Gerry LaBarge – Summer Bounce 4



While on the subject of Summer Gerry LaBarge with whom i featured a mix of his the other day has another new mix out. Entitled Summer Bounce 4 Gerry mixes the best in Bass and Breaks music with tracks from DJ Hero, Yo Speed and Keith MacKenzie plus a bunch of other well known artists and their unique sounds.






Basstyler – Motha Fuck (Original Mix)
Sunsha – Get Low (Original Mix)
DJ Hero – Festivále (Breaks Mix)
Myo – Horurock (Original Mix)
Retropolis – The Only One (Original Mix)
Yo Speed – Man Of The Speed (Original Mix)
Strongbass – Reggae Town (Original Mix)
Deekline, Rtkal – Flute Ting (Original Mix)
Huda Hudia, Diggabeatz – Rockin 2 The Beat (Original Mix)
Big Daddy’s – Booty Sweat (Keith MacKenzie And Fixx Remix)
Psychopaths – Siberia (Original Mix)
Detach – 2 AM (Original Mix)
Brooklyn Cartier – Barracuda (Original Mix)
Goldillox, Evan Gamble Lewis – You’re A Star Now (Original Mix)
Master & Disaster – Work It (Original Mix)
Mutantbreakz, SevenG – About To Get Down (Yo Speed Remix)
Axelbeat – Without Love (Original Mix)




Gerry LaBarge – Masterbreak Radio Planet DJ Show – 17.5.2017



There are a lot of Spanish Breakbeat producers out there at the moment each hyping the Spanish Breaks scene into the mass following it has today. About a month ago Gerry LaBarge dropped a mix for Spain’s Masterbreak Radio with as you guessed a lot of Spanish artists track in it topped off with the ever loved Florida Breaks.






Aggresivnes, The Brainkiller – I Like This! (Original Mix)
Stonewash, Vanilla Skillz – Lose Control (Detach Remix)
Huda Hudia, Sweet Charlie – Run With Me (Original Mix)
Destructo Bunny, Omega Squad – L.O.V.E. (Looping Only Vital Energy) feat.
L.E.F. – Get Up Get Down ((DJ Fixx Remixx))
DJ Icey – Light Year (Original Mix)
Kid Panel – That Body (Original Mix)
Shade k – Magic Goku (Original Mix)
Mutantbreakz, SevenG – About To Get Down (Original Mix)
Alex Wicked – Infinity (Original Mix)
K4DJ – The Funk Phenomenon (Original Mix)
Yankee – I Don´t Care (Original Mix)
Yankee – I,m Sure (Original Mix)
Prisma – Never (Original Mix)
The Beatkillers – Apology ( )
Brox-Bit – Close Me (Strongbass Remix)
NeuroziZ, G$Montana, GN – Touch Me (AVA, AudioBotz (FL) & Alekay Remix)



Gerry LaBarge – Party Weapon



I’ve featured a few Gerry LaBarge mixes in the past here on Breakzlinkz and he always supplies a fresh and interesting breakbeat set. This is his latest mix full off Booty Bass & Breaks with a nice selection of music expertly mixed together.






Danny Dee – Funky Fresh (Original Mix)
Mutantbreakz, SevenG – I Believe (Original Mix)
Stanton Warriors – Feel This Way feat. Grove (Original Mix)
Face & Book – Kamasutra (Original Mix)
Bubble Couple – Boom To The Fair (Original Mix)
Ghastly, NGHTMRE – End Of The Night (Original Mix)
Strongbass – Mother Fucker (Original Mix)
Kid Panel – That Body (Original Mix)
Tommy Trash, Kittens – Nasty (Extended Mix)
Perfect Kombo – My House (Binary Remix)
JDOUBLE – Lose My Mind (Original Mix)
Stanton Warriors, Jay Robinson – Bang feat. Them&Us (Original Mix)
Aggresivnes – Rock This (Original Mix)
The Push, MotivBreaks – Release Me Ft. MC Central (Original Mix)
Stanton Warriors, Hybrid Theory – Under the Lights (Original Mix)
Left/Right – Sweat (Original Mix)
Aggresivnes – Our Night (The Brainkiller Remix)



Gerry LaBarge – Thrills & Skills

Gerry LaBarge - Thrills & Skills


Gerry LaBarge returrns to the Breakzlinkz pages with a new mix of Breaks and Bass. Booming out of your speakers with music treats plus a FREE download to boot.





Kraneal – O.L.E (Original Mix)
The Bomb Squad – Modern Girls (BUBBLE COUPLE remix)
Omega Squad – Twisted (Original Mix)
Decibel U.S.A – Make ‘Em Clap (Original Mix)
NeuroziZ, G$Montana – Shake’m (Original Mix)
Plump DJs – Iou One (Original Mix)
Winter Face – Great Business (Kid Digital Remix)
Alt-A – The Sound (BUBBLE COUPLE remix)
Decibel (USA) – Feel The Pressure (Original Mix)
DJ Icey, Omega Squad – RAWK! (Original Mix)
JDOUBLE – Diamonds (Breaks Mix)
Dave London – Genesis (Original Mix)
Paket – American Style (Original Mix)
ilLegal Content – Call My Name (Original Mix)
Si-Dog, Bradley Drop – Gunna Be Mine (Keith MacKenzie & DJ Fixx Mix)
Baby Anne – B-BOY (Original Mix)
DJ Hero, JDOUBLE – Gotta’ Beat The Best (Original Mix)
Wardian – Joy (Original Mix)






Gerry LaBarge – Future Airspace – 2016 Breaks & Bass Music Mix

Gerry LaBarge - Future Airspace - 2016 Breaks & Bass Music Mix


With a selection of the finest Breaks tunes around Gerry LaBarge drops a new Breaks and Bass mix. Starting off with the progressive stylings of award winning artist Colombo then moving onto American artist Omega Squad plus a bunch of fresh stuff from around the world.






1 Colombo – Evoke (Original Mix)
2 Omega Squad, BETTER KICKS – Lucha Por Lapas (Original Mix)
3 Yankee, Citybox – Jump (Original Mix)
4 Quadrat Beat – Let’s Move (Original Mix)
5 Entheogen, Alt-A – Diablo Drop (Original Mix)
6 Staxia – Saxophonist XXI (Original)
7 Aggresivnes – Hit It (Original Mix)
8 Perfect Kombo – Killer Me (Original Mix)
9 The Beatkillers – Don’t Kill Me (Original Mix)
10 Freerange DJs, Cova Stirling – Rumble The System (feat. Cova Stirling) (Original Mix)
11 Yo Speed – Cat Machine (Original Mix)
12 The Reptiles – Beautiful Step (Perfect Kombo Remix)
13 The Beatkillers – Eagle (Original Mix)
14 CoolTasty – No Forget (Wardian Remix)
15 The Brainkiller, Goodiva – Do It (Original Mix)