Funkanomics – Ching Zeng Taped #56



Funkanomics were are force to be reckoned with back in the beginning of the Ghetto Funk genre producing some unique tunes and remixing some of the top names around. Lately though they have been pretty quite when it comes to producing music.

One part of the Funkanomics is still playing gigs and DJing though and this is a brand new mix from him featuring all sorts of genres throughout.





Funkanomics – Fruit Loops Mix



I really haven’t heard anything from the Funkanomics in ages apart from their great series of Chillax mixes there really hasn’t been much air time from them. But fear no more because from out of the blue the Funknomics drop a bomb of a new mix displaying new styles of music from trap to bass to club to drum & bass and everything else – excellent mix all round !







Rats Music – Straight Ballin’ (Funkanomics Remix)

Rats Music - Straight Ballin' (Funkanomics Remix)


Over at the Free Breaks Blog recent winners of the Reverbnation Competition is Philadelphia based hip-hop, electro funk collective R@ts Music. Consisting of three members Connor Hansell (synths & production), Keith Wadsworth (lead guitar & synthesizer) and Gralin Hughes (live digital art).

On remix duties and as a special package for the Free Breaks Blog the German outfit “Funkanomics” stepped up to the plate and delivered this great remix available for free download.

For the full Rats Music interview and lowdown follow the link:

Rats Music – Straight Ballin’ (Original Mix)



Rats Music – Straight Ballin’ (Funkanomics Remix)



Download Here


Funkanomics – Diggin In The Crates Volume 1



The German outfit “Funkanomics” have just dropped their latest mix for the masses, some glitched out funky basslines in true Funkanomics style. Set to take the stage at this years now famous Breakfest Festival , Boxing Day here in Perth. As far as i know this is their first visit to Perth and judging by this latest mix are sure to drop some fire upon their arrival.

Funkanomics – Chillax Mix 3rd

Funkanomics - Chillax Mix 3rd


Sometimes it’s good just to chill out, sit back, relax and watch the world go by. More known for their uptempo music, the German out fit the Funkanomics have just released Volume 3 in their Chillax series of mixes. Chilled vibes and relaxing beats are the order of the day here. Featuring mellower tunes from all over the world rapped up with some Hip Hop and you have a combination of some blissed out peaceful music.

In case you have mixed the previous Chillax mixes you can catch them below too.

Funkanomics – Chillax Mix 3rd


01. Intro
02. Old Nick – Mad Summer
03. Jurassic 5 – Verbal Gunfight
04. Quincy Joints – I Rule The Fruits
05. Fugees- Fu-Gee-La (Maverick & Poldoore Remix)
06. Notorious BIG – Somebody Gotta Die (Ben Hedibi Remix)
07. Walt Grizzly – Cheshire
08. Obsesiv – Pe Drum
09. The Geek & VRV – Amicalement Votre
10. 2Pac – Old School (Cookin Soul Remix)
11. The Geek & VRV – Hot Cheap
12. The Geek & VRV – It´s My Time
13. Krooked Drivers – Only For You (Late Night Radio Remix)
14. Flavours – Suede Shaker
15. Flavours – Just Want Juice
16. Push Up (Acapella)
17. Late Night Radio – Celebration
18. Amerigo Gazaway – Music City Mindstate
19. Rakim – I Know You Got Soul (Acapella)
20. Charles Bradley – Strictly Reserved For You
21. Mother – Easy
22. The Kooks – Down
23. Notorious BIG – Back To Cali (Yinyues Remix)
24. Meg Mac – Roll Up Your Sleeves
25. Banks – Drowning (Lido Remix)
26. Stacks – Higher
27. 20Syl – Bet Dap Goom Bown
28. James P – Wilf
29. Notorious BIG – Old Thing Back (Matoma Remix)
30. Ludacris – Yeah vs Mo Money (Matoma Remix)
31. Shag – Lifted
32. Zenit Incompatible – Louie
33. Bad Boys (Acapella)
34. Rezonate – Elemental
35. R.O. – Syria
36. Jonah Baseball – Louisville Slugger
37. Mob Device – In The Summer
38. Sander Mölder – In Your Eyes
39. Scratch Bandits Crew – Heart Beat
40. Brika – Expectations
41. Made In Heights – Murakami
42. Baby Queens – Red Light
43. Alicia Keys – Brand New Me (El Train Remix)
44. Dr. Dre – Xxplosive (AceMyth Remix)
45. 2Chainz – Get Me Doe
46. Son Lux & Lorde – Easy
47. Jetpack Jones – Stoner Hill
48. Jukebox Champions ft. Biga Ranx & Soom T – Anthem
49. Seeed – Cherry Oh
50. Captain Plant ft. Chigiyo Master – Chingata
51. Darondo – Didn´t I
52. Outro

Funkanomics – Chillax Mix 2nd

Funkanomics – Chillax Mix