DJ Funknasty Presents The Funk of 40,000 Years



I don’t think funk music has been around for 40,000 years but none the less it’s the backbone in most of the music we hear today. DJ Funknasty (Funktiquities) bring us a new mix of funk party music for this time of year, the silly season. Laying on a foundation of funky music grab your free download now !






Thomas Vent – Rock That Funk
Dubra X Arteo – Get On Up
Anderson Paak – Dean Town Come Down (Jimi Needles Vulf.Paak Edit)
The Funk Hunters – Oh Shit
AfroQBen – Cafe Feat. Solomon Albert (Trotter Remix)
Gimme Shelter (The Phunk Junkies Remix)
Boombox – Shakedown Street (Budos nasty edit)
Michael Jackson – Thriller (Uncle Jams Groovestrumental Mix)
TWOGOOD – Harari – Party (TWOGOOD Edit)
Joker & Yo! Chilla – Flip Train
Stabfinger & K.D.S – Double Trouble
Otis Redding – Hard To Handle (Ronny Hammond’s Rock Dis Rework)
PulpFusion – Funk Never Sleeps (feat Morris Chestnut Lorenzo Medici – Jayl Funk remix)
Kibosh – Circus A – Go – Go
Alkalino – Day To Day