ben Crowe. They toured the world and released 2 critically acclaimed studio albums, one back in 2005 on Krafty Kuts old label Against The Grain called “Here On Business” and another in 2008 again on Krafty’s old label called “Pleasure Machine” plus a whole bunch of singles. The height of their success was really back in 2008 when they toured the world and made it into Australia’s Triple J Radio studios where they recorded this mix.

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Crazy Sexy – Splitloop – ATG
Disco Sirens – Midfield General – Skint
Mars – Fake Blood
Party People – Splitloop – ATG
Cassette Jam – Arveene and Misk Remix – Gash DJs
Pleasure Machine – Splitloop – ATG
Plump DJs – Snake eyes – Fingerlickin
Electricity – Splitloop – ATG
Alex Metric – Deadly on a mission – Marine Parade
From Paris with Love – Harley Schoolkid – Downunderground (with Party People – splitloop – ATG)
More Cowbell – NAPT – Funkatech
Irreverence – Splitloop – ATG (with Keep Running – Splitloop – ATG)
Super Squelch Original Mix – Groove Allegience – Splank!
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Slyde – Fingerlickin’
Method One – Splitloop – ATG
Saturate – Chemical Brothers – Virgin – AM Edit (with No Good, Start The Dance – The Prodigy)
100 Places – Splitloop – ATG