Mutantbreakz – Lady Waks In Da Mix Guest Mix – 4.10.2019



Topping the game of the Spanish breaks scene well respected artists Mutantbreakz head to the airwaves for the lady of breaks Lady Waks with an hours long mix on her Radio Record Show.






Tooltime – Best Of Breaks Podcast Episode 5 Guest Mix Mutantbreakz



Sorry for my slow uptake on this one, now up to episode 5 DJ Tooltime brings you his special “Best of Breaks Podcast” bringing you as you guessed it the best in breaks. Each time a special guest mix from some of the best in the Breaks business, he starts off the series of podcast with the legendary Huda Hudia

.. follow this link for the previous podcasts :

This Episode 5 is all about the Spanish kings of Breaks, Mutantbreakz !






Mutantbreakz – Guest Mix For Lady Waks – 9.5.2017



Rocking the internet airwaves, Mutantbreakz deliver a stomping set of Breakbeats with this special guest mix for the lovely Lady Waks and her Radio Record Breakbeat Show. Lots of new music from Mutantbreakz in this one, show your support, like, repost, download and get into the weekend groove.







1.Mutantbreakz ft Yo speed – Sun Comes Down
2.Jay & Jane – I do both (Yo Speed ft Mutantbreakz remix)
3.Mutantbreakz -ID
4.Pray for bass – i gotta groove
5.RatPack & Wideboys – Hands Of Time (Full Club)
6.Rico Tubbs & Terry Hooligan -Horns (Mutantbreakz Remix)
7. Snow – Informer (Mutanbreakz & SevenG Remix)
8.Rawtek – DA! (FM-3 Bass Mix)
9.MutantBreakz & SevenG – I Beleive
10.Mutantbreakz – Alone
11.Pray for bass -Arabe Aranobe
12.Ladywaks & Mutantbreakz Ft Rubi dan – Inbeatwetrust
13.-Yo Speed – No pay no gain.
14.Mutantbreakz -funky bass drop
15.Kuplay – OMG
16.Mutantbreakz -Down
17.Pray for bass – Here come
18.Phillip George – Wish you where mine (Yo Speed ft Mutantbreakz remix)
19.Mutantbreakz – In my life
20.Yo Speed ft Mutantbreakz – Thursday
21.Mutantbreakz -Cocobongo
22.Control-S- Dancing On My Own
23.Mutantbreakz -ID
24.Mutantbreakz & bubble Couple – Guachinche
25.Mutantbreakz & SevenG – About to get down
26.Yo-Speed & Mutantbreakz – Need more dog
27.Mutantbreakz . My bass .
28.Yankee – EVERYTHING ALL RIGHT (Mutantbreakz remix )
29.Baymont Bross – Rock the House
30.Eivissa – Oh La La (Obscene Frequenzy remix)
31.Mutantbreakz Ft Ennovi- Ratchet
32.Mutantbreakz -ID



Mutantbreakz – USA Tour Mix 2016

Mutantbreakz - USA Tour Mix 2016


Mutantbreakz are about to hit the road for a USA tour and bringing with them a high energy approach of music to get the club moving. This mix is a little something you might hear from them if you get the chance to catch their tour. Check out their artist Facebook page for more info.










Mutantbreakz – Radio Record In The Mix #365

Mutantbreakz - Radio Record In The Mix 365


Mutantbreakz are the latest guests for Lady Waks and her Radio Record Breakbeat Show. Breaks business from the best, Mutantbreakz drop a fresh new mix with as you may hear already a gathering of new beats from the here and now.






01. DJ Fresh & High Contrast Feat Dizzee Rascal – How Love Begins
02. Specimen A – Hard Time (Mutantbreakz Remix)
03. Mutantbreakz – Everyday
04. Eztereo – Feel the heat
05. Alberto Fiteni Feat Eva Lopez & Ben-G – The Feeling Of The Freedom (Mutantbreakz Remix)
06. Dj Fixx – OMFG
07. Mutantbreakz – Promo
08. Yo Speed – Real Man
09. MrBelt & Wezol – Finally (Mutantbreakz Remix)
10. Yo Speed – Devil
11. Master & Disaster – Lose Control
12. Mutanbreaz & Ethel Orth – Funk Bass
13. Kuplay – Zombineichon
14. Fedde Le Grand – Back n Spirit (Edit)
15. Mutantbreakz – Promo
16. Kuplay – Budapest
17. Marcus Marr & Chet Faker – Trouble With Us (Beatslappaz RMX)
18. Mutantbreakz- Come around
19. The fugees – Ready Or Not (The Flea remix)
20. Mutantbreakz & SevenG – You Know
21. Calvin Harris – How Deep Is Your Love (Mutantbreakz Remix)
22. Papa-Was The (New School Remix)
23. Funk Train (MutantBreakz Remix)
24. Chase The Sun (Mutantbreakz Remix)
25. Felix Jaehn – Aint Nobody(Loves Me Better) Ft Jasmine Thompson (Mutantbreakz Remix)
26. Mutambreakz & Bubble Couple – Cliper
27. Mutantbreakz – I Dont Know
28. Only For You (Edit )
29. Outer Kid – Old Times






Mutantbreakz – LIVE @ Cosmonaut Club Russia – 28.11.2015

Mutantbreakz - LIVE Cosmonaut Club Russia - 28.11.2015


Headlining a recent IBWT (In Beat We Trust) party at the legendary Cosmonaut Club in Russia breakbeat heavyweights Mutantbreakz dropped this LIVE set to the masses and it is now available as a FREE download.