Jay Cunning Vs Atomic Hooligan – LIVE @ Esparrago Rock – 26.7.2003



Jay Cunning and Atomic Hooligan, 2 of the pioneers in the very early Nu Skool Breaks scene and 2 stand up guys that still push the development of music as DJ’s today with their own DJ Academy “On The Rise“. This mix was recorded LIVE back in 2003 at Esparrago Rock in Spain, back when vinyl was king and the Nu Skool Breaks sound was as popular as ever.






Jay Cunning – Dutty Breakbeat Classics



With the recent gig “Back To The Beats” held in Brixton and the monstrous lineup of old school Breaks talent it’s only fitting that we have a near on 2 hour mix from the man that was their at the beginning, Jay Cunning. With this mix he has digged deep into his crate of records putting together some classic old Nu Skool Breaks from around the year 2000. For those that remember you are going to dig this.






Fat Breaks Volume 1 Mixed by Atomic Hooligan & Jay Cunning


Taking it back to the Oldschool with some Nuskool long time Breaks sceners Atomic Hooligan & Jay Cunning had special privilege in mixing the latest release from Fat! Records. A collection of tracks from the back catalog of Fat! Records with some tracks being over 10 years old !

When it comes to record labels in the golden era of Breakbeat music, Fat! is up there as one of the most consistent, original and standard setting on the global scene… Along with their legendary night ‘Chew the Fat’ at the End in London, the label pioneered a sound in music that will live forever in the souls of ravers all over the world.

Luminary artists such as Foamo, Maribou State, Bondax and Baobinga (Sam Binga) and many others passed through the label in its earlier years and created a sound that was rooted in club culture and helped evolve the diverse Bass & Breakbeat sound.

The very first releases featured the likes of Peacemaker, The Apollo Kids, Merka, Tayo & Kickflip releasing tunes and remixes on the label that will live in Breakbeat folklore…. This is what we are here to celebrate! Re-mastered, re-uploaded, and re-presented for you to re-live your heady days of the naughtys! Fat! Records are proud to present to you Fat! Breaks Vol 1.

Taking a snap shot of the labels earliest highlights from its Breakbeat beginnings, these tunes represent a time in music when influences were flying around like model spitfires at a Saturday morning remote control plane meeting in the park. Techno, early Grime, Garage, Drum & Bass, House, were all being fused into a cohesive melee of breaks and basslines which captured the essence of everything that was fresh and new in the club and dance music at the time, whilst giving a nod to the past with a sprinkling of Disco, old skool Hip Hop and Jungle.

Fat! has since progressed onto releasing some of the finest House, techno and pop infused dance music in the past decade, but its former years will always have a special place in the hearts and minds of many.




All the tracks in this mix can be purchased here: www.smarturl.it/FATBREAKS






Jay Cunning & Terry Hooligan – Breakbeat Classics on Koollondon.com



Taking it way back Jay Cunning & Terry Hooligan decided to do some crate digging and mix up 2 hours of Breakbeat Classics from the Nuskool sounds of the early 2000’s through to Tear Out and a bit of Jungle Breaks the guys drop a set of classic Breakbeat with a collection of tunes that were a highlight of their time.

You can hear Jay Cunning on the Sub Slayers Drive Time show every friday 5-7pm UK time at www.koollondon.com







Jay Cunning – DJ Mix 2002



I found this mix from Jay Cunning on an old CD i had laying around for eternity. This mix is from around 2002 the heyday and rise of the Nuskool Breaks genre, it really is a classic mix from Jay containing some great old tunes. Jay himself has been around for ages and is well known for promoting the sound of Breaks over the past decade and more. He is a former DJ at London’s KISS FM where he had his own Breakbeat Show (KISS 100FM Breakbeat Show) and has also toured parts of the world bringing the sound of Breakbeat to various parties and festivals. He runs the Sub Slayers label and is a partner with Terry Hooligan in On The Rise Promotions an agency promoting the sounds of now while also running its own DJ Academy helping aspiring DJs to be the best they can.