Durilliam – Breakbeat Paradise Power Hour – Episode 38



The Breakbeat Paradise Power Hour Show guest mix from the month of August is Canadian based DJ Durilliam who makes his second appearance on the show with a packed filled mix that’s just as funky as last time.

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1. Dub Revolution (Omegaman Remix)
2. Basement Freaks – Gotta Make Me A Gun
3. Funky Street (Odjbox Remix)
4. Stylus Beats – Rick James Ft Emotionz
5. Beat Fatigue – Synthesized Coitus
6. Timewarp INC – Dop Smoker (Basement Freaks Remix)
7. Basement Freaks – Urban Junkie (Timewarp INC Remix)
8. Copycat – Baddest DJ (AGFA Remix)
9. FunkMoguls – Here Come The Funksteppers
10. Morlack – Antics
11. Morlack – Time (Jayl Funk Round 1 Remix)
12. Funk Efemdzemov – Get Up And Dance
13. Broke (Valique Boogie Tech Remix)
14. Funky Destination – Vintage Satisfaction
15.Bruno Borlone, Boogie Mike – Brick House
16. Tom Drummond & Philly Blunt – Drop The Chalupa
17. Funky Destination – Such A Good Feeling
18. Disk Nation – Boogie Filtered
19. X-Rated Holiday ( DJ Angelo & Basement Freaks Mush Up)
20. Tricka Technology (Ed Funk Dub)
21. Jem Stone – Flunk Hits The Flan
22. Pecoe – Sure Is Funky (BBP Free Power Hour Download)



Durilliam – Horn Jive Mix

Durilliam - Horn Jive Mix


Some serious Bassed out Glitch and Funk going on in this mix, mid tempo and quickly mixed making this one interesting mix for all, thanks Durilliam.