Plump DJs – LIVE @ Breakfest Perth WA – 26.12.2007



A few rare Live recordings have surfaced from Perth, Western Australia and the world renowned Breaks festival Breakfest. For those that don’t know it is held in an amphitheater with various touring artists celebrating everything about the Breaks genre.

This Live mix was recorded Boxing Day way back in 2007 and is quite a rarity indeed.






Plump DJs – Annie On One – 17.6.2005



To me the Plump DJs were at the forefront in the early Nuskool Breaks scene back in the 2000’s, leading the way with new innovative tunes and tight DJ mixes of some very underground music at that time. Lee Rous and Andy Gardner make up the duo that is the Plump DJs with over 20 years experience in the game and while the breaks musical style has changed over the years they are still touring and producing great music till this day.

This mix was made for Annie Nightingale and her BBC Radio 1 show called Annie On One back in 2005.

Please note: This mix includes a little interview at the start. The mix starts around the 6 minute mark.

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