Davey Hub – Freestylers vs The Prodigy DJ Mix



Davey Hub has put together something special here. This is his DJ tribute mix for The Prodigy vs The Freestylers. I’ll let Dave explain it a bit better:

“Here is the next installment of my DJ tribute mixes and this one is a heavyweight contest between 2 bass and beats specialists. In the blue corner there is no introduction needed as we have probably the best live electronic band in the universe The Prodigy. These guys have been on the scene for well over 20 years and are still at the forefront pushing their unique blend of heavy beats , synths and guitars combined with the vocals of Keith Flint and Maxim. In the red corner we have The Freestylers who , whilst maybe not as mainstream as The Prodigy , have also carved out a career in heavy breakbeats and bass lines. The Freestylers are a British electronic music group, consisting of producers Matt Cantor, Aston Harvey. They have released five studio albums and a number of mix compilations for, among others, Fabric and BBC Radio 1 Xtra.

So there you have it , 2 heavyweights slugging it out track by track in the mix.”






Warriors Dance ( Future Funk Squad Remix ) – The Prodigy
Jump n Twist – Freestylers
Nasty (Onen Remix ) – The Prodigy
The Sound ( ft Fast Eddie ) – Freestylers
Breathe – The Prodigy
Bass Odyssey – Freestylers
Narayan – The Prodigy
Warrior Charge – Freestylers
Smack my Bitch up – The Prodigy
Turn to Dust – Freestylers
Omen ( Herve’s End of the world Remix) – The Prodigy
Blowin Ya Brainz – Freestylers
Climbatize – The Prodigy
Punks – Freestylers
Rhythm Bomb ( ft Flux Pavilion ) – The Prodigy
Push Up – Freestylers
Back 2 Skool – The Prodigy