Colombo – Guest Mix For Dirty Break #009



Alexic Rod aka Colombo is an award winning DJ/Producer from Spain, winning awards such as Breakspoll Best Producer in 2012 and 2015, Best Track in Beatport 2012, Best Producer in the IBA awards (International Breaks Awards) from Spain in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 or Artist of the Year (Symphonic Distribution Awards). A legend among the Spanish and worldwide breaks scene he has layed down an exclusive 1 hour set for Dirty Break and their guest mix series.







Colombo – Mixed by B-Roll



B-Rolls mixes dedicated to showcasing the musical talent of very well know breaks producers have been a hit of late with the Finger Lickin crew reposting his latest mix the Plump DJs vs Soul Of Man. Again B-Roll brings us another new mix showcasing the music of Spanish DJ & Producer Colombo and his progressive take on the breakbeat music genre.






1 Apha Scream (Colombo Remix) Geon
2 Little Bitch (Original Mix) Colombo
3 Family Breaks Niight Colombo
4 Dynamic (Colombo Remix) Geon
5 Sonorous (Colombo Remix) Geon
6 Your Consequences Colombo
7 Macroclemys (Colombo Remix) Geon
8 Heep Hoop Colombo
9 I need a Beat Colombo
10 Clap Yah Hands! (Original Mix) Colombo
11 Tension (Original Mix) PYRAMID vs Colombo
12 Bluish (Original Mix) Colombo
13 Evil Violins Colombo
14 Something Freaky (Colombo Remix) BASEMENT FREAKS
15 Hanss (Original Mix) Colombo
16 Get To Move (Original Mix) Colombo



Renato Guirao & Colombo – From Florida to Spain – Funky Flavor Mix



Produced for Funky Flavor Music this mix is a continuous onslaught of Breakbeat music from Renato Guirao and Colombo, entitled From Florida to Spain and featuring you guessed it tracks from these parts of the globe. After hitting the charts at Beatport with the hit Heart Player the duo mix up an excellent set with a combination of styles.






Colombo – LIVE @ Winter Festival 2012



Alexic Rod aka Colombo is an award winning artist hailing from Malaga, Spain. In 2010 he won Best New Producer at the Breakspoll Awards and followed this up in 2011 by winning Best Producer while also winning Best Track called “Everybody” for the same year. Colombo was also one part of another award winning act called Bass Star Dos along with fellow Spaniard DJ Kultür.

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Colombo – Rustical Events Promo Mix

Colombo - Rustcial Events Promo Mix


Another Rustical Events Promo Mix, a few i posted up last week this one being from award winning DJ/Producer Colombo who is headlining the Breaks Vs Drum & Bass gig to be held tonight the 7th of November in Seville, Spain.

For more information about this event click here: