DANKS – Planet Breaks Summer 2018



DANKS is no stranger when it comes to the pages of Breakzlinkz, delivering the goods once again DANKZ drops his annual breaks blockbuster Planet Breaks Summer Mix for 2018. A tracklist of all the usual suspects plus a few not so well known tunes make this a mix not to miss.






Leeroy Thornhill – Wait For Me (Original)
Blakjak, USBS – Joystick (Original)
Cellardore – Your Love (Original)
USBS, Blakjak – Dont You Want Me (Original)
Si Dog – Move Your Body (Original)
Rogue Planet – Bass it Up (Original)
DJ30A – Be The One (Original)
Orelem & Solrac – Sandstorm (Original)
Yo Speed – Thursday (Original)
Colombo – Fly By Night (Si Dog Remix)
DJ 33, The DropStarz – California Flight (Original)
Yo Speed – Classic feat Javo Scratch (Original)
Aggresivnes – Booty Shakes (BDA Remix)
Bombo Rosa – Doors (Original)
Born Dirty – Crazy (Original)
Bombo Rosa – Rocinha (Original)
Huda Hudia, Monikkr, Jet Phynx – Still Lit (Original)
Yo Speed – Hold Your Head Up (Original)
Decibel (USA) – Love Sick (Original)



Blazin Broz – MTG Linda B Breakbeat Show Exclusive Mix



DJ Chronic and Danks make up the duo that is Blazin Broz. Purveyors is every beat that is broken the Blazin Broz have dedicated their newest mix for a lost brother, Jim Landis. RIP Jim.

This mix is also a Monkey Tennis Group and Linda B exclusive with a lot of mighty Breaks tracks consisting of new and promotional material. For the best in Breaks you can’t go past a Blazin Broz mix.

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Tcube Projects, Dmoney – Yeah (Slip187 Remix)
Si Dog – Move Your Body (Original Mix)
Face & Book – Gangster (Original Mix)
Orelem & Solrac – Sandstorm (Original Mix)
Krafty Kuts, Dynamite MC – Boom Bangin Feat Paven (Badjokes Remix) Yo Speed – Thursday (Original Mix)
Colombo – Fly By Night (Si Dog Remix)
Quadrat Beat – Jump (Breaksmafia Remix)
The Destroyers – Shake Down (Original Mix)
Breaksmafia – Uno Dos Tres (Original Mix)

Andy P – Jump On Back (Original Mix)
JVST SAY YES – Do That Shit (Original Mix)
DJ Hero – Sub Sonic (Original Mix)
SevenG – Soldier (Mutantbreakz Remix)
Mineiro – SP – Fantasy (Original Mix)
Terrie Kynd – Fake Hunter (Original Mix)
Sam Groove – Top Back (Original Mix)
Huda Hudia, Sweet Charlie, Monikkr, Si-Dog – Dime Dropper
(Original Mix)
Wes Smith – Levitate (Original Mix)
Wes Smith – Give It To Em (Original Mix)
Psychopaths – Winter (Original Mix)




DANKS – Planet Breaks 2017



Appearing annually on Soundcloud DANKS delivers another blockbuster mix for his Planet Breaks series of DJ mixes. Featuring some of the funkiest and bassiest (if there’s such a word) breaks tracks from 2017 (so far). This is his forth mix in the series, this is Planet Breaks 2017.







DJ Icey – Say Say (Original Mix)
Face & Book – Colorado (Original Mix)
Krafty Kuts, Dynamite MC – Boom Bangin Feat Paven (Badjokes Remix)
Stanton Warriors – Keep on Doing (Original Mix)
Face & Book – Gangster (Original Mix)
Baymont Bross – Rock the House (Original Mix)
Aggresivnes, The Brainkiller – I Like This! (Original Mix)
Stanton Warriors, Jay Robinson – Bang feat Them & Us (Original Mix)
Baymont Bross – Don’t Slip a Disc (Original Mix)
Yo Speed – Man of Speed (Original Mix)
Breaksmafia – Hit the Ground feat Ivory (Original Mix)
Stonewash, Vanilla Skillz – Lose Control (Original Mix)
The Darrow Chem Syndicate – Star Maidens (Kid Panel Remix)
Quadrat Beat – Jump (Breaksmafia Remix)
UFO Project – No More (Original Mix)
FINEART, My Nu Leng – Border (Original Mix)
Rico Tubbs, Terry Hooligan – Horns (Mutantbreakz Remix)
Hankook – Big Up (Wes Smith Remix)
Kuplay – OMG (Original Mix)
Freq Boutique – Run Dat (Prey for Bass Remix)



DANKS – Top Shelf Breaks Volume 3



In a bar the best drinks are kept on the top shelf, DANKS sets the standards high with Volume 3 of his “Top Shelf Breaks” and pours all his knowledge into a great new mix available as a FREE download. (Just follow the Soundcloud widget).







Freq Boutique – This New Love (Original Mix)
Wes Smith, Fort Knox Five – Keep it Poppin’ feat Mustafa
Deekline, Fort Knox Five – 24 Hours to Set it Off
Perfect Kombo – Arabian Club (Original Mix)
Lucent – Kill It (Original Mix)
Bahamut – Bathmat (Scott Remedy Remix)
Fallacy, Metro Club – Give Me Your Body (Lucent Remix)
Baymont Bross – BXTCH (Breaksmafia Remix)
NeuroziZ, G$Montana – Ghetto Funk (Original Mix)
Pure Trash – IKNWY (Original Mix)
DJ Fixx – Drizzle (Original Mix)
Omega Squad – Chase the Sun (Original Mix)
The White Riots – London Town (Wes Smith Remix)
Superfly Jeff, Xquizit – I Know (Original Mix)
The Gulf Gate Project – Spanish Montana (Freq Boutique Remix)
Mutantbreakz – Lets Get The (Original Mix)
The Brainkiller, Perfect Kombo – Face to Face (Original Mix)
Yankee – Once Again (Original Mix)
Colombo – Fly by Night (Original Mix)
Kurse – Shutup (Original Mix)
Lady Waks – In Beat We Trust (601 Remix)









DANKS – Top Shelf Breaks Volume 1

DANKS - Top Shelf Breaks Volume 1


Top Shelf Breaks is a new series of mixes from DANKS. Focusing on the latest and greatest Breaks tunes that are out there at the present time. DANKS promises on delivering a journey with the purpose of making people dance while giving the listener a proper variety of styles within the genre of Breakbeat.

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GTB$Y – Losing You (Jimmy le Mac Remix)
Autodidakt, Trumpdisco, KroyClub, Hol – Gangster (Original Mix)
DJ Icey – All Day (Original Mix)
Badjokes, G Ross – Drop Down Low (Original Mix)
Marten Horger, Donkong – Feel (Original Mix)
Yo Speed (feat Wahuu) – Fajitas (Original Mix)
Kodek – Kotegaeshi (Original Mix)
Gosize – Future Breaks (Cellardore Remix)
Bebe – Im Ready (Original Mix)
Quadrat Beat – Sky (Yo Speed Remix)
Adam Vyt – Drop that Beat (Original Mix)
TheElement – Mystery (Kyle Cross Remix)
The Push – Reaching (Breaks Mix)
Hankook – Energy (Cellardore Remix)
Kid Panal and Vadim Shantor – Promise (Original Mix)
Shade K – Three Tattoos (Original Mix)
Michael White – 10AM (Original Mix)
Keys & Krates feat Aqui – Nothing But Space (DJ Q Remix)
Blanilla – Get Down (Original Mix)
The Beatkillers – Insomnia
BBK, Dmoney, T-Cube Projects – I Know You Like It (Original Mix)
Freq Boutique – So Hot (Original Mix)
Ondamike – Let Me See u (Original Mix)
Blakoke – Changes – (Raj Marathe Remix)
ilLegal Content – Lets Do That (Original Mix)
Paket – Artificial Eyes (Original Mix)
Pray for Bass – Keep Praying (Original Mix)
Kuplay – Back to the old school (Original Mix)
Niro, A-Sekond – We Did It (Bear Moss Remix)
Nefty – Cyborg (Sanxion Remix)