DJ Peaceful – Motion Tropics



Who is DJ Peaceful ? This mysterious character has a huge following on Soundcloud and puts up a new broken beat mix basically every 2 months. But alas the DJ mixes are never available as a direct FREE download but i’m sure with all the Soundcloud downloader websites you can fix that 😉 At least a tracklist is given ….






1) The Brainkiller- Psicodelia [Musication Records]
2) Mossy- Warpaint
3) Warson X DJ SL- Hubble
4) Lazer Way Ft. Hatsune Miku- 壊れた [Future Bass Records]
5) Thomas Vent Ft. DropStarz & Mary Tales- Drop-N-Tha House [Adapted Records]
6) Two Friends Ft. Cosmos & Creature- Out Of Love (Egzod Remix)[Spinnin’ Records]
7) Cursor- Overload
8) Umpire Ft. Cali- All The Things [Circus Records]
9) Whethan Ft. Flux Pavillion & MAX- Savage (ILLUSTRATED Remix)
10) Fabian Mazur- Sun Goes Down [Lowly Palace]
11) Boombox Cartel Ft. Ian Everson- B2U [FRNT Music]
12) HYPRESSION- Rebound [Sola]
13) Sefaro & Cubed- High Beam [Dreamscape]
14) THEY.- Deep End (Tarro Remix)[Mind Of A Genius Records]
15) Dimension- Generator [Drum & Bass Arena]
16) Indivision- Gladio [Fat Tape Records]
17) OneBYone- Make You Feel Good
18) Silence Groove- Shift [Fokuz Recordings]
19) Serum, Paul T & Edward Oberon- Take My Breath Away [V Recordings]
20) Black Sun Empire Ft. Belle Doron- Immersion [Blackout Music NL]
21) Firestar Soundsystem- Dat Booty (Yo Speed Remix)[Distorsion Records]
22) Bob Sinclar- Someone Who Needs Me (Suga7 Remix)[Wasted Recordings]
23) Marten Horger Ft. Eva Lazarus- Deeper Down (KWeRK ReWerk)
24) PNAU- Chameleon (Beatslappaz Remix)
25) Yankee- I’m Sure [Distorsion Records]
26) Megan Hamilton & The Bermudas- Strawberry Bubblefunk
27) CMC-Silenta Ft. Timothy Wisdom, Busta & Peace One- System We Burn [Roca Records]
28) Amadioo- About Time [NOIZE]
29) Obi- FB Drops [NODUSK]


30) Fyze- This Place
31) Synkro Ft. Robert Manos- Shoreline [Apollo Belgium]
32) Deadcrow- Nowhere, Everywhere [Terrorhythm Recordings]
33) Spoken Bird- Infinite Cycles [Swamp Music]
34) Ship Wrek, Zookeepers, Trauzers- Vessel [NCS]
35) Bera- Untouchable (DAMSTERAM & JRND Remix)[Dim Mak Records]
36) Wilkinson- Wash Away [Virgin]
37) Sigala, KATO Ft. Hailee Steinfeld- Show You Love (Thomas Gold Remix)[Positiva]
38) Noel Sanger, Mezo- Believed In You (Mizar B Dub Remix)[Silk Music]




DJ Peaceful – Decipher Funk



With such an eclectic taste in music the mysterious DJ Peaceful once again delivers a top new mix of everything broken beat. Why the comments are disabled and downloads are never available is very strange indeed, still DJ Peaceful has a high amount of plays minus all the spam followers for every mix he uploads plus his mixes are always top notch and well worth a listen !






1) Wu Wei- Glimmers [Glitch Hop Community]
2) Opia- YDU (BKAYE Remix)
3) FURY- Helix
4) Music Predators- I Want The Feel [Bromteck Records]
5) Ed Sheeran- Shape Of You (Jupe x Awoltalk Remix)
6) Wooli x B-Sides x Jantsen- Give It Up [Elysian Records]
7) Blaine Stranger- I See The End [Viper Recordings]
8) XYLØ- Get Closer [Disruptor Records]
9) Devin Kroes- Heartbeat (Mystral Remix)[Sacred Technology]
10) Silence Groove- Angelic [Offworld Recordings]
11) Syntax Error- Infinite
12) Sigala Ft. John Newman & Nile Rodgers- Give Me Your Love (Andy C Remix)[RAM Records]
13) PhaseOne- Broken Chains [Disciple]
14) 8Er$- Hybrid Shit [Chateau Bruyant Records]
15) Wes Smith- That Funky Disco (DJ Fixx Remix)[Juice Recordings]
16) Detach- Get Your Name (Cyrax & Sektor Remix)[Distorsion Records]
17) ilLegal Content- Show Me How Funky [Elektroshok Records]
18) Feint- Arrowhead [541]
19) Of The Trees & Cristina Soto- Heavy [Gravitas Recordings]
20) STéLOUSE Ft. Brave- Lovers (Moonbeat Remix)[Casablanca Records]
21) Klimeks- Icebird
22) WILD- Where Love Lives (ILLUSTRATED Remix)
23) Chaotix Ft. StewboaT- Indigo [Easy Summer Limited]
25) FTampa- Strike It Up (Iccarus Remix)
26) Purple Hex Beats- Alone Again
27) Loadstar- I Need The Night [RAM Records]
28) Au5- Elemental [Splice Sounds]
29) Digital Department, Dan K, Elvenfox Ft. Jay Furze- Wasted Away (Under This remix)[Rune Recordings]




DJ Peaceful – Nexus Origin

DJ Peaceful - Nexus Origin



DJ Peaceful has put up quite a few good mixes of the “Broken Beat” kind over the past few years. His newest mix “Nexus Origin” was just posted up on Soundcloud and has a variety of Breakbeat music through out, why he doesn’t allow comments and downloads on the mixes i’m not too sure. Kind of defeats the purpose really, still he does get a lot listens.







1) Hybrid- Will He Let You Down [Atlantic Screen Music]
2) Jenaux- Get It On
3) Ocular- Stay [Daruma Direct]
4) Bassnectar & The Glitch Mob- Paracosm [Amorphous Music]
5) Delhi 2 Dublin- Voodoo Selekta (David Starfire Remix)[Westwood Recordings]
6) Auvic- Inner Madness
7) DM- Stay [Selecta Breaks Records]
8) Corporate- T17 [Play Me Records]
9) DJ 33 Ft. BBK- Give It All [Ravesta Records]
10) Mariion Christiian- Star Tipping (Couloir Remix)[Del Sol Music]
11) Turntable Dubbers Ft. Doctor- Be There For You (T & Sugah Remix)[Nice Up!]
12) Wide Awake Ft. Jacob Banks- Love Me (Crissy Criss Remix)[Carrot Gang]
13) High Performance- White Stripe [Simplify Recordings]
14) Sigala Ft. Imani & DJ Fresh- Say You Do (Kove Remix)[Ministry Of Sound]
15) PlayfulFingers Ft. Budzza- Desolation [Abstrasension Records]
16) The Funk Fury Ft. DB- Memories [BBZ]
17) Omauha- Thor’s Well
18) Maksim Palmaxs Ft. Anya Hibental- Like A Bird [Morphosis Limited]
19) Michael Retouch- Electrosonic [Magic Trance]
20) Mimi Page- Healing The Trauma
21) Robert Duncan- Fired Up (FUME Bootleg Rework)
22) The Funk Hunters & Chali 2na Ft. Tom Thum- Word To Spread [Westwood Recordings]
23) Seven Lions Ft. Vök- Creation (Sunday Service Remix)[Casablanca Records]
24) CloZee- Anticlimax (Spoken Bird Remix)[Gravitas Recordings]
25) Delta Heavy- White Flag VIP [RAM Records]
26) DM Galaxy Ft. Q’AILA- Our Weapons








DJ Peaceful – Walks Of Life

DJ Peaceful - Walks Of Life


Nice collection of Beats, Breaks, Jungle and music in this new mix from DJ Peaceful. Celebrating all walks of life this is a great mix and like life itself sending you on an epic journey till the very end.





1) Edo Van Breemen- On My Way Back [Nettwerk]
2) Bryan Cranston- Ozymandias
3) Cryptex- The Fall [Orphic Recordings]
4) Niteppl- Meat Grinder [POPGANG Records]
5) Rob Gasser- MOVE
6) Sigma- Running [3beat Records]
7) Otter- What U Know? [Genuine Dj Debbie D Records]
8) Rick Tedesco- Sleepers (FM-3 Remix)[Base Industry Records]
9) E-Lab Rat- Uplifting Tip (DJ Nefti Remix)[Warehouse Wax Digital]
10) Brox Bit- Free Freedom [RkDeepLove Records]
11) MDK- Waves [Welcome Music]
12) Ruslan-Set Ft. Eva Kade- The Purity Of Chimera (Chiba Dub Mix)[Moonbeam Digital]
13) Artem Beimler- My Universe [Red Rose Sounds]
14) Yankee & Citybox- Come With Me [Distorsion Records]
15) Drumsound & Bassline Smith- I Need Somebody [Technique]
16) LoKo & Chords- Diamond Light [RAM Records]
17) DC Breaks Ft. Dave Gibson- Breathe (Adam F Remix)[RAM Records]
18) Gavin G- Where This Love [Future Breakz]
19) Intergalactic Lovers- Fade Away (Sikey Remix)
20) Delta Heavy- Punish My Love (Delta Heavy 174 Mix)[RAM Records]
21) David Hasselhoff- True Survivor (Champion Bootleg)
22) Audio Noir Ft. Jimmie Westwood- Far From Home (Airwave Remix)[Bonzai Progressive]
23) Superlifter- Lifted [Superlifter Records]
24) Abakus- Duotech (Secret Version)[Modus Recordings]
25) Tom Strobe Ft. 2Monk- I Can’t Find You [Chill Cake Recordings]
26) Dusky- Skin Deep (Global Communication Remix)[17 Steps]
27) Rachel Chontelle- Close (Broken Spectrum Reconstruction)[Sonic Heavy Records]
28) Phil Tangent- Affinity [RAM Records]