Roxright – Breaks & Bass May 2018



Playing some of the freshest dope jams around at the moment fellow Perth local Roxright digs deep for a selection of Breaks & Bass tracks for the month of May. Starting off with Plump Djs new tune “Let’s Bounce” and continuing with a tracklist of talent from Spain to America.






Let’s Bounce (Original Mix) – Plump DJs
Get Over You (Eztereo Remix) – Deibeat
Poison (Original Mix) – Guau
Rolling (2018 Mix) – Obscene Frequenzy
Say My Name (Original Mix) – Arsa Ketoma
Fly by Night (Si-Dog Remix) – Colombo
Thursday (Original Mix) – Mutantbreakz, Yo Speed
Classic (feat. Javo Scratch) (Original Mix) – Yo Speed, Javo Scratch
Red Horns (Original Mix) – Kuplay
Give It To Em (BreaksMafia Remix) – Wes Smith
Talk To Me (Original Mix) – The Brainkiller
Rock This (The Brainkiller Remix) – Aggresivnes
Break Down (Original Mix) – Austin Digo
Forget the Past (Perfect Kombo Rmx) – MotivBreaks
Booty Shakes (Original Mix) – Aggresivnes
Keep a Focus (Original Mix) – Plump DJs
No pay no gain (Original Mix) – Yo Speed
I Gotta Groove (Original Mix) – Pray For Bass
Flute Ting (Original Mix) – Deekline, Rtkal
Down (Original Mix) – Mutantbreakz
Morphosis (Original Mix) – Peter Paul



Roxright – Beats & Breaks August 2017



Hailing from my home town of Perth, Western Australia Roxright spins the heat with a selection of tunes that he has been digging and playing lately. Some great Beats & Breaks in this one, nicely mixed !






Drop-N-Tha House – Thomas Vent, The DropStarz, Mary Tales
Clap Ya Hands Now feat. KWADI – Stickybuds, K+Lab, KWADI
Flanjitsu (Original Mix)- Opiuo
Don’t Go (K+Lab Remix) – Fort Knox Five, Joe Quarterman
You Don’t (Original Mix)- Marten Horger, Neon Steve
Flute Ting (Original Mix)- Deekline, Rtkal
BadBass (Original Mix)- Dubaxface
Keep on Doing (Original Mix)- Stanton Warriors
OMG (Original Mix)- Kuplay
Higher (Original Mix)- Suga7
Yo (Original Mix)- Kuplay
Be There (Original Mix)- Under This
Blazing Pianos (Original Mix)- Colombo
Rock This (Original Mix)- Aggresivnes
Hit the Ground feat. Ivory (Instrumental)- BreaksMafia
Here Comes (Pirate Jams Remix)- Original Rude Boy
New Sensation (Original Mix)- Deibeat



Roxright – Happy New Year Mix 2017


Australia’s Roxright drops a nice New Years Breaks mix to welcome in 2017 with a bunch of new tunes and some great older gems from his collection thrown in for good measure !






Dense (Original Mix) – Meat Katie, Dylan Rhymes
Lose Your Mind (Original Mix) – Plump DJs
Porkstore (Original Mix) – Meat Katie, Dylan Rhymes
When You’re Dead (Peter Paul Remix) – Meat Katie, Chevy One
Bass Is Kicking (Original Mix) – Aggresivnes
Love Divine (Original Mix) – Sub Focus
Badman Funk (Original Mix) – Detach
Done It Again (Original Mix) – Colombo
On Your System (Original Mix) – Alt-A
Peytons Bassface (Original Mix) – Beta and Karl Sav
The Hunted (Blazer Remix) – Future Funk Squad
Zones (4Kuba Remix) – Future Funk Squad
Toastclub (Adsorb_Remix) – Splitloop







Roxright – Criminal Tribe Records Showcase




The guys from Criminal Tribe Records recently flowed local Perth DJ Roxright a bunch of promotional music from their label. As a tribute to their good deed Roxright hand selected a bunch of Criminal Tribe Records tunes and put them into this mix. Big Beat and phat Breakbeats are the order of the day here !

Catch Criminal Tribe Records at Beatport:






Rhythm Section (Original Mix) – Rory Hoy
Shift Control (Beatune Remix) – Beatune
Gayatri – Interra
Circle – Little Orange UA
Chakra (Original Mix) – Aequo
Youngman (Original Mix) – Under Influence
Speaks – Little Orange UA
Mindless Enemy (Original Mix) – FB Force
Buzz – Subface
Air Twist (Original Mix) – SJ Ocean
Evasion (Original Mix) – Aequo
Satan Meatball – Subface
Clear To Land (Original Mix) -Rory Hoy, Under Influence
Adrenaline (feat. Swift & Shift) (Original Mix) – Age Of Rampage
Feel Dis (Original Mix) – Rory Hoy
Q2DM1 (Original Mix) – Age Of Rampage
Madhouse – Subface








Roxright – Transitions



If Breakbeat is what you are after than this is it, an hour of Breaks bangers mixed properly by Australia’s Roxright. With his recent mix of !ll Lumination Roxright is on a roll releasing a steady flow of music to get you moving.





Bring The Freestyle (Original Mix) – Evan Gamble Lewis
Cosmic Funk (DIRT REVOLVER Remix) – Freak Da Bass, Tom Clyde
Don’t Stop (ilLegal Content Remix) – Quadrat Beat
How Long (?) – Sketi
Sky (Yo Speed Remix) –  Quadrat Beat
Dominator feat. Slooom (Original Mix) – The Feels
Body Lock (Original Mix) –  Kuplay
Fuckuplay (Original Mix) – Shade k
Give Me Some Space (Sunsha Remix) – Underground Utopia
Cowboys (Original Mix) – Cyrax & Sektor
Black Mask (Colombo Remix) – Hankook
Serious (Guau Remix) – Hankook
Reset Button (Original Mix) – Perpetual Present
Gemini (Original Mix) – Blazer
To the Limit (Obscene Frequenzy Mix) – Enterpryse