Pecoe – Breakbeat Classics Mix


A collection of breaks music spanning over two decades produced into an Ableton mix highlighting some of the best beats with well more known tracks and some that have escaped the mists of time.

(originally posted on my Soundcloud, but i deleted it a few years back).





Adam Freeland – Heel & Toe (Evil Nine Remix)
Plump DJs – System Addict
Beber & Tamra – Travelling On (Koma & Bones Remix)
La Liga – Out In London (Breaks Mix)
Slyde – Frequency (NAPT Remix)
The Crystal Method – Busy Child
Stanton Warriors – Da Antidote
Slyde Feat Lady Posh – Vibrate To This
Deadmau5 – Ghosts & Stuff (Elite Force Refix)
Beatslappaz – Them Girlz
Marten Horger Feat Funkanomics – Oh Girl
Nirvana Vs Adam Freeland – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Fluke – Absurd (ILS Remix)
Forme – Kick A Hole
General Midi – The Westener
Evil Nine – Lovers Not Fighters
Bomba Rosa – BRZL
Jose Gonzales – Crosses (Stanton Warriors Remix)
LCD Soundsystem – Discoinfiltrator (Stanton Warriors Remix)
Stanton Warriors – Still Here (Club Mix)



Pecoe – Progression Breaks Volume 1



A selection of classic and modern progressive breaks music in a mix.

The lack of posts on Breakzlinkz has been noticable and i have always had a thought in the back of my mind to shut the site down but it was just renewed for another year so it will be here a little longer. My passion for breaks hasn’t died it’s just finding the time and going looking for up to date mixes to post. A lot of my time now is concentrating on production side of things under my artist name Pecoe.

The Old Break Mixes Soundcloud i run and own will continue and as a cross post they will also appear on the Breakzlinkz site. So the posts on the Breakzlinkz site will be limited this year but there are still 2447 blog posts to go through on the site at the moment.

~ Ross (Pecoe)






Pecoe – The Back Catalogue Volume 9



For the Back Catalogue series of Ableton mixes i went with Breaks tracks from 2000 to 2010 (maybe some a bit earlier). Some solid releases within this time with artists finding their feet in the early 2000’s and with production and sounds getting better and better over the years. Lots of different Breaks styles in these mixes and a lot of high energy tracks too. The tracks in the mixes are all record vinyl rips so excuse the quality of the sound in some places.




You can download an MP3 of this mix direct from my Dropbox here:




Nubreed & Luke Chable – One Day (Luke Chable Mix)
PMT – Necromancer
DJ Icey – Searching (Extended Mix)
Kosheen – The Soul Breaker
Planet Perfecto – Bullet In the Gun (Rabbit In The Moon Remix)
Takoma – Planet 81
DJ Apache – Sun God
Quest & Odissi – Loser (Rogue Element Remix)
Dubtribe – Mother Earth
Killer Elite – Triggaman (Elite Force Remix)
MARRS – Pump Up The Volume (Plump DJs Remix)
Black Science Orchestra – New Jersey Deep



Evil Nine – Triple J Mix Up – 2.10.2004



Evil Nine are an English DJ/Producer duo comprising of members Tom Beaufoy and Patrick Pardy. Gaining recognition after signing to Adam Freelands label Marine Parade in the early 2000’s their unique sound gathered a high following and had a very influential effect in the early Nuskool Breaks scene as well as early influences on the later Tech Funk genre.

This mix is from 2004 was made for Australia’s Triple J Radio and it’s Saturday night weekly show Mix Up.

For more information about Evil Nine :






Elite Force – LIVE @ Urban Break 2 (Industrial Copera) – 26.5.2007



Elite Force aka Simon Shackleton is a well established artist in his own right. With chart topping tracks under the guise of Lunatic Calm to music for films an TV shows to his professional music production and DJ career of Elite Force. He was/is a leader in the Breaks and Tech Funk genre.

This mix was recorded LIVE at Urban Break 2 (Spain) back in 2007. You probably have never heard this DJ set before, thanks to Jaime fo the audio file.

For a breakdown of his whole career :






Plump DJs – Triple J Mixup – 11.12.2010



This mix may be a little too much 4 on the floor for you Plump DJ breakbeat loving folks but it’s around the time the duo started heading into the more tech hybrid breakbeat type of music. It is some peak time festival music with a bunch of EDM bangers to boot and some interesting Plump sounds that they are known for, take it or leave it.