SONEK – Summer Funk LIVE @ Break Beat Dojo – 8.6.2019



The heat is rising and SONEK is bringing the fire with another solid mix recorded LIVE at Break Beat Dojo last month. Crispy breakbeat bangers of the mid tempo range from a variety of the best out there including some solid tunes from SONEK himself.






1. Featurecast – Planet Bass Intro (SONEK Flip)
2. Grid Division – Dolphin Tea feat. Wildebeest (Original Mix)
3. Prosper, Stabfinger – Mista Funkmaster (Original Mix)
4. D’Angelo – Left & Right (Father Funk Remix)
5. Phibes – Bust That Rhythm (Original Mix)
6. K+Lab – Pull Up feat. Melodownz and Mustafa Akbar (Stickybuds Remix)
7. Stickybuds – In Your System feat. Frase (Beat Fatigue Remix)
8. Imagine This, Bazza Ranks – That Stuff (WBBL Remix)
9. The Breakbeat Junkie – Take A Stance (Original Mix)
10. Megan Hamilton – Strawberry Bubblefunk (Grid Division Remix)
11. Summer Bright, Mr Stabalina – Put Ya Hands Up (Original Mix)
12. MOOQEE – Jazz Talking (Original Mix)
13. SONEK – Union Square (Original Mix)
14. Tom Booze – Get Fonky Wit It (Original Mix)
15. Slynk, Megan Hamilton – With The Funk feat. The Bermudas (Original Mix)
16. Beat Le Juice – Funk Magic (Original Mix)
17. Benny Page – Turn Down The Lights (Father Funk Remix)
18. SONEK – Bounce To The Rhythm (Original Mix)
19. SONEK feat. Bobby Danger, M3 – Check It (VIP Mix)
20. K+Lab x Mynaah x Break Beat Dojo feat. Bobby Danger, M3 – Dojo Banga (Original Mix)



SONEK – LIVE @ Modulations Radio Show – CJSW 90.9FM



With a mixture of Breaks and dare i say Future Breaks SONEK digs deep into the underground to bring you a LIVE mix for the Modulations Radio Show in Calgary in Canada. A lovely selection of tunes, well mixed and put together.






1. Hallowe’en Intro – CHORDLUST
2. God’s Choir (Original Mix)- NIXON
3. Everything Change (Evil Nine Remix)- INK PROJECT
4. Small Little Things (SONEK Remix)- MR. KILLEN
5. Move My Soul feat. Alison Levi (Original Mix) – MAFIA KISS
6. Never Let It Go feat. Janai (Nixon Remix)STANTON WARRIORS + CAUSE & AFFECT
7. Hornets (Benton Remix) – FAKE BLOOD
8. Angel (Archive Remix) – DOCTOR JEEP
9. Beings Below (Original Mix) – NIXON
10. Broken (Original Mix) – LEFT/RIGHT
11. Your Girl (Original Mix) – EVIL NINE
12. Can’t Stop (Original Mix) – ZANDER + LEFT/RIGHT
13. Blaze it Up (CoolTasty Remix) – YO SPEED
14. Salto Batida (Original Mix) – BOMBA ROSA
15. Nuri (Original Mix) – SONEK & PIO BEAT
16. The Finger (Original Mix) – NIXON
17. Pop Ya Cork (Volac Remix) – STANTON WARRIORS
18. The Flow is Fat (Original Mix) – UFO PROJECT
19. Jumpin Jumpin (Original Mix) – DRKWTR & SONEK
20. Like This (Original Mix) – SONEK



SONEK – Market Stage Mix – Astral Harvest 2018



Alright so this mix has a bit of a mish mash of the broken beat genre, starting off with some Glitch Hop tunes a bit of Ghetto Funk and leading on to some Breaks bangers. True festival styles by SONEK as this was recorded LIVE on the Market Stage at Astral Harvest Festival in Canada, July this year, enjoy.






1. Bombs From The SONEK Vaults Intro
2. Griz – Can’t Hold Me Down feat. Tash Neal (Boogie T Remix)
3. K+Lab – Mothership Re entry feat. Alias and The Mic Smith (Original Mix)
4. Big Gigantic – C’mon feat. GRiZ (Original Mix)
5. Griz – PS GFY feat. Cherub (Opiuo Remix)
6. My Pet Monster, Grid Division – In Da House (Original Mix)
7. K+Lab – Pull Up feat. Melodownz and Mustafa Akbar (Original Mix)
8. Slynk, Skiitour – Figure It Out (Original Mix)
9. Funk Ferret – Whole Loada Shizzle (Original Mix)
10. SONEK – Union Square (Original Mix)
11. Stickybuds, K+Lab – Clap Ya Hands Now feat. KWADI (Original Mix)
12. Wes Smith & The Juice Sqaud – Bomb Tha Bass (Original Mix)
13. Huda Hudia & Tony Faline – Get Funk (Original Mix)
14. DJ Icey – Not a Test (Original Mix)
15. Huda Hudia – Drop the Bass Now (DJ Volume Woofer Candy Mix)
16. DJ Icey – Acid Conga (Original Mix)
17. Stanton Warriors – Pump Up The Jam (Original Mix)
18. Stanton Warriors – Pop Ya Cork (Volac Remix)
19. Marten Horger – Deeper Down feat. Eva Lazarus
20. Bombo Rosa – Salto Batida (Original Mix)
21. SONEK & DRKWTR – Jumpin Jumpin (Original Mix)
22. SONEK – Like This (Original Mix)
23. SONEK – Like This (Neda Deva Remix)
24. Griz – Before I Go feat. Leo Napier (AC Slater Remix)
25. Fort Knox Five – Fire In My Belly feat. Ashley Slater (Skiitour Remix)



SONEK – Festival Promo Mix 2017



This new mix from SONEK takes a journey into all forms of Breakbeat. From Ghetto Funk to Breaks to Drum and Bass at the end of the mix there’s something for all you lovers of the Breakbeat genre. Top mix, have a download and listen.






1 Pimpsoul – Funkin’ Intro (SONEK edit)
2 Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – T.R.O.Y. (Father Funk Remix)
3 Father Funk & WBBL – Cleanin’ Up The Streets (Original Mix)
4 Sammy Senior – Party & Bootleg (Original Mix)
5 Phibes – Gangstas ’n’ Honeys (Original Mix)
6 Dubra & Arteo – Fat Ass Beat (Original Mix)
7 Dubra & Arteo – The Funk Phenomenon (Original Mix)
8 Neon Steve – I Got Tha (Original Mix)
9 X-Ray Ted – Blackstepper
10 Mctwist – Popsicles Feat Bobby Danger (SONEK Rerub)
11 Wes Smith & The Juice Squad – Come On Y’all (Original Mix)
12 Freq Boutique – Get Tipsy (Original Mix)
13 SONEK & DRKWTR – Jumpin Jumpin (Original Mix)
14 SPX – Feel Good (Mafia Kiss Remix)
15 Crawford – Life (Original Mix)
16 Isenberg – Mobb Deeper (Original Mix)
17 SONEK & Macho – Lucha De Apuesta (2017 Rework)
18 Smalltown Djs, Peep This – Bout To Go Down (Original Mix)
19 Peep This – Can You Feel Dat?
20 Agent K, Bella – Whats Love Got To Do Wit It (Original Mix)
21 SONEK – To The Ground (Original Mix)
22 Wes Smith & The Juice Squad – Music Makes You Loose Control (Original Mix)
23 Nappy Riddem – Rastaman (Pimpsoul & Mooqee Remix)
24 Benny Page – Dangerous feat. Solo Banton (Original Mix)
25 Deekline, Tippa Irie, General Levy – Pass Me The Rizla (Original Mix)
26 Jahdan Blakkamoore, Janaka Selekta – Good Vibes (Ed Solo & Stickybuds Remix)




SONEK – LIVE @ Treemendus Music Festival 2016

SONEK - LIVE @ Treemendus Music Festival 2016



Treemendus brings together people in the woods of beautiful Southern Alberta for music, dance, and enjoyment. It gets us back into nature where the trees mend us.

Originally Treemendus started off as a camping trip for a few friends and, because we could, we brought some speakers and lights. Then the next trip happened and a few more people heard and wanted to come out, and then the next trip more people came, and then the next, and so on. This happened until we could no longer continue seeing this as a camping trip and had to see it for what it really was, a music event.

This is SONEK‘s LIVE recorded mix from the Treemendus Music Festival 2016.











SONEK – LIVE @ Break Beat Dojo – 13.5.2016

SONEK - LIVE @ Break Beat Dojo - 13.5.2016



Time for a LIVE mix, SONEK recorded this mix at Break Beat Dojo just recently. Starting out with some Future Breaks type of sounds then moving onto some original material before ending up with some Ghetto Funk business.






1. Amtrac – Undefeated (Evil Nine Remix)
2. Evil Nine – Solar Black Rays (Original Mix)
3. Mafia Kiss – Do It (Original Mix)
4. Breakage – Dedication (Original Mix)
5. Nixon – Watch Dis (Original Mix)
6. UFO Project – Change Your Way (Original Mix)
7. Krafty Kuts & Dynamite MC – There They Go (Acapella)
8. Photek – Levitation (Original Mix)
9. SONEK – The Bay Shuffle (Acapella)
10. SONEK – The Bay Shuffle (Original Mix)
11. Julio Bashmore – Battle For Middle You (Original Mix)
12. Leda Stray – The Oracle (Original Mix)
13. Jimmy Le Mac – Wiggle (Original Mix)
14. Janette Slack, Adsorb – It’s On You (Se7ev Deadly Breaks Remix)
15. SONEK & Rusty Meeks – Brand New 6 (Acapella)
16. SONEK & Rusty Meeks – Brand New 6 (Original Mix)
17. SONEK – Brooklyn Rude Bwoy (Original Mix)
18. Wes Smith & The Juice Squad – Here The Drummer (Original Mix)
19. Mooqee VS. Beatvandals – Back Up (Original Mix)
20. Mooqee VS. Beatvandals – See Mice Elf (Original Mix)
21. Ed Solo, Deekline – Top Rankin (Slynk Remix)
22. Slynk, Beat Fatigue – Graffiti Alley (Original Mix)
23. Pimpsoul & Neon Steve – Right About Now (Original Mix)
24. Second Hand Audio – Got It Like That (Featurecast Dub)
25. Busta Rhymes – Dangerous (Acapella)
26. BADBOE – Masterpiece (Original Mix)
27. Featurecast – 999 (Original Mix)