Pecoe – Rave & Club Classics



A new Facebook page has arisen here in Perth celebrating the wondrous rave scene that Perth has had from the late 80’s onwards. A lot of photos, music and stories have been shared on this page bringing back memories and pictures of people i used to rave with in the very early 1990’s. For the life of me i can remember the peoples faces but not all of their names.

This Rave & Club Classics Mix has come about because of this new Facebook page and the music, people, DJs (Local and international) and events that took place and the major influence they had on me in my late teens and onwards. Pretty much all of the tracks in the mix were played around the time i was raving and clubbing. It was the time of no social media (thank god) and more of a community of people who enjoyed going out to all hours of the morning, dancing the night away with rave buddies and friends.






Vapourspace – Gravitational Arch Of 10
Joey Beltram – Energy Flash
Gat Decor – Passion (Naked Mix)
2 Bad Mice – Bombscare
MANIC – I’m Comin’ Hardcore
Tori Amos – Professional Widow (Armand Van Helden Remix)
Sunscreem – Perfect Motion (Boys Own Remix)
TC 1992 – Funky Guitar (FPI Funky Mix)
Jaydee – Plastic Dreams
Faithless – Insomnia
Humanoid – Stakker Humanoid
Bassheads – Is There Anybody Out There
God Within – Raincry (Spiritual Thirst)
The Odd Company – We Are Experienced
Kicks Like a Mule – The Bouncer
Jam & Spoon – Stella
The Golden Girls – Kinetic (Orbital Remix)
Orbital – Halcyon and On and On
Rameriez – Hablando (Acordeon Mix)
Leftfield – Phat Planet
Awesome 3 – Dont Go
Congress – 40 Miles (Instrumental)
SL2 – On A Ragga Tip



Pecoe – The Old Stuff



Decided to take a trip back in time, to around 10 years ago and all the tracks i made back then. Selected what was the better ones and have thrown them all in this near on 2 hour mix with lots of funk edits, mashups, bootlegs and some originals that you probably haven’t heard before. Some of the mixdowns are terrible, levels are everywhere and some tracks might be out of key. Still it’s great to go through all these old tunes again and for you the listener they will sound nice and fresh.

Progression for the better is something that happens naturally to us all when we do something over a long period of time so it’s great to go back to the start of it all even if the music is not going to be a chart topper but good enough to get your toes tapping. Enjoy !






Hilltop Hoods – Now You’re Gone (Pecoe Remix)
Cranky Horns
Latin Strut
Machine Gun Funk
Gotta Get Cha
Chemical Brothers – Boxer (Pecoe Edit)
Dancing Sport
Dirty Red
Growler Part 2
Lend A Hand
Old School Loving
Chemical Brothers – Salmon Dance (Pecoe Edit)
Different Strokes
Fashion Police
Give Up The Funk
Never Give Up Funky Music
Jucachavezxx Vs Shaft
Power Of Shakin
Simple Song
Average Money
Funky Music
I Can’t Go For That
Shot Away
Black Spot
Down The Road
Foreigner – Urgent (Pecoe Remix)



Pecoe – Breaks Mix 6 2021



I tend to over do things, so here’s volume 6 in my series of Breaks mixes celebrating the sounds of the 2000’s. This mix is a combination of Nu Skool Breaks, Breaks and Tech Funk with tunes from around 2003 to 2006. All these tunes are vinyl rips too with most of them from my very own collection and ones that i ripped all that time ago, so excuse the quality of some of the rips. Lots of bootlegs in this one from a lot of well known acts like Adam Freeland and Stanton Warriors who either went under another alias or no name on the white label vinyl at all.

So tracks from lesser known acts this time and of course the usual suspects from that time. 21 tracks and around 2 hours worth of music.

You can grab an MP3 direct via my Dropbox here:






DJ Naga – Styx (Chris Carter Remix)
Cotton Club – Trouble At The Mill
Precision Cuts – Royal Flush
Introspective – Slavery Incorporated
Peter Katafalk – Down & Out (Maskio Thriller Mix)
Switchfoot – Good In Your Soul
Vigi & Nectarios – Atomizer
Unknown – Break Me (Future Funk Squad Bootleg)
Tom Real vs Rogue Element – Resistance Is Futile
Invincible – Mean Streets (Capoeria Twins Remix)
Steelzawheelz – P Fonk (Splitloop Remix)
Sly Fidelity & Clubfoot – 4 The White Knight (Christain J Remix)
Missy Elliot – Bring The Pain (Stanton Warriors Bootleg)
T Break Vs The Hives – Adam Freeland Bootleg
Gilbey – Pull the Trigger
Bass Kleph – Wildcard
Beat Assassins – Keeping It Jiggy (Groove Diggerz Remix)
Mousse T – Shakedown
Pink Sly – Adam Freeland Bootleg
Skeewiff – Nitty Gritty
Amb – Neutrino (Rex Remix)



Pecoe – Breaks Mix 5 2021



Heading into Volume 5 of my Breaks Mix series we hear an across the spectrum of higher tempo breaks music from the techno breaks stylings of Peter Paul to the Tech Funk rollings of Rogue Element to the Grung sounds of Adam Freeland and the well known vibes of the Stanton Warriors. It’s been great to go over tracks from 15 years ago and remember just how many tunes were released back then be it a vinyl only or digital release.

20 tracks and just under 2 hours worth of music this time, all mixed in key and made in Ableton Live.

Grab an MP3 direct from my Dropbox here:






General Midi – Good To Go
Peter Paul – This is My Full Contact
Stanton Warriors – Hope Time (Rogue Element Remix)
9 Lives The Cat – Bouncing Off The Walls (Rogue Element Remix)
Jose Gonzales – Crosses (Stanton Warriors Remix)
Kid Blue – Nothing To Loose
Elite Force – Heart Of Darkness (Dylan Rhymes Remix)
Plump DJs – Dr Dub
Circuit Breaker – Kick That Bass
Peter Paul – More Tekila (Slyde Remix)
Azzido Da Bass – Dooms Night (Stanton Warriors Remix)
Krafty Kuts – Tell Me How You Feel (Kid Kenobi vs Rogue Element Remix)
Mylo – Drop The Pressure (Stanton Warriors Remix)
Stanton Warriors – Da Antidote (VIP Mix)
The Doors – Hello I Luv U (Adam Freeland Remix)
Deibeat – We Rock the Party (Circuit Breaker Remix)
Ian Van Dahl – Inspiration (Krafty Kuts Remix)
Rob Reng – Funk Down Low (Force Mass Motion Remix)
Silencer – Taking Hold
General Midi – Unknown




Pecoe – Breaks Mix 4 2021



Now up to Volume 4 and starting off with a bit of Tech Funk this mix was made from a bunch of CD’s i found and ripped onto my production PC. Tracks are from around 2006 onwards with a selection of more Tech Funk stuff laced with Breaks and featuring tracks from the Plump DJs, Elite Force, Rogue Element, Krafty Kuts and Stereo 8 to name a few.

18 tracks and just under 2 hours worth of music this time, all mixed in key and made in Ableton Live.

Grab an MP3 direct from my Dropbox here:






Future Funk Squad – Audio Damage (D Ramirez Remix)
Kickflip – King Konga
Plump DJs – Blackjack
Plump Djs – Electric Disco (D Ramirez Remix)
Tom Real vs Rogue Element – He’s So Hot Right Now
Introspective – Inside
Metric – This is Hip Hop (Koma and Bones Remix)
Peter Paul – Teknoide
Dopamine – Harsh
Elite Force – Heart Of Darkness
Introspective – Fatal Attraction
Krafty Kuts – Bass Phenomenon
Plaza De Funk – Got The Funk (Madox Remix)
Plump DJs – Redshift
Rob Le Pitch – Twisted (Rogue Element Remix)
Stereo 8 – Stamina
Kraak & Smaak – Keep Me Home (Soul Of Man Remix)
Atomic Hooligan – Dreaming (BLIM Remix)



Pecoe – Beats & Breakbeats Volume 2



Lots of new tunes in this one, in fact it’s so fresh i can’t put up a tracklist just yet. New tracks from Prosper & Stabfinger, Qdup, Krafty Kuts, A Skillz, Streamer & Ross Go, Funkin Basstards and of course some great older ones too from Gramophone Soul, Funkanomics, Telephunken and CMC Silenta (to name a few). Brand new Fort Knox Five Recordings stuff as well as tracks from the upcoming Breakbeat Paradise release Disco Paradise Volume 2.