DJ Chronic – Breaks Of Unknown Volume 47



Having learn’t the trade of DJing at an early age DJ Chronic’s knowledge behind the decks shows through in this great new mix of upfront breaks and bass music. Always one to push forward the sound of breaks DJ Chronic is associated with various collectives in the USA and is a true enthusiast to the sounds of breakbeat. This new mix for Breaks Of Unknown takes us on a journey of breakbeat proportions and is an indicator of DJ Chronic’s mixing and music styling.






01. DJ Breeze – Don’t Fade Out (Original Mix)
02. Huda Hudia, DJ30A, Sweet Charlie – Take That (Original Mix)
03. K-Deejays – Party Plucks (Original Mix)
04. Mizzo – Rockin’ (Original Mix)
05. DJ Fixx – Girly Tune 2
06. DJ30A – Obsession (Original Mix)
07. Trap Money – DJ Fixx (Original Mix)
08. DJ Fixx – NBD (Original Mix)
09. Orelem & Solrac – Osiris (Original Mix)
10. Jim Funk, DJ30A – Party Police (Original Mix)
11. Huda Hudia – Engine #9 (Original Mix)
12. United States Beat Squad, Blakjak, Jim Funk – Swag (Original Mix)
13. DJ DIlect – The Biz (Original Mix)
14. Jhene’ Aiko – Sativa (DJ30A ReBoot)
15. Rozalla – Everybody’s Free (Lab3 & Ofay Reboot)
16. DJ Breeze – Toast To This (Original Mix)
17. Huda Hudia – Drop The Bass Now (Si-Dog Triple Dog Dare Remix)
18. Tedy Leon – Dominus (Original Mix)
19. Lady Luck, DJ30A – Rhythm Killa (Original Mix)
20. FM-3 – Holla (Hate N Beanz Remix)
21. Faydz, Retropolis – Not 1 DJ But 2 (Original Mix)
22. Give It To Em – Wes Smith (Original Mix)
23. Crank It Out – Wes Smith (Original Mix)



DJ Chronic – Get Funk’d! 4 The Ladies Volume 2



As DJ Chronic says, “this mix is for the ladies” ! With a whopping 5000 followers on his Soundcloud DJ Chronic drops a banger of a Breaks mix in the only way he knows how. Lots of new music and uplifting vibes expertly mixed to bring you a stormer of a dance music session.







Huda Hudia & Sweet Charlie & Blakjak & USBS – Where Is The Love (Original Mix)
Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On (feat. MØ) (Destilux Remix)
Shade K – Tryin’ Weed (Original Mix)
The Nymphobassiax & DJ Trashy & Ski Hi – Frequency Control (Original)
Mike G – No One Else (Original Mix)
Stanton Warriors x Red Polo – Yes, Yes I Still Love You Switch
& I Still Love Your Boots(Chronic Live MixMash)
DJ30A – Be The One (Original Mix)
Keith Mac Project – Now is the Time (Si-Dog Remix)
Stanton Warriors – Pop Ya Cork (VIP Mix)
Mike G – Get It (Original Mix)
Mike G – Beat Em Up (Original Mix)
Dirty Terrain – Future On Fire KillBeat (SP) Remix)
Shockillaz, Under This – Skydance (BETTER KICKS Remix)
Fragma, Johnny CaGe – Toca’s Miracle (Johnny CaGe Remix)
Under Break & Puo – Dreamworks (feat Puo)(Original Mix)

Special Thanx To Brown Foxx Breaks, Omega, Mike G, USBS,
Blakjak, B-Phreak & More.
Special Thanx To Johnny Cage, DJ Trashy, & The Entire NOLA Crew!

All Graphic Design Done By Jb Thomas Digital Design



DJ Chronic – Digital Underground Recoil



Dedicated to the passing of an old friend this week DJ Chronic pays tribute with a special edition of his Digital Underground series that he ended 3 years ago when his father passed away. This is a one off recoil edition of his Digital Underground mixes, enjoy 🙂







Deekline, Keith Mackenzie – Faith (Original Mix)
Shade K – Fat Boy (Original Mix)
MIAU – Hot Speed (Original Mix)
MIAU, Pingüino – Don’t Be Weak (Original Mix)
Selu Rodriguez – Kung-Fu (Original Mix)
Si-Dog, FM-3 – Turn It Up (Original Mix)
Yo Speed, Javo Scratch – Classic (feat. Javo Scratch) (Original Mix)
Blakjak, USBS – Joystick (Original Mix)
Dj 818 – Like This (Original Mix)
Blakjak, USBS – Fire (Original Mix)
Huda Hudia – Donald Bump (Original Mix)
Terrie Kynd – Gucci (Original Mix)
United States Beat Squad, Blakjak – Don’t Ya Want Me (Original Mix)
Mike G. – Innocent (Original Mix)
Paket – Justice (Original Mix)
Bubble Couple – Ñam Ñam (Original Mix)
Black Bass – The Perfect Dual (Original Mix)
Retropolis – Replayed (Dirty Mix)
Cro$$fader – DJ Fixx (Original Mix)


Mix art by JB Thomas Digital Design




Blazin Broz – MTG Linda B Breakbeat Show Exclusive Mix



DJ Chronic and Danks make up the duo that is Blazin Broz. Purveyors is every beat that is broken the Blazin Broz have dedicated their newest mix for a lost brother, Jim Landis. RIP Jim.

This mix is also a Monkey Tennis Group and Linda B exclusive with a lot of mighty Breaks tracks consisting of new and promotional material. For the best in Breaks you can’t go past a Blazin Broz mix.

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Tcube Projects, Dmoney – Yeah (Slip187 Remix)
Si Dog – Move Your Body (Original Mix)
Face & Book – Gangster (Original Mix)
Orelem & Solrac – Sandstorm (Original Mix)
Krafty Kuts, Dynamite MC – Boom Bangin Feat Paven (Badjokes Remix) Yo Speed – Thursday (Original Mix)
Colombo – Fly By Night (Si Dog Remix)
Quadrat Beat – Jump (Breaksmafia Remix)
The Destroyers – Shake Down (Original Mix)
Breaksmafia – Uno Dos Tres (Original Mix)

Andy P – Jump On Back (Original Mix)
JVST SAY YES – Do That Shit (Original Mix)
DJ Hero – Sub Sonic (Original Mix)
SevenG – Soldier (Mutantbreakz Remix)
Mineiro – SP – Fantasy (Original Mix)
Terrie Kynd – Fake Hunter (Original Mix)
Sam Groove – Top Back (Original Mix)
Huda Hudia, Sweet Charlie, Monikkr, Si-Dog – Dime Dropper
(Original Mix)
Wes Smith – Levitate (Original Mix)
Wes Smith – Give It To Em (Original Mix)
Psychopaths – Winter (Original Mix)




DJ Chronic – Post Breaks Guest Mix Part 2



Post Breaks once again welcomes back long time Breaks supporter, artist and DJ, DJ Chronic. Smashing out an hours worth of upfront peak time breakbeat flavours with a banger of a mix that includes this time some Jungle type of sounds. Credit where credits due this is a top mix !






The Brainkiller – Baby (Original Mix)
Ahee – Liftoff (Original Mix)
Huda Hudia- Move Your Body (Si-Dog Remix)
L.E.F. – Get Up Get Down (DJ Fixx Remix)
Josh B – Forever (Original Mix)
Face & Book – Fuckland (MIAU Remix)
Blakjak & United States Beat Squad – Bassbins (Original Mix)
MIAU, Pingüino – Stop It (Original Mix)
Dj X – Sorry Ass Dj’s (Hate N Beanz Remix)
DJ Hero – Pushin Harder (feat. Whiskey Pete) (DJ Hero Remix)
Freq Boutique – How Long (Original Mix)
Milk Inc. – Walk On Water (Josh B Remix)
MIAU – Oh Shit! (Original Mix)
Freq Boutique – Hyped Up (Original Mix)
Alex Wicked – Deep In The Night (Under Break Remix)
Kid Panel – Party Non Stop (Agent K Remix)
Decibel – Push ‘Em Back (Original Mix)
The Push & Max Illa – Shake It Up (feat Max IIIa) (Original Mix)