SOTO – Botchit Breaks Promo – 16.12.2000



In the early days of Breakzlinkz i once received an email from a lovely lady called Sonia Push asking me to help promote various Breakbeat artists that were clients of hers as she run her own PR music company called Push Promotions. From then on Sonia would send over to me exclusive material including DJ mixes and tracks with which i would help promote by posting on Breakzlinkz, Soundcloud and various music forums from back in the day. Unfortunately and sadly Sonia passed away a few years back so i’m quite proud to still have this promo CD for a tour she did around Australia back in September 2001 with her life partner and DJ/Producer partner Toby. Sonia and Toby make up their artists name SOTO and this mix is a rare Botchit Breaks Promo only CD.

R.I.P. Sonia