Jdub – Intuition – 25.3.2017



Intuition, we all have it and some can harness it more than others. Jdub lets it all go in this new Progressive Breaks mix and uses his intuition to guide the way, letting go of all negative thoughts and trusting his ability as a DJ and a human being.

“Intuition is the highest form of intelligence,transcending all individual abilities and skills”Sylvia Clare






01. Cristian R – Words Of The Universe (Lime Time ReMIX)
02. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – Cyacya (Phonic Deep Breaks MIX)
03. StudioSnap – Comfort (Original MIX)
04. Audio Teq & Dan K – Another Reality (Original MIX)
05. Flashtech – No Way Back (Original MIX)
06. Nicolas Agudelo & Andrei Niconoff – Overworld (Faskil ReMIX)
07. Gabriel Lukosz – Embers Rising (Original MIX)
08. Chuck’n Roll – Playing Dirty (Jondi & Spesh ReMIX)
09. Smight – Lables Lies Warnings (Habershams Dark Sexy ReMIX)
10. Bassencore – Montrodytie (Original MIX)
11. Dellife – Otherworldly (Raggapop Inc & Elevate ReMIX)
12. Astral Vision – After The Rain (Original MIX)



Jdub – Downright Dirty Radio Show Progressive Breaks Mix




If Progressive Breaks are your thing then please do check this mix out ! Jdub steps off his usual selection of tunes and put this Progressive mix together for the Downright Dirty Radio Show at nubreaks.com. The Downright Dirty Radio Show is hosted by DJ Rockit & Orkid and is aired bi-monthly on Sunday afternoon’s 12pm to 3pm pst / 3pm to 6pm est, it also bought to you by Sideshow Kuts, Funky Flavor Music, Theoryon Records, 1200 Hustle and Strategik.







1. Glenn Morrison – Adagio (Original MIX)
2. You are my salvation – What makes us human (Omauha ReMIX)
3. Alfoa – Pray (Breakrules ReMIX)
4. Nixon – Solar Lover (Original MIX)
5. Mike & Charlie, Skynet – I Get Live (Versace Cush N Cookies ReMIX)
6. Plu-Ton – Echoes Of Lost Express (Original MIX)
7. Pavlin Petrov & Graham Lloris – Production Line (CJ Art’s Broken Line MIX)
8. Force Of Habit – Feelings Of Disbelief (Chris Marchese MIX)
9. Abdomen Burst – Stella (Original MIX)
10. Reprobate & Alex Skywalker – The Siren’s Call (Atmospheric MIX)
11. Plu-Ton – Star Running (Original MIX)








Jdub – WMC Promo Mix 2015

Jdub - WMC Promo Mix 2015


While I’m on the subject of the Winter Music Conference hear is another promo mix for the event this time from Orlando’s Jdub. Some upfront and current Breakbeat flavours.





01. Alt-A – Out Of My Mind (Original Mix)
02. Electric Draft – Break It (Colombo Remix)
03. Omega Squad – Show Me How To Live (Wes Smith’s Dirty Juice Remix)
04. Colombo & Pyramid – Tension ( Original Mix)
05. Sunata FT. Stephanie Kay – Cirriuz (Rebel Sketchy Remix)
06. Under Break – Rayos X (Original Mix)
07. Geon – Phobos (Original Mix)
08. UFO Project – Run The Trap (Original Mix)
09. Peter Paul – Dremalia (Dubaxface Remix)
10. Future Funk Squad FT. Wrexx – Tactics (Beta Remix)
11. Under This – Let yourself Go (Original Mix)
12. Beta – Mad Rhythm (Original Mix)
13. Zinc FT. Sneaky Sound System – Show Me (Iva Re-Twist)