Marten Horger – LIVE @ Burning Man 2018



Stepping up to superstar status Marten Horger knows how to spin a tune or two, not to be restricted to certain genres Marten’s style is basically bass driven music that covers 4 on the floor to a broken beat. This style can be heard in this new mix recorded LIVE at the Burning Man Festival this year.







Marten Hørger – Glastonbury’s Worthy FM Mix 2017



Before the Punks Music crew descended on the Glastonbury Festival 2017 for 2 energetic takeovers, they were asked to provide mixes for their prestigious on-site radio station, Worthy FM. Throughout August Punks Music will be releasing these mixes from the likes of Marten Hørger, Mafia Kiss, Left/Right and Aurbs. Stay tuned !







Marten Hørger – George FM Interview & Exclusive Mix



Marten Hørger with whom i did an exclusive interview with a few years back has been interviewed again on George FM located in New Zealand. Marten is a part of the act Smash Hifi with ex Prodigy star Leeroy Thornhill and they released a new album near the end of last year called Order More Disorder. Marten is also part of the Punks Music family which has really blown up over the past year. Check the audio below for a more in depth interview as well as an exclusive mini-mix for George FM.







Marten Hørger – LIVE @ Glastonbury 2016

Marten Hørger - LIVE @ Glastonbury 2016


Another LIVE set from this years Glastonbury Festival this time from the party loving German Marten Hørger. Lots of new edits from Marten in this set as well as few new unheard of tracks, enjoy !