Freddy J – Emengy Podcast 065



Freddy J drops everything into this high quality mix for the Emengy Crew in Canada and their Emengy Podcast. From Glitch Hop to Funk to 4 on the floor and a bit of everything else, tasteful music to get your New Years started in the right way.







Freddy J – LIVE @ Wicked Woods 2016



Starting of with some cranking House tunes then heading onto the more well known artists of Breaks music Freddy J controls the crowd with a LIVE recording of his set from Wicked Woods 2016 a 3 day festival located near Kimberley, British Columbia.

For a more in depth review of Wicked Wood Festival 2016 head on over to their website:







Execute – Roller
Rescue -In The Lab
DJ Dan – Make Ya Freak (David Jones Remix)
Mike Dunn, MNEK, Jax Jones – House Work (Extended Mix)
Lee Cabrera – Shake It (Antonio Giacca Remix)
Deekline, Specimen A – Rubi Dan (Ra Ra Ra House Mix)
Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (Styline Remix)(FJ Edit)
Kuplay – Back to the old school
Yo Speed – Real Man (Perfect Kombo Remix)
Illegal Content – Iron Man
Illegal Content – Alone
Common Underground – 27 Calibre
Krafty Kuts – Hustle (FJ Edit)
Brain Killer Remix – Work It (FJ Edit)
Yo Speed – Look Into Your Eyes (FJ Edit)
Zier – Shuffle On (FJ Edit)
Quadrat Beat – Chasing Stars (Kid Panel Remix)(FJ Edit)
Hanook – Typhon (BlackList remix)(FJ Edit)
Alok & Liu – Bolum Back (FJ Edit)
Save The Rave – Fuck Yeah
JDOUBLE – Shake That
Bubble Couple – How We Do It
Stex – Cmon Baby (Funky Break Mix)
Dansson & Marlon – Shake That (Styline) (FJ Edit)
Le Babar – Feel The Groove (Rescue Remix)
Major Lazer – Too Original (Qdup Re-Rub)








Freddy J – Shambhala Mix 2015

Freddy J - Shambhala Mix 2015


Yep another Shambhala mix this time from a long performing artist at Shambhala, Freddy J.

” From the bottom of my heart I present my 2015 Shambhala Mix. I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I have enjoyed creating it. Thank you for allowing such a great space to share my energy and music with you. My gratitude runs deep. Big thanks to everyone for all their support and love. Team Fractal. great job this year, the forest looked amazing. And to the Man Rich-E-Rich for his amazing vision to create the space that is the Fractal.

Much Love and keep those feet dancing. “

– Freddy J





1. Freddy J – Shambhala Intro
2. Cheshire – More Good Times (Synergy Remix)
3. Funk Ferret – Don’t Stop
4. Freddy J – Funkin’ Around Feat. KarmaInColor (Forthcoming On Broken Monster)
5. Funk Ferret – Give It Up
6. Dub Pistols Feat. Seanie Tee – Pistoleros (WBBL Remix)
7. Freddy J – Like We Do Feat. Mc Equality & Koala D (Original) (Forthcoming On Broken Monster)
8. Funk Ferret – Keep it Real
9. Freddy J – As We Cut It Funky (Original Mix) (Forthcoming On Broken Monster)
10. Father Funk – Filthy (FJ Edit)
11. Stex – AhAhEhEh (Old School Funky Mix)
12. Baby Laser Love feat. Ms.G – Basement Freaks Remix
13. Pharmacy Of Sound – FKN Problem Is (2009/FreddyJ Edit)
14. Belocca & Matthew Codec – This Is How It Rolls (FJ Edit)
15. Troy Dark – Slow And Low (FJ Edit)
16. Warren G – Regulate (Destructo & Wax Motif Remix) (FJ Edit)
17. Andruss – Going Down
18. Geon – Caronte (Colombo Remix)(Freddy J & Donald Bump Lady Madonna Mash Up)
19. Late Night Hustle – Rock The Party (FJ Edit)
20. The Beatgangers – Get Up Everybody
21. Geisha Twins – Dolla Dolla (Kreaps Funk Steppin Groove) (FJ Edit)
22. Guts – And the living A’int easy (4mat remix)
23. Morne – I Am (Slade Templeton Remix)(Freddy J & Donald Bump Kururpt Gets 24. Funky Town Mash)
24. Mutant Breaks – Boom (FJ Edit)
25. Vertikal – Ghetto Girls (V.Aparicio Remix)(FJ Edit)
26. Stanton Warriors Vs. Freestylers – Push Seve (Donald Bump Mash)
27. Kid Panel – Sounds So Good
28. Rico Tubbs & Infekto Feat. Steppa Style – We Enter
29. Fort Knox Five – Keep It Poppin Feat. Mustafa Akbar (Wes SMith Remix)
30. Highspeed Lullaby – Left/Right Remix (FJ Edit)
31. King Fisha – Looking Glass (Ed Solo Remix)
32. Elle The Pocket Belles – Swinging Together (Odjbox Remix) (FJ Edit)
33. See I – Never Give Up (Thunderball Remix)
34. Tom Petty – Mary Janes Last Dance (4mat DnB Remix)
35. Noosa – Walk On By (Sound Remedy Remix) (FJ Edit)



Freddy J – SMF 2015 Mix Series 011

Freddy J - SMF 2015 Mix Series 011


Fractal Forest resident Freddy-J has been holding it down with us at Shambhala for 7 years, also volunteering each year with Team Fractal. He’s put together this mix of funky breakbeat heaviness for our mix series.

Check out an interview with Freddy J here:

Catch him in the Fractal Forest this year at Shambhala 2015, late Friday night / early Saturday morning 5:30-7:00AM





R@s Music – Strait Ballin
Funk Ferret – Cash Money
Fort Knox Five – Pressurize The Cabin Feat. Vokab Company
Funkanomics – Linda And The Funky Boys
CMC & Silenta, The Funk Hunters – Shock Rollin feat. SeeI
Electro Funk Machine – Don’t Stop
Funk Ferret – So Damn Hot
The Noisy Freaks & J.A.C.K – We Are The Ones
Jem Stone & Fox Cheek – Lick The Spoon (Funkanomics Remix)
Cut La Roc – Can You Handle It (Father Funk Remix)
Luniz – I Got 5 (Basement Freaks vs Xchong Edit)
Thomas Vent – The Performer
FREDDY J – Like We Do *Forthcoming on Broken Monster Records*
Howla – Silent River ft. Jesse Royal
Phibes – Party Funkin Animal
Beatslappaz – Big Booty Funk (DFunk Remix)
SkiiTour – Doing it Right (Dj Wood Remix)
Sugar Punch – Scenic Route
Cheshire – More Good Times (Synergy Remix)
Mochipet – Vnex (The Polish Ambassador Remix)
Coco – OT Genasis (Bot &Ghengis Clan Rework)
Jurassik – Burning
Dual Base – My Drug (Kwerk Remix)
Juztapose – Switch Off (Kwerk Remix)