Breaks Inc. – Let There Be Breaks

Breaks Inc


As aired on Linda B’s Unisex Sessions show this an exclusive mix performed by the duo Breaks Inc.

Formed in 2008 via Phoenix, Arizona. Breaks Inc. (Xpdex & Seven) are 2 DJ’s that started producing breakbeat music for events that they were playing at the time. Shortly after their formation, the duo started to gain notoriety in the Arizona scene because of their solid productions and clean mixing skills.





1. Scandalous (Original Mix) – Breaks Inc.
2. What? – Breaks Inc.
3. Watch That – Breaks Inc.
4. A World Through A Machine (Xpdex VIP Remix) – Discosynthetique
5. Don’t Stop The Drop – Dj Keith Cooke & Seven
6. 3LAU – Escape (Tyson Jeremy Remix)
7. Strange Days (Original Mix) – Breaks Inc.