Peter Paul – Guest Mix For Lady Waks



Long time Spanish DJ & producer Peter Paul had the recent privilege of being the guest artist on the Lady Waks Radio Record breakbeat show. Excellent mix of breaks with heaps of new tunes from Peter Paul including his older remix of Tsunami One’s Hip Hop Phenomenom, Peter Paul plays a more upfront progressive type of uptempo breakbeat all which can be heard in this great new mix.






1/Peter Paul-Rescuing Emotions(Original Mix) BBZ
2/DeepFreakx-Lowdown-Peter Paul Remix
3/Breaksmafia-1,2,3-Peter Paul VIP
4/Peter Paul- Bracula(Original Mix)-N-mity
5/Peter Paul/The Funk Fury-Bomba BBZ Free
6/Peter Paul-System Error(Original Mix) N-mity
7/Breaksmafia-No More Time-Peter Paul VIP
8/Peter Paul—Untitled-N-mity VIP
9/Peter Paul—Untitled-N-mity VIP
10/Peter Paul Vs Tone Look-Higuer State Of Consciousness VIP
11/Flickr Noise- Peter Paul Retro VIP
12/BT+Thsunami One-Hip Hop Phenomenom-Peter Paul Remix
13/Hard Hope-Peter Paul Retro VIP
14/The Second Effect -Hip Hop Tronic (Original Mix)
15/The Second Effect -Your MF (Original Mix)
16/The Second Effect-3,2,1 (Original Mix)
17/The Second Effect-The Concert(Original Mix)



Peter Paul – LIVE @ Banzai Club April 2007



An absolute legend of the Spanish Breaks scene is Peter Paul from Seville, Spain. His career began in the early 2000’s and he has had a long line of releases since. He started the N-Mity Sound label producing varying releases and 3 albums along the way. Peter Paul has also been considered that he created the genre Techno Breaks or Tech Breaks as we know it. This LIVE mix at the Banzai Club is from the very heyday of Tech Breaks around 2007 and is a prime example of his sound at that time.






Peter Paul – History of Retro Breakbeat Volume 2

Peter Paul - History of Retro Breakbeat Volume 2


There is nothing more cool than the “Old School”, depending on how old you really are i guess. The early 2000’s was the golden age of Breaks, here Spanish producer / dj Peter Paul takes us back with a mix of some of his older tracks in his History of Retro Breakbeat Volume 2.

For more retro Breaks mixes on Breakzlinkz follow this link:





Slity & Olie T- Help Me Peter Paul 2004 (Free)
Peter Paul “Key Master” Original Mix Reedit (N-mity)
Peter Paul “Didactic Place @New Reedit (N-mity)
Feeline “Let Go” Peter Paul Remix (N-mity)
All Day Green “No Love” Peter Paul Breakbeat Remix 2007 (SFDK)
Matthew Mc & Stephen Cole “The Fringe” Peter Paul Remix(N-mity)
Kem “I Rip It” Peter Paul Remix (Selecta Breaks)
Dj Killer “Feel Underground” Peter Paul Remix (NBR)
Elite Force Vs Peter Paul “Hearth OF Reverendo (SUPER VIP)



Peter Paul – City of Angels Album + Promo Mix

Peter Paul - City of Angels Album + Promo Mix


Legendary Spanish artist/dj Peter Paul is set to release a new album on N-mitysounds this September. This is his forth album release, this one titled “City of Angels”. 14 tracks of powerful dancefloor breaks set to rock the world.

Peep the album stream below. Purchase links will be available from all good online digital stores in the next few days.

In true promotional fashion Peter Paul has mixed together most of the new album in a new mix for all to download.

Peter Paul – City of Angels Promo Mix 2014