Cockney Nutjob – 100% Cockney Mix

Cockney Nutjob - Cockney Mix


….18 months in the making, I have finally managed to pull together enough musical ammo to do a mixtape with just tracks that I have produced (tracklist at bottom). Hip Hop, Rock Steady, Ska and Reggae lay the foundations with elements of other vintage sounds thrown in. Four of the tracks are taken from my soon to be available @ScourRecords EP – Heads Boppin’. In light of this release I am holding back on the FREE DOWNLOAD until I receive 50 shares or until the EP release date (whichever comes soonest), to help the word spreading(which I will be very grateful for). Any comments/feedback would also be welcomed!



50 Shares on SC or until EP release date (whichever comes soonest)- To Unlock the FREE DOWNLOAD


Featuring the amazing vocal talents of @KurnelMC – thanks dude 🙂
Please show him some love on SC and FB –

Big thanks to @SonicEdgeMastering and @warp9music for between them mastering all of the tracks on the mix. A huge thanks to @Spinforth and @ScourRecords for being the most supportive and promotastic label that I have had the pleasure of working with.

Also, just wanna say thanks to anyone that has shared any of my tracks or mixes and in particular to all the blogs and radio shows that have supported my music including (sorry if I missed u): @MonkeyBoxing-com @LifeSupportMachine-co-uk, @Doe_Ran, @CaptainFlatcap, @HKPP (Hong Kong Ping Pong)


TRACKLIST (all tracks by Cockney Nutjob):

1. The Django Factor – Free Download, link below
Cockneynutjob – The-django-factor-free-dl-mastered-by-sonic-edge

2. The Master – Free Download, link below
Cockneynutjob – The-master-cockney-nutjob

3. Weezee Train – Free Download, link below
Cockneynutjob – Weezee-train-free-dl-mastered-by-sonic-edge

3. Dizquidator – Free Download, link below
Cockneynutjob – Dizquidator-cockney-nutjob

4. Easy Anthem – Forthcoming, Scour Records EP

5. Get Up On Ya Feet – Free Download, link below
Cockneynutjob – Get-up-on-ya-feet2015-sonic-edge-re-master

6. O’Town – Free Download, link below
Cockneynutjob – Otown-mastered-by-sonic-edge

7. Roll It – Forthcoming

8. Sunshine – Forthcoming, Scour Records EP

9. Heads Boppin’ – Forthcoming, Scour Records EP

10. You Make My Heart Go… – Free Download, link below
Cockneynutjob – You-make-my-heart-go

11. My Baby Don’t…. – Scour Records Freemix, link Below
Cockneynutjob – My-baby-dont-scour-records-freemix

12. I’m Skankin’ Out – Forthcoming, Scour Records EP


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