Sandman & Rob Sample – Dr Hooka’s Surgery Guest Mix – 23.4.2020



Todd Perrine aka Sandman along with Rob Sample collectively known as The Get Down Brothers just recently dropped an hours long guest mix for Dr Hooka and his Surgery Show on NSB Radio. Some great mid tempo breakbeat classics mixed with some great new classics providing a funky treat to all out there.






1 Gimme That – Ali B,Jungle Brothers
2 Crown Jewels – Kenny Beeper
3 Come On (Featurecast Remix) – Griz & Big Gigantic
4 Heads Up – Bryx Feat Audiowrx
5 Throw Ya Hands – Crash Party
6 Take It Down Low – Featurecast
7 Burn – K+Lab Feat The Funk Hunters
8 Back To The Flow – Krafty Kuts
9 My People Get Down – Skank Honto
10 Send It – Stickybuds
11 Colt 45 – G Wizard
12 Funk Nuggets – Pecoe
13 By Your Side – Father Funk & X-Ray Ted
14 Back To Basics (Krafty Kuts Remix) – Dub Fx
15 Sleazy Teacher – Howla & Bside
16 Up In The Place – Bryx
17 Alpha Mode – Staunch
18 Spoiler Alert – Woofax
19 Now Jump – Father Funk & X-Ray Ted



Sandman – Landcruisin’ Artist Series Mix: Slynk



Sandman (aka Todd Perrine) is a long time DJ from the USA and in this mix he concentrates on one of the funkiest artists out there, Slynk. This Artist Series Mix from Sandman contains some of the 50 tracks that Slynk released as a free download just recently. All these 50 tracks by Slynk were made from 2007 to 2013 and are available as a FREE download through his Bandcamp HERE. Top 1 take mix from Sandman in an hours long mix.