DJ Clairvo – Funk The World 49



Fort Knox Five present DJ Clairvo as the next guest to mix up everything that is funky, crossing all genres and BPM’s DJ Clairvo delivers a top notch mix for all you funky people out there.

I wish I had such a challenge like this more often… I tried to sum up everything I am into this mix: besides crafting a musical travel from 85 BPM to 130 BPM, through building up a curve of cumbia, glitch, ghetto, funk, nu-soul, nu-funk and breaks, I put a little bit of everything I’m usually entertaining my crowd with; like live-looping, fader-cutting, beat-stopping, echo-coloring, fake-scratching, groove-rolling, cue points-juggling and.. er, beat-mixing… 🙂 I have recorded this mix on Technics turntables and Pioneer DJM-700 mixer, using Rane Serato SL2 and Korg’s Nano Pad. If you want me to perform this very set or any of the musical section extended during your shows, feel free to book me – I’m spinning 5-6 hours just like that! Yet, mostly importantly, if you dig the music of this mix, then go support the independent musicians and producers of it, to help us grow music families like Fort Knox, so that we all can keep on delivering you the good music!” – DJ Clairvo






01. Mr. Bird – Sweet Cumbia
02. Waggles – Whip The Mic
03. Daytoner – Bebo Beat
04. Mister T. – The Magician
05. Dmb – Senil On (DJ Clairvo’s illegal mess up madness version)
06. DJ Clairvo – Sonido Latino
07. DJ Clairvo – Come, Be Ya
08. Connie Francis – Bossa Nova Hand Dance (Turnstyle remix)
09. Roast Beatz – Salsa Like That
10. Stickybuds – Crooked Politicians (Lack Jemmon remix)
11. The Darrow Chem Syndicate – The Circus Driven Thing (Lack Jemmon remix)
12. DJ Clairvo – Somerset Melodies
13. Beastie Boys – Body Movin’ (Hipsta Re-Funk)
14. Basement Freaks – Bring It Back (instrumental)
15. John Turrell – Won’t Get Fooled Again (Basement Freaks remix)
16. X-Ray Ted – Right On (Come Down edit)
17. Etta James – Fire (Pecoe Re-Funk)
18. The Darrow Chem Syndicate – The Impossible Spin (AGFA remix)
19. Barabass & The Happy Few – Lucca Rossi
20. Lack Jemmon – Freakin’ U
21. The Darrow Chem Syndicate – Take A Little Ford (Kid Panel remix)
22. Wubble U – Petal (Freestylers’ Top Rock remix)
23. Nappy Riddem – Rastaman



DJ Clairvo – Breakbeat Paradise Power Hour – Episode 24



On this Episode of the Breakbeat Paradise Power Hour we have DJ Clairvo of that Funky outfit Lack Jemmon mixing up a storm of Electronic Funk. You can also check out Lack Jemmon’s new 12″ vinyl release on BBP here:







01. Wrongtom meets The Ragga Twins – Illegal Gunshot
02. Flavours – Kick It
03. Freethinker Funk Essence – Walk In The Park (Funkanizer remix)
03. Wrongtom meets The Ragga Twins – Follow Fashion (acapella cuts)
04. Ordiman – Monday Session
05. BadboE & Prosper – Gimme What You Got
06. Lack Jemmon – Olly’s Heartbeat
07. Lack Jemmon – Uncle Funky
08. BadboE & Prosper – Get Your Boogie On
09. Lack Jemmon – Joan Jett feat. The Kurnel MC
10. BadboE & Prosper – How Funky Is Your Chicken
11. Lack Jemmon – Who’s Serious
12. Starship Strut (Lack Jemmon ext. remix)
12. Mystical Plants – Positivity (Lack Jemmon remix) (acapella cuts)
13. Groove Mind – My Funky Worm
14. Lack Jemmon – The Party Riddim
15. Lack Jemmon – Would You?