Efocus – Retrospect 001



Without the past we wouldn’t have a future, plain and simple and without past genres of music we wouldn’t have the type of music we have today.

Enter the time machine we call Retrospect, where 90s rave and club music reigns supreme. Only the finest mixes are chosen for this series so you are assured an immersive time traveling experience with every mix archived.

This series came to Efocus during a very challenging time, recovering from a brain injury. He suffered unbearable pain, lost his taste, sense of smell, and lost 40% of his hearing,which as a DJ was terrifying. Efocus had a lot of issues with memory and always very confused. Typing and texting remained intact which made it easier to not worry a lot of people while he recovered. Music also remained intact, it is bizarre to say the least that he has difficulties with basic household activity like eating, bathing, etc. Yet Efocus can somehow type this description, create a mix series, and put a heartfelt mix together to kick it off 30 days after his injury, yes at the time of this writing he is still recovering, (8/12/2018) 10:37pm.

” While i was laid up all i did was listen to music, but the soulful music of the 90s was most pleasing to my hurting brain. I believe it healed me, it certainly cultivated a new perspective on life and in music. The First mix 001 was what carried me through the emotional pain one endures through a traumatic event…as a very open window to my heart and soul, it felt wrong not to share this with others that may heal, enjoy, or experience the music for their first time. “Efocus

(Artwork by JB Thomas Digital Design)






John Creamer & Stephen K – I Wish You Were Here (PMT Remix)
White Label Promo – Why (Breaks Mix)
Ashtrax – Helsinki
Unknown – Ride (Breaks Mix)
David West – Envey
Chakra – Iam (Wrecked Angle Mix)
Brettuskimmus – Hello Hello
ADS – Feel it Too
Unknown – Broken (Jiva Mix)
Brass Monkey – Big Ride
Force Mass Nation – Why Me
Love Club – The Faith (Vocal Prayer Mix)
Love Club – Celestial Hierarchy (Soul Travel Mix)
Stama & Nick Proteus – People & Places From The Past (Fretwell Mix)
Orchid – Still Searching
Meteor 1 – Rain (Loveclub MiX)
Unknown – Reach – (Fretwell Mix)
LBJ feat.Siiri – Save Us
Miro – By Your Side (Ian Wilkie Mix)
Now Way Out – Nu Breed Mix
Blackwatch – Word Unspoken (Luke Ch-Apc)



Krafty Kuts & Skool Of Thought – Kiss 100 FM Breakbeat Show – 19.1.2002



Starting back in 1998 (I think) was the Kiss 100 FM Breakbeat Show hosted by Danny McMillan a true advocate of the breakbeat genre from it’s early beginnings and who even had his own label. This mix from 2002 is from Krafty Kuts & Skool Of Thought who at the time ran a night in Brighton UK called Supercharged, a place where the now dons of breakbeat used to play every weekend. The Supercharged night soon turned into a label and saw some of the best Nuskool Breaks tunes of the day. This is a pretty cool mix when tunes were a lot more simple.






B-Minus – Journey Into Hybrid



The music of the electronic act Hybrid rings a note with every Breaks fan and i’m quite sure i’ve posted a few tribute mixes to Hybrid in the past, so yet again another one has appeared in my Soundcloud feed. With over 20 years behind the decks B-Minus  (Dynamix II) shows his experience with an all out DJ mix of Hybrids music with some of his favourite tunes chosen for the mix.






Rennie Pilgrem – 15 Years Of TCR Part 1 & 2



Well where do i start ? Commonly known as “The Godfather of Breaks” Rennie Pilgrem’s contribution to the early Nuskool Breaks scene is outstanding and given this title is often considered responsible for the creation of the Nuskool Breaks genre. Before moving into breaks Rennie produced techno and acid house and was part of the influential rave group Rhythm Section along with Ellis Dee. Rennie is also the boss of Thursday Club Recordings aka TCR a label which he founded in 1993 which was a major force in the Nuskool Breaks scene. Now concentrating more on his talented art skills Rennie has stepped back from the dance scene and continues to produce some great works of art.

These mixes are Part 1 from 2008 & Part 2 from 2009 and are a collection of tunes direct from the TCR label.






01 Koma & Bones – powercut
02 Jaguar – animal
03 Mcmillan & Anderson – definition
04 Waveform – d Tox
05 Chris Carter – moonshot
06 Desert Trip – 6 In The Morn
07 Silicon Valley Def Stars – phat Phuzz (Thursday Club Mix)
08 Rennie Pilgrem & Dub Species – the Sermon
09 Plastic Gurus – no Driver
10 Rennie Pilgrem – soundbwoy Kingpin
11 Rennie Pilgrem & Arthur Baker – like No Other
12 Breakneck – arse In Gear
13 Uberzone & Rennie Pilgrem – black Widow
14 Vigi & Flip – freq Frequency (Remix)
15 Rennie Pilgrem – a Place Called Acid (Acid Indigestion Mix)
16 Rennie Pilgrem & Blim – eskimo (Yellow Snow Mix)






01. Unknown – Come Dancing (TCR Forthcoming)
02. Meat Katie & Elite Force – Ju Ju (Original Mix)
03. Uberzone – Bounce (Rennie Pilgrem & BLIM Mix)
04. Sly Fidelity – Skin & Bone (Original Mix)
05. Chris Carter – ESP
06. JDS ft. Valerie M – Don’t Be Alone
07. Vigi & Flip – Ultra Funk (Latina Mix)
08. Killer Elite – Triggaman (Elite Force Mix)
09. Breakneck – Uplink
10. Rennie Pilgrem – Defender (Vox)
11. General Midi – Further
12. Rennie Pilgrem & Uberzone – Cous Cous (Royale Mix)
13. Rennie Pilgrem & Ninelives The Cat – Can’t Stop This



Peter Paul – MegaBeat Guest Mix – 3.8.2006



An absolute legend of the Spanish Breaks scene is Peter Paul from Seville, Spain. His career began in the early 2000’s and he has had a long line of releases since. He also started the N-Mity Sound label producing varying releases and 3 albums along the way. Peter Paul has also been considered that he created the genre Techno Breaks or Tech Breaks as we know it.