Frequency FX – Everywhere



Bring you that cutting edge sound of Breaks & Bass music Frequency FX throws out the conventional tracklist of top 100 Beatport tracks and selects a bunch of tunes that work well when mixed together. This is Frequency FX and his new mix “Everywhere”.







1 – Veil by Khesis
2 – New Order (Original Mix) by Eztereo
3 – The Fuck Minds by UFO Project
4 – Little Asia by K4DJ
5 – System Error (Original Mix) by Peter Paul
6 – Flipside (Original Mix) master by Dee
7 – Everybody (Original Mix) by Perfect Kombo
8 – Feel Me (Original Mix) by B-Phreak
9 – All 2 U (Taiki Nulight Remix) by R3ll
10- LOL (Original Mix) by Rob Analyze & Viro
11 – Ladies Pop (feat. DJ T3kken) by CVPELLV
12- More (feat. Iyamah) by Bushbaby
13- Stingray by DJ Icey
14- Massimo (Horns Cru Mix) by Mella Dee
15- Splash by Suga7
16- Tzamio (Original Mix) by Guau
17- Ultrafunkula by Future Wildstyle
18- Holdin On by Freestylers
19- Man Of The Speed (Original Mix) by Yo Speed
20-Damn Fine (Original Mix) by Worthy
21- Dirty (Original Mix) by Javy Groove
22- Pull Up by Sunsha
23- Squarez (Original Mix) by [66]
24- I Can’t Wait by Deekline
25- Contrast (Original Mix) by MURIX
26- Heart Player by Colombo
27- Searching For My Rizla 2017 (RatPack & Freestylers ReMastered) by Ratpack




Frequency FX – Eyes Of Your Eyes



Mixing up a tight set of new Bass & Breaks music Frequency FX starts his mix off with the lovely bit of Bass music from Nixon, Gods Chior then quickly moving onto the next track setting the tone for the rest of the mix.







1 -Gods Chior by Nixon
2 -Moody (Original Mix) by Alex Index
3 -Funk to the Brain (Marten Horger Remix) by Vanilla Ace, Cosella
4 -Only (Original Mix) by Evil Nine
5 -Everything Change (Evil Nine Remix) by Ink Project
6 -No Name (Original Mix) by T.R.O.
7- Jaco Garner – Loud MF (CLB Remix)
8 -Iaeatd (Original Mix) by Hervé, Taiki Nulight
9- 1, 2, 3, 4 (Original Mix) by Pelikann
10 -Fearless Hyena (Original Mix) by Mechanical Pressure
11 – 6 million Ways by BassDrop
12- Digital Breaks (Original mix) by Fabric
13- Further (Original Mix) by Daze Prism
14- Aups (Original Mix) by Yo Speed
15- Move (Ahee Remix) by Featurecast
16 -Under the Lights (Original Mix) by Stanton Warriors, Hybrid Theory
17 -Ready For This by Smash HiFi
18 -Lose Control (Guau Remix) by Arsa Ketoma
19 -Brighta Dayz by DJ Bark Lee
20 -Tether (Original Mix) by Urbani
21 -Back to be mine (Sketi Remix) by Outer Kid



Frequency FX – MXTP 2K17



It’s always good to receive mixes from people from around the world who want to be posted up on Breakzlinkz. This is one such mix from Frequency FX, no superstar DJ but a DJ who can mix it up with the best with some great and well thought out tunes of the Bass & Breakbeat kind.

If you would like your mix featured on the pages of Breakzlkinkz get in contact with me HERE. Make sure to include some artwork (if you can), a tracklist and of course a download link.






1- Thriller – Ricin
2- I See you Baby – Groove Armada
3- Life – Crawford
4- Lies (Aloka remix) – Left right, JACQ
5- Badboy Sounds – Pelikann
6- Jungle thing – Mi Mack
7- Taking Me – Cellardore x Moad
8- Ku – Yo Speed
9- Wid it – Sketi
10 -Born to Bounce – Dusty Bits
11- Let me In – Breaksmafia
12- Shake that jazz – Colombo
13-Sun comes down – MutantBreakz , Yo Speedy
14-Trece – Guau
15-Hankook – Clowns (rerub)
16-Bass is Kicking – Aggresivnes
17-Get ya head – B-Phreak & Phillu Bunt
18-Get Low(infrakt remix) – Stanton Warriors & Tony quattro
19-Baby Baby – (phat kidz mix) – Tropkillaz
20-Ass clap – Deekline, Peep this
21- Ja Rasta – Michaels Sparks
22-Hypnotic Eyez – Freestylers
23-Sweets from heaven(Kid kenobi Remix) – Pirate jams
24-Humannation(Quadrabeat remix)- Perfect kombo , Dee
25-Break The Cycle – Hoffman