Pimp Squad – Goldchains & Champagnes



If it’s goldchains & champanges then you know it’s going to be one hell of a party ! The Pimp Squad set it off by shaking those bass bins with an hours worth of breaks & bass tunes, lots of USA booty breaks artists in this mix, a sure fire party winner.






01. Pump Pump – Set it off
02. Shade K – Holla Holla
03. Fixx – Like it Rough
04. Funky Monkey – Gorilla roll
05. Josh B – Make it hot
06. Kay Deejays – Save my life
07. Fixx – Stars
08. Josh B – Blessed
09. Fixx – Make it Wobble
10. Shade K – Fire (Terrie kynd remix)
11. Ondamike – Say What
12. Huda Hudia – Break it down
13. Fixx – I like girls
14. Fixx – So tight
15. Mizzo – Losing it
16. Kay Deejays – Like on past



Pimp Squad – LIVE @ Peek Nightclub – Linda B Exclusive

Pimp Squad - LIVE @ Peek Nightclub - Linda B Exclusive



The Linda B Breakbeat Show has been running for 2 years now and in that time various artists from all over the world have produced some great exclusive mixes for the show and for Funky Flavor. The Pimp Squad recorded this LIVE mix for Linda B Breakbeat Show and for all you folks out there to download and have a listen too.







01. Colombo – Forever West (Dmoney Remix) Forth coming on Funky Flavor Music
02. Chevy One – Be king Booty (original Mix)
03. NGhost – Anunnaki (Dee Remix)
04. Dj D-Xtreme – Give me All ( Phat Kidz Remix) Funky Flavor Music
05. Freq Boutique – Dat Freak (original Mix)
06. Charlie Darker – Flip Trick (original Mix)
07. UFo Project – M.F. Breakbeat (original Mix)
08. JDouble – Diamonds (original Mix)
09. Lo Iq? – Voices (original Mix)
10. Freq Boutique – Shake it (original Mix)
11. Wes Smith & Goldillox – Alive (Original Mix)
12. TCube Projects ft. Odissi – Control (original Mix) Forth Coming on Funky Flavor Music
13. The Feels – Dominator ft. Sloom (original Mix)
14. Lakotah – FTW (Original Mix)
15. Breaksmafia – Red Hot (Original Mix) Forthcoming on Funky Flavor Music
16. The Push – it’s like that (Original Mix)\
17. The Push – Bringin it down (Original Mix)








Pimp Squad – Vulcan Flow

Pimp Squad - Vulcan Flow


Impromptu free flow tag set by Pimp Squad – Recorded at Funky Flavor Music Central.

PIMP SQUAD = broken beat, bass fire, hammer breaks DJ duo, consisting of: Funky Flavor founders, Scotty Fraser & Timothy Barnard aka 21paths. Style best described as: Booty Funk – Hard Breaks. BPM biology is completely dissected from: UK Bass Tech Drops, to 808 filled, Bone Crushing Breaks. This is Funky Flavor – PIMP SQUAD.