Martin Telemann – Bass Planet Warm Up 2015

Martin Telemann - Bass Panet Warm Up 2015


Bass Music is now and has been a genre to be recognised. The category itself also has so many sub genres, Breaks, House, Electro, etc. Martin Telemann throws down a new mix capturing all theses elements, mixed at Bass Planet Warm Up Party in December last year and is now a FREE download.





TELELIGHT (Martin Telemann & Eddie Light) – BASS IS BOSS KNIGHTS



Bass music is now in a genre of it’s own, having it’s own awards night just recently and gaining more of a following while being played out more and more in local nightclubs. Martin Telemann & Eddie Light have mixed and compiled this new set highlighting some of the best Bass music around.

For the final results of the Bass Music Awards for 2015 follow this link:




EDDIE LIGHT:…4568146/?fref=ts