PulpFusion – Guest Mix For Criminal Tribe Radio

PulpFusion - Guest Mix For Criminal Tribe Radio


Molotov Cocktail is a Russian Breakbeat Show on Criminal Tribe Radio. Each week a special guest hits the airwaves with breakbeat, big beat, breaks, industrial, electronic rock mixes. This special guest mix is from Switzerland’s PulpFusion. For previous mixes to download check out the Soundcloud widget below.






Intro: Little Orange UA – Circle
1. Hyper Crush – Ayo 2012 (ChEeZy Breakbeat Mix)
2. Gregor Salto, Wiwek – Intimi (Suli Breaks Remix)
3. Fletrik – Plasma Funk (BreakZhead Remix)
4. Felguk – The Funky Drama (Suli Breaks Remix)
5. Deenk – Break It Down (EnterPryse Remix)
6. BreakZhead – Crankshaft
7. Bonsai Kat – Egotripping (Cherry aka BreakNtune Remix)
8. The Rumblist – Dance For Five Dollars
9. Celldweller – Shapeshifter (feat. Styles Of Beyond) (Blue Stahli Remix)
10. BreakZhead – Bootylion (Dandyskills Vocal Mix)
11. BreakZhead feat Kila – Overload
12. Lash Smasher – Bass Overdose
13. Unknown – War Pigs Go To The Beat (TCM Edit)
Outro: Little Orange UA – Museum