Detach & DJ Chronic & BreakID – MTG Linda B Breakbeat Show Exclusive



Top DJ’s in their own right, Detach, DJ Chronic & BreakID join forces to bring you an exclusive mix for the Monkey Tennis Group (MTG) and Linda B’s Breakbeat Show. Russia and the USA unite to bring you some of the best Breaks from around the globe MTG style.






Detach On Sound Cloud

Tokyo Machine – Blast (Original Mix)
Gusto Labs – Set Me Free (Original Mix)
Detach feat. MC Intimidator – Hard Work (VIP Mix)
Flip5ide feat. MC Intimidator – Bad Boys (Original + Detach Remix)
Detach – Funkbox (Alex Clubbers Remix)
Shockillaz – Star Influence (Detach Remix)
Detach – Can You Feel It (Original Mix)

DJ Chronic On Sound Cloud

Bad Boyz Of Breakz – Take Me Away (DJ KJ & DJ Chronic Original Mix)
Omega – Pump & Swole (Original Mix)
Breaksjunky & Alekay – Get Em (Dj Chronic Ft. Chronic Jr. Remix)
Storm E – Swipe The Funk (Original Mix)
Omega – Pop (DJ Self Against The Law Mix)
Vanilla Skillz & Stonewash – Lose Control (Original Mix)
DJ Randy – Kick The Funk (Original Mix)
BennyStylez & Bryan White – Drop You (Underground Utopia Remix)


BreakID feat. MC Intimidator – Noise (Kyle Cross Remix)
BreakID – Weather Of Day (Original Mix)
Pyramid & Colombo – Tension (Aggresivnes Remix)
Kuplay – Rock It (Original Mix)
BreakID – Back To Dancefloor (Original Mix)
Quadrat Beat – Sky (Original Mix)
BreakID – Year Of The Rooster (Original Mix)
BreakID – Single Trip (Original Mix)



DJ Chronic – Ghetto Style Recordings Tribute Mix


DJ Chronic brings the fiyah with this tribute mix to Ghetto Style Recordings. The whole mix is a showcase of tunes from Lab3 & Ofay who own and run the label expertly put together by long time breaks enthusiast DJ Chronic as a tribute to some of their upfront Breaks music.









Bass Train – Lab3 & Ofay
Back Of Tha Benzo – Lab3 & Ofay
Different Kandies – Lab3 vs Ofay
Teresita – Lab3 & Ofay
Who’s got the Vick’s – Lab3 vs Ofay
Breaking the Chains – Lab3 & Ofay
Janye – Lab3 & OFay
Rock Dem Beats – Lab3 & Ofay
Secret Rhythym – Lab3 vs Ofay
Fiayahh – Lab3 & OFay
Purple – Lab3 & Ofay
Let Me Be – Lab3 Vs. OFay
Panty Matters – Lab3 & OFay
2 Feel Free – Lab3 & OFay
Freaks – Lab3 & OFay
Screamer – Lab3 & OFay
We Rollin Hard – Lab3 & Ofay
Numb – Lab3 vs Ofay ReRub








DJ Chronic – Post Breaks Exclusive Mix



DJ Chronic drops the fire with an exclusive mix for Post Breaks, an hour of the best Breaks and Beats around. DJ Chronic is also a part of the Monkey Tennis Group, BLAZIN’ BROZ, Get Funk’d & also a member of The Grand Slam Crew who have been providing some great mixes to download on Soundcloud over the past few years.







JoeC – GoingBack(OriginalMix)
OmegaSquad – Twisted(OriginalMix)
K4DJ – Burn The Dance Floor(OriginalMix)
Alt-A – Because I Need You(FreqBoutiqueRemix)
FreerangeDJs, CovaStirling – RumbleTheSystem(OriginalMix)
Tcubeprojects – BassLevel(OriginalMix)
Clockwork – AYO(MafiaKissReBounce)
Frenzy x Supa_Skipx DjChronic – Ghosts Of Detroit(DjChronicReRoll)
Quadrat Beat – Broken(ShockillazRemix)
DJX – Sorry Ass DJ(Screwball&FonikReDope)
Colombo Vs Wes Smith – WeDropIt(BigVCaneMix)
Freq Boutique – ShakeIt(OriginalMix)
BeatAssassins &Brixton – Shake Down Vauxhall(OriginalMix)
Danny Dee – RockThis(OriginalMix)
Vazteria X – Play bass Babaganoush(OriginalMix)
DJ Versa Style – GetALife(OriginalMix)








Global-E & DJ Chronic – Global Chronic Break – LBOB



Booming Breaks from the Legendary Breakers Of Boom are the order of the day here with a collaborative mix from Global-E and DJ Chronic. Kicking off the mix we have Global-E with some banging breaks followed up with DJ Chronic in the second half with some more dance floor killers.






Global-E Tracklist

DJ Hero – Freaky D Key (Original Mix)
K4DJ – Dance With Me (Old Flavours Mix)
Kwest, BG – Make It Dope (Original Mix)
NeuroziZ, G$Montana – Make M’ Clap (Timmy Teaze Remix)
Wahuu – Flama (Original Mix)
Subconxious – Hieroglyphs On The Sun (Keith MacKenzie Remix)
2TimesDope – Bitch’ Bad (Original Mix)
DJ Fixx – Bossed Out (Original Mix)
DJ Icey – Jelly Jel (Original Mix)
Hankook – The Secret (FM-3 Remix)
Lucent – Run The Streets (Original Mix)
Martin Flex – Beat2Bassline (Original Mix)
RAWTEK -DA! (CTH WMC Terror ReFlip)


DJ Chronic Tracklist

Bubble Couple – The Dance (Original Mix)
B-Phreak, Philly Blunt – Get Ya Head (Bradley Drop Remix)
Outselect & Joe C – Smoke (Original Mix)
Kloe, Imprintz, J Scott G – Return of the King (DJ Hero Re-Rub)
G$Montana & NeuroziZ – Ghetto Funk (Original)
Lab3, Ofay – FIAYAH! (Original Mix)
The Gulf Gate Project & Freq Boutique – Spanish Montana
(Freq Boutique Remix)
JDOUBLE – Check It Out (Original Mix)
DJ Fixx – Drizzle (Original Mix)
The Bomb Squad – Modern Girls (Wes Smith Dirty Juice Remix)
Kosplay, Zoo Theory – BTAU (Breaks Remix)
BNM (SP) – No Play No Gain (Original Mix)
DJ Icey – Everything Gonna Be Just Fine (Original Mix)
Colombo – Fly by Night (Original Mix)










DJ Chronic – Elevated

DJ Chronic - Elevated


Hard working Breaks enthusiast DJ Chronic has kindly put up a new mix for all to download. Showing his skills behind the decks DJ Chronic drops a high energy breaks set with all kinds of genre defying Breakbeats. This is not a usual mix from DJ Chronic finding him mixing some tunes that he usually does not play.






Mutantbreakz -­ Orlando (Original Mix)
Agent K, Bella -­ What’s Love Got To Do Wit It (Seth Vogt Remix)
Alex Wicked, The Project Of Land -­ Apocalypse (Original Mix)
Alt­A -­ Because I Need You (Freq Boutique Remix)
Disaster Beats ­- Like This (Original Mix)
ilLegal Content -­ Drop That (Original Mix)
Suga7 ­ Rock On (DJ Mac Remix)
Voltage (SP)- ­ Don’t Stop (Original Mix)
Underground Utopia -­ Give Me Some Space (Sunsha Remix)
Dillon Francis & NGTHMARE -­ Need You (KL2 ReFlip)
Friction & Spice -­ Groove Me (Outer Kid Remix)
Silverblue, DJ Nightlife -­ Do U Know (DJ Knightlife & Seth Vogt Remix) Alister Merge, LMN3 -­ Don’t Stop (Original Mix)
Freq Boutique -­ So Hot (Original Mix)
Danny Dee ­- Go Rocket! (Original Mix)
Retropolis -­ Only Begun To Love Ya (Original Mix)
Piano Junkies ­- 9mm (Original Rave Breaks Mix)