Merlyn – Spellbound (Mix Compilation) – Released 2000

Merlyn - Spellbound Mix Compilation - Released 2000


Released as an official mix CD back in 2000 and still available to purchase as a hard copy, Merlyn mixes together some old school breaks with a touch of the very early nuskool breaks sound while also dropping a progressive breakbeat sound. This mix is now 16 years old but still holds up to the test of time.

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1. Final Bump (Bumpin’ The Dub) – Bahamut
2. Do It (Remix) – Funklab
3. Fall Out Of Love (Gates Of Sean Mix) – Hybrid
4. Incantations – Merlyn
5. Get Fresh – R-Fresh/Infiniti
6. Waiting For You (Johnny Cage Remix) – G-Brown
7. Taken (Jasp 182’s Remix) – Merlyn
8. Blind Panic – Eclipse
9. Devine (Acco Traxx Mix) – Masters Of The New Millennium
10. Antheum 98 (The Digital Blondes’ Future Retro Millennium Mix) – Digital Blondes
11. Falling For You – Jasp 182
12. Systemdaten – Funklab