Pecoe – The Back Catalogue Volume 1




For the Back Catalogue series of Ableton mixes i went with Breaks tracks from 2000 to 2010 (maybe some a bit earlier). Some solid releases within this time with artists finding their feet in the early 2000’s and with production and sounds getting better and better over the years. Lots of different Breaks styles in these mixes and a lot of high energy tracks too. The tracks in the mixes are all record vinyl rips so excuse the quality of the sound in some places.

Hope you guys and gals dig the series, you can only find it on my Mixcloud but i have given the ability to download the mixes as a MP3 direct from my Dropbox via a link so i can keep track of how many downloads they receive.






McMillan & Tab – Supersonic
Meat Katie – Night In Tapei
Kosheen – Hide U (Koma & Bones Remix)
Lee Coombs – Music Is Life
Freestylers – Drop the Boom (AK48 Remix)
Hybrid – I’m Still Awake (Christian J Remix)
Alex Metric & Sick Rick – Space Hopper
General Midi – West Coast Rox
Introspective – Fatal Attraction
Rob Le Pitch – Twisted (Tom Real & Rogue Element Remix)
ED 209 – Fight Alone
Jem Stone & JC – Disco Daze (Disco Mix)
Force Mass Motion & Dylan Rhymes – Hold Back
DJ Killer – Acid (Plaza Da Funk Remix)
Magnolia – It’s All In Vain (Meat Katie & Christian J Dub Remix)
Oakenfold – Ready Steady Go (PMT Remix)



Pecoe – Old Breaks Mixes Volume 4




Happy New Years ! Wishing you, your family and friends all the best for 2022. x ๐Ÿ™‚

For Volume 4 of Old Breaks Mixes I’ve gone with a selection of tunes from around the year 2000 an experimental time for breaks with the genre Nu Skool Breaks really hitting the EDM scene hard with a bunch of producers trying to define their own style. Some great rare old tunes in this Ableton Mix most from vinyl record rips as they never got a proper digital release, we are talking late 90’s here at times. Hope you guys enjoy the step back in time.






Philadelphia Bluntz – Bluntz Theme (Uptown Connection Remix)
Expansion – Feel (General Midi Remix)
McMillan & Tab – Music (Breaks Mix)
10 Sui & Trigga – Dis Sound
Distraction – Diversion (Breaks Mix)
Backdraft – Decoy
Mondo Paradiso – Whale Nation (Ils Remix)
Defender – Coin Op
Chad Jackson – Rock (Twister Remix)
Proper Filthy Naughty – Stitch Up
AMB Feat. Kiss Erzsi – Moxa (Raster’s Rewire)
Chris Carter – Influenza
Nubreed – Food For Thought
Fine Cut Bodies – I Believe



Pecoe – Beats & Breakbeats Volume 5



Merry Christmas people near and far ! Here’s a Christmas present just for you.

Just in time for the festive season i bring you volume 5 of Beats & Breakbeats gathering breakbeat music of all sorts, new and old and put together in this Ableton mix. Lots of fat beats in this one with tracks from Fort Know Five, Stabfinger, Shaka Loves You, Ross Go, new one from me and some more obscure ones that get lost in the lists of Juno Download and Bandcamp.

Have a great Christmas where ever you are in the world, and yes times are tough but i’m sure things are going to get better soon. Take care and enjoy the beats as best you can. xย ๐Ÿ™‚






Don Air – Besame Mucho
Pecoe – You Can’t Hide
Basement Freaks – Get Down Boogie (Fab Samperi Remix)
Breakerz Allstars – Doin Ruin
discObeta – Hit The Dex
Rhythm Scholar vs Billy Squier – The Stroke
Fort Knox Five – Playin With Fire ft Emily Molloy (X-Ray Ted Remix)
Hood Nail – Himself (Smooth Instrumental Edit)
Stabfinger – The Prophet
Standub – I Ain’t No Joke
Daytoner – Move me More
Pablo Bozzi – Broken Siren
DJ Prime vs James Brown – Clap Ur Hands
Bush Doctors – Worlds Apart (Jem Stones Redux)
Pecoe – I Know What You Want (Ross Go Remix)
Elvis Presley – A Little Less Conversation (DJP Rebounce)
Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop – Make Your Move
Frankee More – Final Edition
De La Soul – Keepin the Faith (The Breakbeat Junkie Remix)
Hotline Zero – Boot me Down
Pigmeat Markham – Here Comes the Judge (Mr Fitz Edit)
Public Enemy – Bring The Noise (Gramophone Soul Remix)
Pecoe – Don’t Panic
Itsu Uno – Shooter (Super Sharp B-Boy)
Shaka Loves You – Get Down
Funky Destination – Waiting For You




Pecoe – Old Breaks Mixes Volume 3



Volume 3 of Old Breaks Mixes is all about the slapping of phat beats. Tracks in this mix are from around 2005 a time when intros and outros had a long drawn out section making it easier to beat mix, so you’ll find some long drawn out mixes along the lines that Sasha was well known for in the early 90’s and that progressive type of sound. The mix itself has some beaut tracks that have been lost in time from Progressive to Tech Funk to Nu Skool Breaks, it’s a high energy and upfront Ableton mix to listen too.






Nubreed – Rock Da City (Apex Remix)
Silencer Ft Andrea Berwitz – Drown In Me (Pole Folder Extension Mix)
Silencer Ft Andrea Berwitz – Drown In Me (Silencer Beats Mix)
Smash FX – Brainkiller (EK Remix)
Babe Instinct – Disco Babes From Outer Space (Tayo & Acid Rockers Remix)
Sam Hell – Stay Out At Night (Groove Diggerz Remix)
Introspective – Submit
Double Negative – Uranium (Neztic Remix)
Future Funk Squad – Towards the Sun (Evil Nine Remix)
Koma & Bones Ft Misty Tag – Dead Beat (Tag On A Toe Remix)
Stanton Warriors – Da Antidote (Unreleased Version)
Ficta – Pathfinder
Groove Diggerz – Neon Funk
Uberzone – 4 Bit (Promo Mix)
Stanton Warriors – Seeker (What What What Remix)
Spork – Let It Ride
Hyper – Ant Music
The Operators – Furball
Sarah Vaughan – Fever (Adam Freeland Remix)
DB+ – That Thing (Koma & Bones Remix)
La Liga – Black Russian (Koma & Bones Remix)




Pecoe – Bootleg Breaks Mix



Ah, the good old bootleg, releasing a (back then) vinyl track that is basically a copyright infringement or could get you in a whole world of trouble if releasing under your real artist name. Most of these tracks are from the beginning of the year 2000 and most were produced by well known artists at that time, it’s like a guessing game to who made the track based on the production style. All of these tracks are also vinyl rips and were very sort after due to a limited number run. I have made this mix in Ableton, cut and pasted bits, sorted out glitches and warping issues. Hope you dig the beats. x ๐Ÿ™‚





This is the tracklist, the names have been changed to protect the innocent. lol

Unknown – Fight For Your Right (Breaks Mix)
Unknown – I Boot You Baby
Unknown Vs LFO – Low Frequency Bootlilator
Unknown – Golden Days
Unknown – Romantica
Unknown – Slippedy Starter
Unknown – The Age Of Punk (Daft Love)
Unknown – Altern 8 Bootleg
Unknown – Children Remix
Unknown – Jacques Your Body
Unknown – What’s Life About
Unknown – Break Me
Unknown – Tricknology No. 2
Unknown – Some Like It Hot
Unknown – Where You At
Unknown – 7th Nation Freeland
Unknown – Outer Space Bootleg
Unknown – Deeper Flash
Unknown – Has It Come To This (Breaks Mix)




Pecoe – Old Breaks Mixes Volume 2



For Volume 2 of Old Breaks Mixes i have collected a bunch of tunes from varying years, some are known others a little more obscure and rare. From Nu Skool Breaks to the Old School Breaks tunes of the early 90’s with a bit of Progressive Breaks thrown in i guess there is something for everyone, hope you guys enjoy the listening experience.






Jacknife Lee – Aloha State (Soul Of Man Instrumental Mix)
PSS – Miami Breaks (Tipper Remix)
Cut & Paste – Watch Me Rollin
White Rock Angel – Death By Jupiter
Subforce – Our Determination
The DJ’s Project – vs X-Calibur
Freestylers – Space Invaders
Basco – Can’t Get Enough
New Order – Confusion (Koma & Bones Dub Mix)
Pressure Drop – Warrior Sound (Dance Edit)
Terminal Head – Give me Head
Progessive Sounds Of the South – Break 1
Pressure Drop – Warrior Sound (Adam Freeland Remix)
Charlies Onion – Soul Dub
Forme – Let It All Out (Tigerstyle Mix)
PMT – Gyromancer (False Prophet Mix)
Elekronauts – Bumper (Plump DJs Remix)
Tayo & The Acid Rockers – Shorty the Dub