Durilliam – Breakbeat Paradise Power Hour – Episode 38



The Breakbeat Paradise Power Hour Show guest mix from the month of August is Canadian based DJ Durilliam who makes his second appearance on the show with a packed filled mix that’s just as funky as last time.

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1. Dub Revolution (Omegaman Remix)
2. Basement Freaks – Gotta Make Me A Gun
3. Funky Street (Odjbox Remix)
4. Stylus Beats – Rick James Ft Emotionz
5. Beat Fatigue – Synthesized Coitus
6. Timewarp INC – Dop Smoker (Basement Freaks Remix)
7. Basement Freaks – Urban Junkie (Timewarp INC Remix)
8. Copycat – Baddest DJ (AGFA Remix)
9. FunkMoguls – Here Come The Funksteppers
10. Morlack – Antics
11. Morlack – Time (Jayl Funk Round 1 Remix)
12. Funk Efemdzemov – Get Up And Dance
13. Broke (Valique Boogie Tech Remix)
14. Funky Destination – Vintage Satisfaction
15.Bruno Borlone, Boogie Mike – Brick House
16. Tom Drummond & Philly Blunt – Drop The Chalupa
17. Funky Destination – Such A Good Feeling
18. Disk Nation – Boogie Filtered
19. X-Rated Holiday ( DJ Angelo & Basement Freaks Mush Up)
20. Tricka Technology (Ed Funk Dub)
21. Jem Stone – Flunk Hits The Flan
22. Pecoe – Sure Is Funky (BBP Free Power Hour Download)



Durilliam – Bass Bound N Down – 2018 Festival Promo



Starting off this mix with some funky Glitch Hop Durilliam sets the tone for some peak time festival madness showing his style as a DJ with some flawless mixing and great tune selection. Finishing off the set Durilliam moves onto the ever popular Bass House vibe raising the tempo to get you into a dance floor frenzy.






Durilliam – Breakbeat Paradise Presents : Deep Fried Funk Episode 3

Durilliam - Breakbeat Paradise Presents Deep Fried Funk Episode 3


Durilliam delivers some funky stuff in this his guest mix for the label Breakbeat Paradise and their Deep Fried Funk Show hosted by Aliens In Denmark. You can catch the Deep Fried Funk Show through NSB Radio every 2nd Saturday of Each month. This mix is 10 on the funky richter scale !







Durilliam – Horn Jive Mix

Durilliam - Horn Jive Mix


Some serious Bassed out Glitch and Funk going on in this mix, mid tempo and quickly mixed making this one interesting mix for all, thanks Durilliam.