Rennie Pilgrem – Harvest Moon Festival 2021



Commonly known as the Godfather of Nu Skool Breaks, Rennie Pilgrem who recently dropped a new album returns to the decks once more for a Twitch event called Harvest Moon Festival. As you can see all tracks in this mix are made by Rennie with a lot of stuff off his new album plus a few surprises thrown in.






01. Gentlemen Ravers ‘Back To Where We Started’ Rennie Pilgrem Mix
02. Rennie Pilgrem ‘He Said She Said’ (Pdm)*
03. Rennie Pilgrem ‘Just What I Needed’ (Pdm)*
04. Gentlemen Ravers ‘Flow Like A River’ Rennie Pilgrem Mix Unmastered Demo
05. Chevy One ‘Can’t Blame You’ Rennie Pilgrem Mix (Toast And Jam)
06. Rennie Pilgrem ‘Sp Ace2feel’ (Pdm)*
07. Rennie Pilgrem ‘Meltdown’ (Pdm)*
08. Pianoman ‘Cast A Spell’ Rennie Pilgrem Mix
09. Pianoman ‘Blurred’ Rennie Pilgrem Mix
10. Rennie Pilgrem ‘The Journey Part 2’ (Pdm)*
11. Jackal N Hyde ‘Shatter” Rennie Pilgrem Mix (Toast And Jam) Unmastered
12. Rennie Pilgrem ‘Glide’ (Pdm)*
13. Rennie Pilgrem ‘Don’T Give It Up’ (Pdm)*
14. Rennie Pilgrem ‘My Nrg’ (Pdm) Unmastered Demo



Rennie Pilgrem – One World BBC Radio 1 – 4.7.2003



Commonly known as “The Godfather of Breaks” Rennie Pilgrem’s contribution to the early Nuskool Breaks scene is legendary and given this title is often considered responsible for the creation of the Nuskool Breaks genre. Before moving into the genre breaks Rennie produced techno and acid house and was part of the influential rave group Rhythm Section along with Ellis Dee. Rennie is also the boss of Thursday Club Recordings aka TCR a label which he founded in 1993 which was a major force in the Nuskool Breaks scene. Rennie now concentrates more on his talented art projects but recently released some new music created during the co-vid lockdown.





Rennie Pilgrem Vs BLIM – LIVE @ Breakspoll – 25.2.2005



Two of the heavy weight artists that took the breaks movement to the next level would have to be Rennie Pilgrem and BLIM. Rennie considered the godfather of breaks and BLIM with his own unique style as a producer. Both artists providing various anthems over the years and both pushing the sound of breaks to the masses. Where BLIM is these days i do not know but Rennie is back in the studio producing a new album during the lockdown and believe it or not he is releasing it on the legendary TCR Records.

This mix was recorded live at the Breakspoll Awards back in 2005 and it has Rennie & BLIM going back to back with also the vocal talents of MC Chickaboo.





Ellis D & Rennie Pilgrem – LIVE @ Rough Tempo Radio June 2010


Both Ellis D & Rennie Pilgrem have been in the EDM scene since the beginning of time (haha) and both were a part of an act called Rhythm Section along with Richie T & Nick Newton. Rhythm Section were an electronic rave act before Ellis D & Rennie Pilgrem moved onto their own careers as an artist. This mix from 2010 was recorded LIVE at Rough Tempo Radio a place at that time that had guest mixes from top breakbeat acts. The mix itself starts out with some old school breaks sounds as Rhythm Section then moves on to individual mixes from Rennie Pilgrem & Ellis D.