My Pet Monster – Ghettoblaster (2019 Ghetto Funk Mix)



Lurking in the background is a mischievous creature that wants you to hear some good beats. But don’t worry it’s only My Pet Monster with a cracking mix of Ghetto Funk bass and Glitch Hop goodness, he is here to give you the best music around at the moment and not to scare the wits out of you.






My Pet Monster – Ghetto Funk Mixtape 2017


My Pet Monster make some great Gltiched out Funky tunes but this time they bring the noise with an hours worth of Ghetto Funk treats with this their Ghetto Funk Mixtape for 2017.







My Pet Monster – Ghetto Funk Mixtape



My Pet Monster have been releasing a steady flow of some great Mid Tempo Bass and Glitchy music over the past years and it’s refreshing to hear a new mix from them putting together tunes that they are getting their groove on too lately.