Ken Fusion – Dissociative Anaesthesia Volume 4



I think when Ken Fusion started off with this mix he had no idea that it would go for nearly 6 hours ! In fact i think this is the longest mix i have ever posted on Breakzlinkz and to say it is one hell of a journey is quite an understatement. If you have some spare time this one is worth a listen and if you have the bandwidth well worth a download and holding onto.






York – Dying Star (Chill Out Mix)
Zero Cult – Neokarma
Chicane – Overture
Poonyk & Oxide – Weekend (Space Chill Mix)
Net Son – Disclosed Force (Darkployers Relax Mix)
Delirium – Silence feat Sarah McLachlan (Michael Woods Remix)
Inertia – The System (Chris Voro & John Dropping ReChill)
Fullsound – Cosmic Immensity
Victima – Silent Scream (Soty Remix)
Lukas Termena – One Love
Sovt & Janerio – Dreams of the Sea
Tripswitch – Deer Park
Apple & Stone – Broken Star
Almar – Wasted Time (Ambient)
Tom Strobe – Love Lights feat 2MONK
Thorsten Quaeschning & Ulrich Schnauss – Slow Life
Koan – The Island of Deceased Ships
Gregory Esayan – Healer
Fabbro – Love is Everywhere
Chicane – Offshore (Thomas Datt Remix)
Sundial Aeon – Pleasure Impact at
Dream Lab – Cryogenic Suspension (Marco Torrance’s Filmbient Trip)
Aitra – Malibu Road
York – Traveller feat R.I.B
ZANIO – Will (Elevate & Raggapop Inc Remix)
Bryan Milton – Prime Planet
A-Mase – New Vision (You Are My Salvation Remix)
Fatal Error – Angels Arms (Airwave Breaks Remix)
Jozef Mihalik – Listen
York & Steve Brian – Salida Del Sol (Soty & Seven24 Remix)
File V – Raindance (Vitaly Shturm Broken Beats Remix)
Luke Chable – Into The Storm
Alex Sheronov – Reflections
Solesystem pres. Init8 – Mystic
A-Mase – Sensuality Original Intro mix)
JSintax – Daydreams (Platunoff Remix)
Matt Darey & Aaron Aether – Into The Blue feat Tiff Lacey
Polarstone – Aquamatic
Stefan Anion – Strangers
Andrew Bayer – From The Earth
Aeron Aether & Embliss – A New Dawn (Reconstruction)
Richard Bonnee – Frost Point Zero (Deep Space Groove Mix)
Steven Rivic, Michael & Levan – Cyacya (Phonic Deep Break Remix)
Vintage & Morelli – Tree Of Life (Magnetik Remix)
Abdomen Burst ft Yavanndiel – Solar Eclipse (Fantasy Slowstep Edit)
Accadia – Blind Visions (Ambient Mix)
Envio – Touched By The Sun (Rusch & Elusive’s Chill Out Mix)
Humate – Love Stimulation
Saints sinners – Peace (Micheal Woods Remix)
Dave Sullivan & VG – Cloudsurfer (Abdomen Burst Sine Field Remix)
Aquareef & Alex Drayling – Thailand
Alfoa – Schedar (Esok Remix)
Plu-Ton – Stalker Zone
Kjuna & Mr Woodward – Persea Gratissima
Maksim Palmaxs – Like A Bird feat Anya Hibental (Plu-ton Remix)
Anton MAKe, Elev8 & Plu-ton – Northern Light
Abdomen Burst – Sakkura (Negative Neutron Remix)
Space Manoeuvres – Stage One (Blain Sandhag Mix)
Abdomen Burst – Changes feat Yavanndiel & Malevich (Ambient Mix)
Steven Rivic, Michael & Levan – Leap Of Faith
Solar Stone – Seven Cities (Ambient Mix)
The Thrillseekers – Escape




Ken Fusion – Fresh Noise



We all like to hear something new, something fresh it’s what all us EDM people love. Ken Fusion’s new mix has all the variety of freshness with over 2 hours worth of Ghetto Funk, Glitch, Booty Bass, Bass & Breaks music. It’s a cool mix expertly mixed and well worth a listen.

You can also check out Ken Fusion’s Breaks station over at Di FM :






Ken Fusion – Pulse Orlando Benefit Mix 2016

Ken Fusion - Pulse Orlando Benefit Mix 2016


With the recent happenings and outright madness and sadness in Orlanda, Florida a bunch of music minded people got together for a benefit gig that was aired on NSB Radio to raise some money and awareness of this terrible situation. This Breaks mix from Ken Fusion is just one of the mixes played on the day.






1. UFO Project – Higher
2. Tony Quattro – Liberty Plaza
3. Shift K3y – Make It Good (Philly Blunt x Señor Roar remix)
4. Hybrid Theory – Divided
5. Plump DJjs – Yes Yes (Hybrid Theory Remix)
6. Cause & Affect and Stanton Warriors – Bounce
7. Albzzy & Forbid – D.O.W
8. Mafia Kiss – High
9. Hypho – Etch
10. Aloka – K2
11. Deekline – Show Me
12. Hypho – Sketchz
12a. ZHu – Faded (Acapella)
13. Nixon – Subculture feat MC CQ
14. The Way I FeelbyDieMantle
15. MYM8 – So Amazing (Iva Re-rub)
16. Clexxs – TT
17. Jamie XX – Gosh (Left/Right Remix)
18. Nina Wilde – Turnt
19. Motez – Down Like This (Iva & Outselect Edit)
20. UFO Project – Girls and Money
21. Krafty Kuts – Bubblegum
22. 601 – Ubad
23. Fort Knox Five – 24 Hours to Set It Off feat Sleepy Wonder (Deekline Remix)
24. Mad8 x Marshall F – I Keep Dancing (Iva Re-Dub)
25. Doctor Nick – Barriers
26. DubRocca – You Got Me Burning (UFO Remix)
27. Zander & Left/Right – Can’t Stop
28. Aloka – K1
29. Sly One – Run That
30. Left/Right & Trespass – Sunspot






Ken Fusion – Funky Breakin Ghetto Beats Mix

Ken Fusion - Funky Breakin Ghetto Beats Mix


As the title suggests a tasty mix filled with Ghetto Funk, Breaks & Bass.





Televisor – Break Loose feat Splitbreed (Volant Remix)
DJ Wood – This Is It
Dads On Display – Tickle The Ivories feat Profit
Barely Alive – Boston Shit
Kill the Noise & Skrillex – Recess feat Fatman Scoop & Michael Angelakos (Milo & Otis Remix)
Stickybuds – Easy feat Greg Blackman
Stickybuds & South Rakkas – Bouncy Bouncy feat Rage (K+Lab Remix)
Illvis Freshly – Fat Bastards (Father Funk Remix)
BBK & Dirty Stab – Skip For Top (Royal Blood Remix)
Dancefloor Outlaws – Latin or Not
Dephicit, The After Hours Quintet, Summer Bright, DonJohnston & Trotfox – Light Fandango
Hotline Zero – Boot Me Down
Skope – Shaftin
Dub Pistols, Neville Staple & Seanie Tee – Real Gangster (Father Funk Remix)
Jem Stone – Top O’ The Town feat Mouthmaster Murf & MC Goldseal
Father Funk – Take 2
Tropkillaz – Baby Come Back (Featurecast Remix)
Cabinett – Tommorow Inside
Jem Stone & Foxy Cheex – Lick the Spoon (Funkanomics Vocal Remix)
Kingfisha – Piece of the Puzzle (Crazy Daylight Remix)
Mr Bristow – Drunk on Funk (B-Side Remix)
Ursula 1000 – Smoke Machine feat Bcap (Fort Knox Five Remix)
Deekline & Bad Zuka – Pull That Back
Wisdom R – Jangala
Access Denied – Street Walker
Taiki Nulight – Into Darkness
Je Boogie – Bass Drop
Wuki – Lip Pop (Eyes Everywhere Remix)
Lo IQ? – Ghetto Tr!x
Deeklie & DJ Funk – Freaks
Stanton Warriors – So Sweet feat Lily Mckenzie
Distro – Somebody Say
Nixon – Watch Dis
Stanton Warriors & Tony Quattro – Get Low feat Eva Lazarus
Wuki – Talk
Nora En Pure – U Got My Body (UFO Project Remix)
Leonn – Invisibe Me (K-Minor Radio Mix)
Keys n Krates – Save Me feat Katy B (Wuki Remix)
Dubaxface – Pig Bang (Wes Smith’s Calibumpya Remix)
Smookie Illson x Oddlin – The Lowdown
Kayer – Out of my Mind (Wuki Remix)
Paket – Warrior Standing
Kraft Kuts & Jason Laidback – Woofers in the Trunk
Hankook – Love Music (SevenG Remix)
Quadrat Beat – Shake This (Under This Remix)
Ed Solo & Deekline – Shake The Pressure feat the Splack Pack (Acapella)
Hybrid – Until Tomorrow



Ken Fusion – Cerebral Stimuli

Ken Fusion - Cerebral Stimuli





1) Qdup Feat Mustafa Akbar – Funk & Dance (K+Lab Remix)
2) High Contrast – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Phibes Remix)
3) Father funk – Gotta Be Me
4) Snoop Dog feat Pharell – Drop It Like It’s Hot (Hipshaker Balkan Remix)
5) Deekline & Ed Solo – Bad Boys (Ed Solo & Stickybuds Remix)
6) Mr Williamz – Miss Brown (Benny Page Remix)
7a) Father Funk – Jungle Strut
7b) Timothy Wisdom – Jiggle What You Got feat Judah Jones (Acapella)
8) Phibes – Gold Woman Remix
9) B-Side & WBBL – 2 Turntables
10) Defkline – Hit The Road Jack
11) DJ Marky & XRS – The Way (Feturecast Remix)
12) Daft Punk – Lose Yourself to Dance (B-Side & WBBL Remix)
13) WBBL – Fiyah!
14) Ohio Players – Love Rollercoaster (Father Funk Remix)
15) X-Ray Ted – Body Shaker
16) Smookie Illson – TBT
17) Ragga Twins & Smookie Illson – Murda 999
18) Skitz – Music Is My Life feat Darrison
19) Fort Knox Five – Insight feat Asheru (Askillz Remix)
20) Shift K3Y – Name Number (Cause & Affect Remix)
21) A Skillz – Turn It Up feat Ad-Apt
22) Ed Solo & Deekline – All Gravy feat Darrsion
23) Stanton Warriors – Bone
24) Keith Mackenzie – Sweat Pants
25) Smookie Illson – India Jones (Keith Mackenzie & Fixx Remix)
26) Dirty Kicks – Push It To The Limit (Wes Smith’s Calipunkya Remix)
27) UFO Project – Hard One
28) Krafty Kuts – Dynamite Soul
29) Omega Squad – Get It On Up
30) RL Grime – KingPin feat Big Sean (Wuki Remix)
31) Bassnectar – You & Me feat W Darling (Flinch Remix)
32) The Brainkiller – Dreamy
33) Jason Laidback – Do it Do it
34) Perfect Kombo – Equanoid
35) Rico Tubbs & Infekto – We Enter feat Steppa Style
36) Bassnectar – You & Me feat W Darling (Champagne Drip Remix)