Stanton Warriors – LIVE @ Roxy Prague – 19.3.2005



The Stanton Warriors have discography about as long as my arm ! Consisting of Dominic Butler and Mark Yardley, the duo have performed internationally at festivals and parties in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. Their name was taken from a manhole cover, made by Stanton Ironworks, which seemed fitting with their style of underground, cutting edge music.

The is so much to be said about this duo and their influence in electronic music today that i could go on forever….
This mix from back in March 2005 was recorded LIVE at Roxy, Prague and showcases the typical Booty Bass Breaks sound from them at that time. Enjoy !

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Koma and Bones – XFM Radio Mix 2001



With a huge back catalogue of music Koma and Bones paved the way in the Nu Skool Breaks scene in the early 2000’s with hit after hit including the tune Morpheus on the TCR label. They were a three man outfit from the north west of Britain (Lancaster), comprising of the dj’ing duo Koma & Bones (Andy Duckmanton & Chris Kirkbride) and former drum and bass producer Proteus (Jude Sebastian).

Now manned singularly by Jude Sebastian, Koma & Bones will be releasing some brand spanking new material in the near future…..






EK – 6th & Fairfax Radio Show Bijou Breaks October 2006


EK is Eddie Rasguido raised in Melbourne, Australia and grew up on a staple diet of breakdancing, hip hop and graffiti. Starting up his own crew RKS (Ryming, Kuttin and Scratching) Eddie found his home behind the turntables and by 1991 RKS had performed at the usual local underage jams, a small amount of club shows culminating in a Second Place in the DMC Competitions (entered in the group category). By the end of his High School years Eddie was sold on music as a career and so after completing Year 12 he enrolled in the Melbourne School of Audio Engineering and a year later graduated.

Eddie was still making hip hop and had formed a production team called Rebel Base with DJ Excel. His musical taste soon became more diverse starting off by listening to Techno and he soon purchased his own analogue keyboard. Messing around with hip hop beats he was now crafting a hybrid of breaks and beats sounds, that still had the hook of Hip Hop.

His debut CD, Decoder and the lead track “Future Nation” was instantly picked up by Triple J Radio Australia and lead to the inclusion of 3 tracks on JJJ’s Mix Up Tweak compilation. In his spare time he was often asked to provide cuts and scratches for Sonicanimation’s recordings and was also a fixture when the sonic boys expanded their line up for special shows, like Live At The Wireless and the supports to the Chemical Bros.






Elite Force – Promo Mix August 2000



All the way from back in August 2000 Elite Force handed this CD mix out at various shows while DJing. Very early mix from him with some very early Nuskool Breaks tracks and EDM music.

Elite Force aka Simon Shackleton has had an extensive career spanning over 20 years. Starting off as a musician and being a band member with Thom Yorke before moving onto his own outfit called Lunatic Calm which had quite a successful career and a few number one tunes including “Rollercoaster”. Simon has also worked with a bunch of top acts, remixed, wrote movie soundtracks, toured and was one to watch in the Nuskool Breaks scene. He then developed the Tech Funk genre in the late 2000’s included with such artists as Meat Katie and Dylan Rhymes to name a few. Nowadays Simon plays marathon 6 hour LIVE sets in his “One Series” and has moved into the world of professional photography.

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Uberzone – LIVE @ Brooklyn New York 2001



Uberzone aka Timothy Wiles is an American born DJ/Producer who has been an avid maker of electronic music since the mid 1990’s where he spent some time playing in the first early rave scene. He released his first album “Ideology” in 2007 to fantastic reviews and toured extensively with such acts as The Crystal Method. This mix was recorded LIVE in 2001 somewhere in Brooklyn New York, still a great LIVE mix till this day and holds the test of time.

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