Morlack – Massive Breaks (Old Breaks Mixes Exclusive) – 23.7.2019



Hailing from the streets of Paris local Parisian DJ & Producer Morlack wants to take you on a journey back in time as he pays homage to breakbeat tunes from around 10 years ago with this exclsuive mix for Old Breaks Mixes. Charting the top of Juno Download Morlack is one funky artist and he has put together this special DJ mix just for Old Breaks Mixes, not an old breaks mix as such but a great mix of old tunes. This mix is pretty damn good too !





Morlack – Refunkafized Promo Mix August 2014

Morlack - Refunkafized Promo Mix August 2014


Morlack has just released a new remix album called “Refunkafized”, 18 original tracks of his remixed by some of the top artists around at the moment. From the friendly German’s, The Funkanomics to New Zealand’s Sammy Senior there’s bound to be a track to your liking within this massive release.

Check the whole relase from Breakbeat Paradise Recordings out at Junodownload:

This special promo mix from Morlack has just been uploaded in time to help promote this latest release.

Morlack – Refunkafized Promo Mix August 2014


01:Morlack – Never Change The Dj In The Middle Of The Break
02:Morlack – (Tell Me) Who You Funk Today
03:Morlack – Wonderful Day
04:Morlack – Take It To The Zulu p.2 – Funkanomics remix
05:Morlack – Wake Up(vocal mix)
06:Discobeta – Yo Hit It
07:Morlack – Do You Really Want To….
08:Discobeta – Worthwhile
09:Morlack – Take It To The Zulu p.1 – Mako & Hawk remix
10:Morlack – Girl Movin’ Like
11:Morlack – Chinchilla – Dj Clairvo remix
12:Morlack – Eazy Said
13:Morlack – Loosey
14:Morlack – Everyday Thoughts – Jason King remix
15:Morlack – Bodyrock (version)
16:Morlack – Lil Strange To You – Father Funk remix
17:Morlack – Champaigne & Caviar – Sammy Senior remix
18:Morlack – ReFunkafize Me
19:Morlack – Gotta Get Pursuit
20:Morlack – Play Cards Right – Shaka Loves You remix
21:A-Skillz – Good Music
22:Morlack – Let’s Go Jammin – The Breakbeat Junkie remix
23:Morlack – Celefunktion – Cockney Nutjob remix
24:Morlack – Play Cards Right – Trotter remix
25:Morlack – Ghetto Vaccination – 2014 remix
26:Morlack See The Light – Itchy Bastards remix
27:Discobeta – Up & Comin’
28:Morlack – Get It Hot – Mr Chombee remix
29:Morlack – Kickin’ Star
30:Morlack – Livin’ In America
31:Morlack – Bus Stop
32:Morlack – I’m Not A Racist
33:Morlack – Party Time – 2014 remix
34:Morlack – Electrophonic Mind – Discobeta remix
35:Morlack – Feel Alright
36:Morlack – Ain’t Reggae
37:Morlack – Doing Awakenin'(dub mix)