Peaceful – Quasar



I guess Peaceful has his or hers own mixing style and selection of broken beat music but still i enjoy listening to the some what weird collection of beats and nothing changes in this his newest addition to his Soundcloud, “Quasar”. Just a reminder you can now download all of Peaceful’s mixes.






2) [02:25] Senkya- LONELINESS
3) [04:54] Ultima Aevum- a lamenting darkness is approaching…
4) [05:14] Aesaph- Victory [The Games We Play]
5) [07:37] Aurora BPolaris- SCXRED [Aurora B.Polaris Records]
6) [11:43] ANGEL CANNON- R E M E D Y
7) [14:54] Melodinumbra- Future
8) [17:12] Sibewest & Ytho- Energy [IMMINENT CYBERCORPORATION]
9) [19:42] Djedi & Mannequin- What You Wanted []
10) [22:20] ???- The Beginning
11) [23:58] hades- you. [MurkOOt]
12) [26:10] Smokedfilleddream- Momentum [Interval Audio]
13) [28:26] Deilax- Exaltation [The Games We Play]
14) [31:06] Falldren- Shatter [CYBERVERSE]
15) [32:30] WHITEHOT- Phase Shift
16) [36:02] HOPEX- Lucifer [BrednButter]
17) [38:20] SIDÆ- ANOTHVR DAY
18) [40:49] Affectwave- You Wont Be Alone
19) [43:19] Sweeper- Laminar Flow [Lowly]
20) [45:21] hyperforms & Antent- FIND ME [Trap City]
21) [47:25] Casper Swix 日没 – 何もない
22) [49:05] PURITY- GRADIENT
23) [52:10] WEVLTH- Secrets [Interval Audio]
24) [54:41] RaijuN- Eternal Existence [BrednButter]
25) [56:36] Lorta- ID (Unreleased)
26) [1:00:04] Essenger- Plague Doctor [FiXT Neon]
27) [1:02:49] iSorin- Vital [Liquid Ritual]
28) [1:06:02] Extinctxc- Century Lines
29) [1:07:33] Nightfall Heroes- Terminus
30) [1:10:41] VAVA DOOM- SOUL. [Space Arp Records]



Peaceful – Halcyon X



DJ Peaceful always picks the tracks i wouldn’t, still that’s not to say the music is crap. I think near on every month DJ Peaceful puts out a broken beat mixtape, not your usual breaks type of stuff but still worth a listen none the less. You can grab this mix and his previous ones now as a free download just follow the Soundcloud widget.






1) Alien- A Word of Warning
2) Ennja- Sleepless
3) D$T- I Know You Gonna Miss Me
4) iwilldiehere- luna
5) Kim & Affectwave- To Leave You [The Games We Play]
6) DYZPHORIA & Sweeper- Onward [Lowly]
7) nobodyinfact- deadline
8) Sublab- HYPER FOCUS
9) Juche- About Us
10) iSorin- Xenon
11) shxpe- fly away
12) Arrested Youth- Mirrors (Juelz Remix)[Lowly]
13) Coastal- Here We Go [YANA Music]
14) Sub Focus & Wilkinson- Illuminate [EMI]
15) Camo Krooked Ft. Metrik- Aurora [Hospital Records]
16) Flowidus- Shelter [Elevate Records UK]
17) Nic ZigZag & Nelver- Olimpic [RAM Records]
18) Reaper- Barricade (Justin Hawkes Remix)[Monstercat]
19) hidden jayeem- Nowhere To Go
20) NuGravity- WaveRunner [The Games We Play]
21) dxxdly with LAVA- Nox
22) Ennja- See You
23) ΉYDЯӨ- Survive [Sekai Collective]
24) goldy47- antihero
25) Deadcrow- Unity [Terrorhythm Recordings]
26) nobodyinfact- Monotony [onionwave]
27) TIMBVR with marzy- Drown
28) REMNANT.exe- Between Us []
29) Watergate- Heart Of Asia (Logik X Bøe Flip)
30) Kim & Affectwave- Undercover (TEARZ Remix)
31) KEIDEN x Adro x John Kroon- Still Alive [Electronic Records]



Peaceful – Jam’phibious



Peaceful is back with his special take on the broken beat genre playing some beautiful soundscapes of music and mixing tracks more on the electronic side of things. From future bass to glitch hop to drum and bass, another nice mix set to listen too from Peaceful. Note: All of Peaceful’s mixes are now downloadable.






1) Everous- Orchid [Human Error]
2) Nastya Kazantseva- Midnight [Mediocrity Records]
3) Sixzd.wave- Awake
4) STONEMIST x Memphis.- Deity
5) Antent x Affectwave- Far Away From Me [The Games We Play]
6) Chaøs- Ice
8) Juche- For The People []
9) B3LLA- Sleepwalker [Tribal Trap]
10) Resonata- Oathbreaker (SBU Remix)[Sekai Collective]
11) Unnholy- Gen_ii
12) Sibewest- Believe
13) Ennja- Reload
15) ZAYN- Like I Would (Nakhu Remix)[Trapical Music]
16) LYFTD- Give It To Ya
17) Rogue- Let’s Talk [Monstercat]
18) B3LLA & xChenda- Bring Me Down [Seeking Blue Records]
19) Metrik- Dying Light [Hospital Records]
20) Flowidus Ft. Tiki Taane- Horizons VIP [Flowtone Records]
21) Culture Shock- Visions [RAM Records]
22) Metrik- Parallel [Hospital Records]
23) Despotem- Where U Are [Magic Records]
24) Gryffin, Seven Lions Ft. Noah Kahan- Need Your Love (Juelz Remix)[Interscope Records]
25) Au5 & Prismatic & TruFeelz- Resistance [Disciple Round Table]
26) Altare- Shift [Sekai Collective]
27) FSJ Ft. Tara Louise- Nightmare [Simplify.]



DJ Peaceful – Elixir



Gaining a steady following over the last few years DJ Peaceful has just dropped a new mix of the broken beat kind. Bit of everything in this one from Dubstep to Glitch Hop to Drum & Bass, pity DJ Peaceful never puts them up with a free download 🙁






1) Protostar- /init.seq> [Monstercat]
2) BlazinG- Night Drive
3) ASTRØWILK x Nine Seven- Anubis [LE Distribution]
4) Nvrluv x Unnholy- Unity
5) 6ix9nine- Gummo (Willix w/misvto Remix)
6) ISorin- Nucleus [Liquid Ritual]
7) Da Vosk Docta- Struktura Kryształu [LE Distribution]
8) Egzod Ft. Wasiu- Lone Wolf [Lowly]
9) Arcando & Roses Ft. Park Avenue- Rebel [Future Generation]
10) I- I Love You, See You Soon [Synesthesia]
11) Verasect- Catch Your Breath (Øfdream Remix)[Terminal Blue]
12) Phutureprimitive- Flow [Native Harmonix]
13) lostageless- Horizon [891923 Recordings DK]
14) w/out- The Way She Feels [Sekai Collective]
15) IYFFE- Dance With Me [Uprise Music]
16) Kasger x MELURAN- Get Me High [High Tea Music]
17) Culture Shock- Renaissance [RAM Records]
18) Crissy Criss Ft. 5572- Kiss The Sky [War On Silence]
19) OW3S- 08:15
20) Chase & Status Ft. Cocoa Tea- Burning [Virgin EMI]
21) Yankee- Want Your Soul [Distorsion Records]
22) Brad Pitt- 8 Rules Of Fight Club
23) Flip5ide & Bangor- Pull Up! (Detach Remix)[Break-Box]
24) ElectroGorilla- Let Your Body Rock (No Rap Version)[Future Funk]
25) Karton Ft. Chanel Cole- Chase It High [Klub Kids]