Hedflux – Mid-Tempo Alchemy Mix

Hedflux - Mid-Tempo Alchemy Mix


I like this mix. Known more for his uptempo Psy Breaks and Techno tracks and mixes, Hedflux lowers the BPM’s in this special mix of Mid Tempo tracks that he has been working on and a collection of recent and future gems from Luminus Music.





Hedflux – Sananga Serenade
Nanosphere – Sleeping Gate
Grouch – Reverse Entropy (Hedflux Remix)
Hedflux – Peyote Dawn
Hedflux – Wanderlust
Tryptich & Mise – Ooze Cruise
Kin – Manifolds
Hedflux – Sacralicious
Nanosphere – Intrinsic
Nimbus – Alien Music
Tryptich – Air Lines
Birds of Paradise – Tunnel Visions (Hedflux Remix)
Frequency Less – Busted (Hedflux Remix)
Eurythmy – Not a Love Song
Kin – Origins