Firestar Soundsystem – Firetraxxx Radio June 2018



Firestar Soundsystem have cooked up an hours long mix for their monthly Firetraxxx Radio Show, with a few new tunes from them and a selection of artists across the globe. Tons of new and exclusive material in this one.







1.Firestar Soundsystem – Eastern Nights
2.Kenna – Chains (Machines Don’t Care Remix)
3.Busta Rhymes – Dangerous (StunBreaks Remix)
4.Shade K – Jumpin
5.Miss Mants – Take Back (Adrenalinez Remix)
6.3D Stas – Industria Psychika (Obscene Frequenzy Remix)
7.Stonewash & Zavhoz Djs – Night Hunter
8.Blakjak & United States Beat Squad – Fire
9.Birthdayy Partyy Feat. Raddix – Confess
10.MIAU & Pinguino – Boogie
11.Pegboard Nerds – Swamp Thing (Checkmate Remix)
12.Flatmate – Waves (Hot Goods Remix)
13.Firestar Soundsystem – Way Too Hot (Breaks VIP)
14.RL Grime Feat. Big Sean – Kingpin (Norbak Remix)
15.Florence – You’ve Got The Love (Bubble Couple Remix)
16.Chris Royal – Recoil
17.LO’FLY & Pavones – Trapper
18.Shade K – Fat Boy
19.NoxCode – Funk Da Crime



Firestar Soundsystem – Firetraxxx Radio May 2018 (Outselect Guest Mix)



Firestar Soundsystem for the month of May present their Firetraxxx Radio Podcast with a ton of brand new tracks and that ever loving base of breakbeat. With a huge guest mix from Russia’s Outselect to follow Firestar Soundsystem drop a great new show.







01.Firestar Soundsystem – Neck Breakin [Forthcoming on Distorsion Records]
02.Stanton Warriors – Pop Ya Cork VIP
03.Tommie Sunshine & Crunk – Bang Boom (Stunbreaks Remix)
04.Yaeji – Raingurl (Beatslappaz Remix)
05.Jayceeoh x Clips & Ahoy – Dancing On My Wrist (Citriq Lines Remix)
06.Lo-Ki – Green Screen (Firestar Soundsystem Remix)
07.Yo Speed Feat. Javo Scratch – Classic
08.Cardi B – Bartier (Josh B Remix)
09.Bombo Rosa – Rocinha
10.Firestar Soundsystem – Bass Levelz [Forthcoming on Distorsion Records]

Outselect Guest Mix

11.Outselect – Lil King
12.Murix – Generous (Yo Speed Remix)
13.Outselect – This Is Dub
14.Stanton Warriors – Pop Ya Cork VIP
15.Outselect – Positive Vibe (VIP Mix)
16.Riddim Commission – Battle (Cause & Affect VIP Remix / Iva Edit)
17.Outselect – Take Me Higher
18.Crawford – Life
19.Plastry – Into U
20.Detsl aka Le Truk – Favela Funk (Outselect Remix)




Firestar Soundsystem – Firetraxxx Radio February 2018 (Eztereo Guest Mix)



Spain’s Eztereo is this months guest DJ for the Firetraxxx Radio Podcast hosted by Firestar Soundsystem. An hours worth of Breakbeat goodness with that low down bass that we all love. Show your support by hitting that like button and grabbing a FREE download.






Firestar Soundsystem Tracklist

1 Fatboy Slim – Right Here Right Now (DM Remix)
2 Bro Safari – Follow (Pepe Mineiro Kimboy Remix)
3 Notorious BIG – Hypnotize (Dj Hood Remix)
4 Zero – Run & Hide (Spectrum Remix)
Yo Speed – Murder
SKETI – Thinkin Bout You
2timesdope-music – Git Down
8 Bombo Rosa – Doors
Mikey B – Emotion
10. DeiBeat – The Horn

Eztereo Guest Mix

1 K4DJ – Work Keep (Eztereo remix) Intro edit
2 ¿ID?… (Eztereo remix) [Out soon]
3 Yo Speed – Murder (Original Mix)
Hankook Official – Magic Beat (Original Mix)
BBKMaster & Disaster – Dirty Words (Arsa Ketoma Remix)
6 Eztereo – Move On (original mix) [OUT] 26/02/2018
7 Eztereo – Body & Soul (original mix)
8 Eztereo – No Good (original mix)
The Brainkiller – Distorted Chords (Eztereo remix)
10 Firestar Soundsystem – Savages (Eztereo remix) 1
MURIX – Under (Eztereo remix)




Firestar Soundsystem – Firetraxxx Radio December 2017 (Breaksmafia Guest Mix)



For the December 2017 edition of Firetraxx Radio hosts Firestar Soundsystem have managed to get an exclusive mix from Spain’s king of Breaks, Breaksmafia. Breaksmafia consist of members DJ Rasco, Perfect Kombo and Wdj and are known for their high energy DJ mixes and live performances. A great way to finish off the year for Firetraxx Radio.







Firestar Soundsystem – Firetraxxx Radio October 2017 (Kaleidoscope Music Showcase)



Kaleidoscope Music are celebrating their 100th release ! This US breaks label is one of the biggest and longest lasting Breaks labels in America, within this Kaleidoscope Music Showcase mix you can hear tunes from DJ Huda Hudia, Dj Volume, DJ Sweet Charlie, Si-Dog, Freq Boutique, SUNSHA and tons more! All mixed tightly mixed together by Firestar Soundsystem for their October edition of Firetraxxx Radio.

You can also purchase Kaleidoscope Music’s 100th release via Beatport, 40 tracks all new and old.








1. Skeptik & DJ Huda Hudia – Fingers To The Sky
2. Freq Boutique – Hear Dat
3. Anna Surento & Evan Gamble Lewis – Fall With You
4. Huda Hudia & Tiamo – I Need The Bass (Hooyeah Remix)
5. Tommy Who – With You
6. Dj Volume & Huda Hudia – Get Down (DJ Sweet Charlie Remix)
7. Sweet Charlie – Your Love
8. Dj Self, HiTek & Migel – Same Color
9. Prizm – Check This Out
10. DJ 8.1.8 – The Get Down
11. Hua Hudia – El Festival
12. DJ Wednesday & Huda Hudia – Running Scared (J-ROK Remix)
13. Huda Hudia – Turn Me Up (Dj BennyStylez Remix)
14. Alekay & Motive – You Don’t Know Me
15. Huda Hudia – On The Dancefloor (DJ TOOLTIME Remix)
16. DJ 818 – @Midnight
17. Dj Volume – Bounce Across The Globe
18. Freq Boutique & SUNSHA – Down Down
19. Huda Hudia & Sweet Charlie – Party People (Dj Breeze Remix)