DANKS – Planet Breaks 2017



Appearing annually on Soundcloud DANKS delivers another blockbuster mix for his Planet Breaks series of DJ mixes. Featuring some of the funkiest and bassiest (if there’s such a word) breaks tracks from 2017 (so far). This is his forth mix in the series, this is Planet Breaks 2017.







DJ Icey – Say Say (Original Mix)
Face & Book – Colorado (Original Mix)
Krafty Kuts, Dynamite MC – Boom Bangin Feat Paven (Badjokes Remix)
Stanton Warriors – Keep on Doing (Original Mix)
Face & Book – Gangster (Original Mix)
Baymont Bross – Rock the House (Original Mix)
Aggresivnes, The Brainkiller – I Like This! (Original Mix)
Stanton Warriors, Jay Robinson – Bang feat Them & Us (Original Mix)
Baymont Bross – Don’t Slip a Disc (Original Mix)
Yo Speed – Man of Speed (Original Mix)
Breaksmafia – Hit the Ground feat Ivory (Original Mix)
Stonewash, Vanilla Skillz – Lose Control (Original Mix)
The Darrow Chem Syndicate – Star Maidens (Kid Panel Remix)
Quadrat Beat – Jump (Breaksmafia Remix)
UFO Project – No More (Original Mix)
FINEART, My Nu Leng – Border (Original Mix)
Rico Tubbs, Terry Hooligan – Horns (Mutantbreakz Remix)
Hankook – Big Up (Wes Smith Remix)
Kuplay – OMG (Original Mix)
Freq Boutique – Run Dat (Prey for Bass Remix)



DANKS – Top Shelf Breaks Volume 3



In a bar the best drinks are kept on the top shelf, DANKS sets the standards high with Volume 3 of his “Top Shelf Breaks” and pours all his knowledge into a great new mix available as a FREE download. (Just follow the Soundcloud widget).







Freq Boutique – This New Love (Original Mix)
Wes Smith, Fort Knox Five – Keep it Poppin’ feat Mustafa
Deekline, Fort Knox Five – 24 Hours to Set it Off
Perfect Kombo – Arabian Club (Original Mix)
Lucent – Kill It (Original Mix)
Bahamut – Bathmat (Scott Remedy Remix)
Fallacy, Metro Club – Give Me Your Body (Lucent Remix)
Baymont Bross – BXTCH (Breaksmafia Remix)
NeuroziZ, G$Montana – Ghetto Funk (Original Mix)
Pure Trash – IKNWY (Original Mix)
DJ Fixx – Drizzle (Original Mix)
Omega Squad – Chase the Sun (Original Mix)
The White Riots – London Town (Wes Smith Remix)
Superfly Jeff, Xquizit – I Know (Original Mix)
The Gulf Gate Project – Spanish Montana (Freq Boutique Remix)
Mutantbreakz – Lets Get The (Original Mix)
The Brainkiller, Perfect Kombo – Face to Face (Original Mix)
Yankee – Once Again (Original Mix)
Colombo – Fly by Night (Original Mix)
Kurse – Shutup (Original Mix)
Lady Waks – In Beat We Trust (601 Remix)









DANKS – Top Shelf Breaks Volume 1

DANKS - Top Shelf Breaks Volume 1


Top Shelf Breaks is a new series of mixes from DANKS. Focusing on the latest and greatest Breaks tunes that are out there at the present time. DANKS promises on delivering a journey with the purpose of making people dance while giving the listener a proper variety of styles within the genre of Breakbeat.

Follow the Soundcloud link for your FREE download.






GTB$Y – Losing You (Jimmy le Mac Remix)
Autodidakt, Trumpdisco, KroyClub, Hol – Gangster (Original Mix)
DJ Icey – All Day (Original Mix)
Badjokes, G Ross – Drop Down Low (Original Mix)
Marten Horger, Donkong – Feel (Original Mix)
Yo Speed (feat Wahuu) – Fajitas (Original Mix)
Kodek – Kotegaeshi (Original Mix)
Gosize – Future Breaks (Cellardore Remix)
Bebe – Im Ready (Original Mix)
Quadrat Beat – Sky (Yo Speed Remix)
Adam Vyt – Drop that Beat (Original Mix)
TheElement – Mystery (Kyle Cross Remix)
The Push – Reaching (Breaks Mix)
Hankook – Energy (Cellardore Remix)
Kid Panal and Vadim Shantor – Promise (Original Mix)
Shade K – Three Tattoos (Original Mix)
Michael White – 10AM (Original Mix)
Keys & Krates feat Aqui – Nothing But Space (DJ Q Remix)
Blanilla – Get Down (Original Mix)
The Beatkillers – Insomnia
BBK, Dmoney, T-Cube Projects – I Know You Like It (Original Mix)
Freq Boutique – So Hot (Original Mix)
Ondamike – Let Me See u (Original Mix)
Blakoke – Changes – (Raj Marathe Remix)
ilLegal Content – Lets Do That (Original Mix)
Paket – Artificial Eyes (Original Mix)
Pray for Bass – Keep Praying (Original Mix)
Kuplay – Back to the old school (Original Mix)
Niro, A-Sekond – We Did It (Bear Moss Remix)
Nefty – Cyborg (Sanxion Remix)






DANKS – Planet Breaks Summer 2016

DANKS - Planet Breaks Summer 2016


Right back to the breaks, DANKS presents his Summer Edition of Planet Breaks for 2016, new and old tuneage showcasing DANKS ability to do a LIVE continuous mix on the decks. Enjoy !






01 – Baymont Bross, Natty Bidy Man – Rudboy Generation (Original Mix)
02 – Wes Smith – Top Back (West Side Flow Mix)
03 – John Bradley – Alive (Original Mix)
04 – ilLegal Content – In My Pocket (Original Mix)
05 – Cuncic, Malcevic – Rasta Funk (Original Mix)
06 – Jay Robinson, Badjokes – Champagne (Original Mix)
07 – Eztereo – Emotions (Original Mix)
08 – Mutantbreakz – Orlando (Original Mix)
09 – Juxtapose – Sleepy Maus (Original Mix)
10 – Alt-A – Because I Need You (Freq Boutique Remix)
11 – The White Riots – M25 (Cellardore Remix)
12 – Zander, Left/Right – Can’t Stop (Original Mix)
13 – Suga7 – Rock On (Original Mix)
14 – DJ Rasco – Experiment (Original Mix)
15 – Pray for Bass – Fuck the Feelings (Original Mix)
16 – Cellardore – Special Request (Original Mix)
17 – Elton Smith, Alexis Kolbin – German Girl (Korel Breaks Remix)
18 – Pux – I Found (Original Mix)
19 – BassCrime – Fucking Beeps (Hate N Beanz Remix)
20 – Strongbass – Demons (Original Mix)