Pecoe – Nufunk Mish Mash Mix – July 2010

Nufunk Mish Mash July Cover SC


Again looking back to the past i’ve been listening to a few of my old mixes and this one tickled my fancy. Made back in July 2010 and featuring a bunch of eclectic music from funk to breaks and pretty much every thing in between. I wish my brain was diverse as this now ! If you want to download this mix let me know and i’ll put a link up for you, enjoy. 🙂





1.Acid Please! Djs – ABC News Intro
2.Hansi – Chasing The Mule
3.Fort Knox Five – The Sax Pusher (Fuzzbox Inc Remix)
4.The Angry Kid Vs Bob Marley – Mr Brown (Suonho Funkabolic Version)
5.JJ Cale – Cocaine
6.Parker – Jam In The Jungle
7.Stevie Wonder – Superstition
8.Stevie Wonder – Superstition (Funkanomics Remix)
9.Walter Murphy – A Fifth Of Beethoven
10.Wilson Picket – Don’t Knock My Love (The Owl’s Funked Up Re-Edit)
11.Vaya Con Dios – Don’t Cry For Louie
12.D Funk – Light My Fire
13.Incredible Bongo Band – Last Bongo In Belgium (Suonho Refunk)
14.Herbie Hancock – Rockit
15.Ultramagnetic MC’s – Give The Drummer Some (Fort Knox Five Remix)
16.Superbreak – Just The Sound
17.Matty Blades – Talkin About Love
18.Eagles – Tequilla Sunrise
19.Badboe – Funk In The Air (Fort Knox Five Remix)
20.Basement Freaks – Here Comes Our Dilla
21.DJ Wood – Turn Me On
22.Tom DATG – 9 To 5 Vs Squeeze Me (A Skillz Remix)
23.The Breakbeat Junkie – Flip The Mink
24.D Funk – What It Worth
25.Bob Marley – Could You Be Dubbed (Fresh Andy’s Remix)
26.Cloudfactory Soundsystem – Ray’s Swing
27.Busta Vs Neighbour Vs Beats International – Be Good To The Westside
28.Free – All Right Now
29.Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons – Beggin (Stanton Warriors Remix)
30.Funktomas – Magic Carpet Rave
31.Bombastic Jam – Am Free
32.Doctor Who Theme (Rory Hoy’s Big Beat Rerub)






Pecoe – Bass & Breaks Mix Volume 2



I haven’t made a mix in a while so i thought i would scour through some of the promos i have been sent from late last year as well as free downloads from artists on Soundcloud from across the globe and as well as scouring digital download sites. While starting off slow the mix soon kicks in to some of the best Bass & Breaks music available out there. It’s great to hear the variety of tunes available of late and the ever increasing changing genre of Breaks & the Breaks scene.

Thanks to all the great artists from around the globe still pushing the Breaks sound, much respect. Feel free to share, download and have a listen !




1.Jakwob – Fade (Mafia Kiss Edit)
2.Nixon – The Basics of Love
3.Stanton Warrors – Pump Up The Jam
4.Wes Smith & White Boy Awesome – Everybody Get Down
5.DJ Fixx & Keith Mackenzie – Ham Jam
6.Defkline – Bass Shaker
7.Freestylers – Saturday Night Flava
8.Illegal Content – I Wanna Rock (Kuplay Remix)
9.Mutant Breakz – Bonus (Wes Smith Dirty Juice Remix)
10.Marten Horger – Baduka
11.Dusky – YooHoo (Beatslappaz Remix)
12.DJ Fixx & Keith Mackenzie – 4 ur Luv
13.DJ Fixx – We Run This
14.Shade K – Almost Time
15.Outer Kid – Back To Mine (Sketi Remix)
16.Freestylers – Love My Bass
> Ohio Players – Fire (Acapella)
17.Pirate Jams – Turn It Around
18.Krafty Kuts – Dope 2 Drop


Welcome to the New Breakzlinkz


Hi There,

My name is Ross and welcome to the new version of Breakzlinkz. Why a new version you may say well my previous blog hosted by Google and using the Blogger platform was taken down due to too many DMCA “Copyright Infringement Notices”. You may ask how that works considering all i do is post up DJ Mixes and promotional items, well to be honest i don’t know how that works. The previous site had run just for under 8 years and in the last few months of it i was getting DMCA notices left, right and centre. Do i blame a certain individual for this or is Googles new anti-copyright laws a bit over the top ? You see to get a DMCA notice someone has to complain and Google has the right to act and take down said content straight away whether it’s right or wrong.

But lets not grieve on past experiences this is now a new site with new implications so this does not happen again. So kick back, browse around and i’ll be adding content just like i used too. Also the site will have widgets and so forth added to it over a period of time.

So thank you for your support, effort and acknowledgement into what i do it’s very much appreciated ….. Let the music begin !