Gosize – Guest Mix For Lady Waks – 3.4.2020



I’ve downloaded a few Gosize tracks over the years and his breakbeat productions are always crisp, clear and fresh. This is the first time i have heard of him mixing music and what makes it even better is that it is a guest mix for the lady of breaks, Lady Waks. Lots of freshness in this mix with a whole lot of Gosize productions throughout.







1.Pavane – Coby
2.Pavane – Feel
3.Pavane – Yemaya
4.Ondamike – Ice Ice
5.Gosize – Money In My Bank
6.Gosize – Darkness
7.Gosize – Climb The top
8.Gosize – Dark
9.Gosize – Back To Club
10.Gosize – Tell Me Break
11.Gosize – Trigga
12.Gosize – The Butcher
13.Gosize – Short Men
14.Gosize – Move Your Head
15.Gosize – Money In da Bank
16.Pavane – Atomic
17.Woter – Landmine
18.Woter – I Need Reality
19.Pavane – Bad Boys
20.Keet Down – Lees Seynee Breaks Mix
21.Gosize Mama Yo
22.Back – Lees Seynee Breaks Mix
23.Volt – Checkmate Breaks Mix
24.Gosize – Arabian Nigths
25.Gosize – Work
26.Gosize – You Dont See me Now
27.Gosize – Keepmastik Breaks Mix
28.Gosize – All Stars Re Bounce
29.Gosize – Barcos y Putas
30.Pavane – Ganesha
31.PornStep – Checkmate Breaks Mix
32.Say So – Gosize Breaks mix