Marten Hørger – George FM Interview & Exclusive Mix



Marten Hørger with whom i did an exclusive interview with a few years back has been interviewed again on George FM located in New Zealand. Marten is a part of the act Smash Hifi with ex Prodigy star Leeroy Thornhill and they released a new album near the end of last year called Order More Disorder. Marten is also part of the Punks Music family which has really blown up over the past year. Check the audio below for a more in depth interview as well as an exclusive mini-mix for George FM.







Marten Horger – Deeper Down – Beatport Remix Contest

Deeper Down


Punks Music in association with Beatport have a new remix competition up and running. Marten Horger’s Deeper Down is the tune in question and all genres are welcome. If your remix comes out on top, you could win Melda’s MXXX package worth over $1000, and see your remix released on Punks. Be sure to enter your winning remix before the deadline entry on 3/28.

Head on over at the link below for your chance to enter and win some terrific prizes.


Below is my entry to the Punks Music remix competition of Marten Horger’s track Deeper Down Feat the vocal talents of Eva Lazarus. Quite happy with how this turned out, nice breaks vibe with some gnarly bass included.








That bacon loving dude from Germany, Marten Horger has recently released Volume 3 in his “Beats” series of DJ mixes. Top new Bass N Breaks tunes are the order of the day here with new ones from Marten and of course a variety from other artists.

His new track “Deeper Down” (which is in the mix) is set for release on the Punks Music label on the 9th of November at a digital outlet near you 😉