Breaking News – The Armory Podcast 093

Breaking News - The Armory Podcast 093


The Armory podcast is dealing with some copyright issues from Soundlocud at the moment due to tracks contained in some of the mixes available for download. It will continue to exist in the Soundcloud form but will not be downloadable till the issue is resolved. A simple solution for the time being is heading on over to Apples Itunes and downloading your copy from there while also subscribing.

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From Moscow this is Breaking News.

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Breaking News – Inter 18 Mixtape

Breaking News - Inter 18 Mixtape


Is it Breaks or is it Bass ? Or is it Bass N Breaks ? With this emerging minimalist style of Bass N Breaks brings a whole new generation of artists and music and with that a whole new following pushing the Breaks scene forward. Breaking News have just uploaded a new mix with this new genre in mind featuring some of their favourite tracks of 2015 so far and including 4 new tracks of their own.





01 Gucci Mane – Pillz (Dr. Fresch Remix) CDR
02 Nixon – Compare (Original Mix) [Punks]
03 Koma and Bones – Fade In The Program (Original Mix)
04 Worthy – On The Floor Feat Kevin Knapp (Stanton Warriors Remix) [Anabatic Records]
05 Bombo Rosa – BRZL (Original Mix) [Punks]
06 Crookers – Strokin 39 feat TJR Antwon (Original Mix)
07 Stanton Warriors – Beat Goes On (Original Mix) [Punks]
08 Flip5ide – Bad Boys Tune (Original Mix) CDR
09 Rump Shaker (Stanton Warriors Edit)
10 Aquadrop – Dega Dega (Original Mix)
11 Dj Icey – ZOOM (Original Mix) [Tree Records]
12 Breaking News – S.W.E.N (Original Mix) [Juice Records] CDR
13 Lady Waks & Mutantbreakz ft. Kathika – Soundboy (XOXXO Remix) [IBWTmusic]
14 Merlyn – Jock The Bells (SP 1200 Version) [KUAD Records]
15 Dee ft. Rubi Dan – Three Nines (Breaking News Remix) [IBWTmusic] CDR
16 Dogtown Clash – Positive Vibes (Breaking News Remix) [Westway Records] CDR
17 Bombo Rosa – Birds (Original Mix) [Punks]
18 Kaleida – Think (Breaking News Remix) CDR


Breaking News – Bass Invaders Mixtape 2014

Breaking News


Hailing from Moscow, Russia, Breaking News are no stangers to the game. With this well thought out mix, 46 tracks in a hour featuring some of the best Breaks and Bass tracks so far this year as well as exclusive CDR’s from some of the best artists from around the world.

For some previous mixes check out their Mixcloud:


01 Slick Shoota – F Dat feat. Purple (Djemba Djemba & DJ Hoodboi Remix) [Mad Decent]
02 Agent K – Gucci Kicks (Original Mix) [Digital Records]
03 Catz ‘n Dogz – Bones Shakin’ (Original Mix) [Dirtybird]
04 See Thru feat. Lisa Lobsinger (Astronomar & Wuki Remix) CDR
05 Sporty-O, Dustin Hulton, Deerobes – SOBE (Original Mix) [Static System]
06 Cause and Affect – The Tickle (Original Mix) [Dirtybird]
07 Branko, Njena Reddd Foxxx – One More Silly Bitch (Original Mix) [Enchufada]
08 Jesse Slayter – Thick (Original Mix)[Main Course] CDR
09 Andy Mcallister – Boooshka (Original Mix) [Ground Level]
10 Future – Move That Doh (Dj Icey Remix) CDR
11 Dee, Rubi Dan, Dub Fx – Uk Funky (Breaking News Remix) [Run West]
12 Stanton Warriors – Jerk That Feat Eboi (Mafia Kiss Remix) [Punks]
13 Aerial – What it Is (Keith MacKenzie Remix) CDR
14 TC – Get Down Low (Shockone Remix) [OWSLA]
15 Chuckie – Make Some Noise (Marten Horger 808 Edit) CDR
16 Steve Aoki feat. Iggy Azalea – Beatdown (Kraymer Re-Edit) CDR
17 Agent K – Money (Original Mix) [Digital]
18 Dj Fixx, Keith Mackenzie – Undrgrnd (Original Mix) [Rat Records]
19 Dj Icey – Montana Snake (Original Mix) CDR
20 Quintino & MOTI feat. Taylr Renee – Dynamite (Original Mix) [Spinnin]
21 Stanton Warriors – Cut Me Up (Original Mix) [Punks]
22 Kill The Noise – Roots (Will Bailey Full Carnival Remix) CDR
23 Mobin Master, Tate Strauss, Fantomen – You and I (Stanton Warriors Remix) [Safari Music]
24 K7 – Come Baby Come (DJ Hero Remix) CDR
25 The Reptiles – Get It Played (Breaking News Remix) [BreakZ R Boss]
26 Agent K and Curtis B – Hit You Wit It (Original Mix) [Drop The World]
27 Dj Icey – Dip It Down Low (Original Mix) CDR
28 Breaking News – Formula (Original Mix) CDR
29 Neon Steve – Up All Night (Original Mix) CDR
30 DJ Fresh Vs Diplo Feat. Dominique Young Unique – Earthquake (Mafia Kiss Edit) CDR
31 Breaking News – Blaster (Original Mix) CDR
32 2 Live Crew, Z&Z – We Want Some (Frenzy x Supa Skip’s X Rated Bass Mix) CDR
33 Dj Icey – Ratchet (Original Mix) [Zone Records]
34 Snoop Dogg – Drop it (Adam Highway Groove Edit) CDR 35 Underworld – Born Slippy (Breaking News Remix) IBWTmusic Free
36 Dynasty Ft. MixtapeMac – Side 2 Side (Breaking News Remix) [BreakZ R Boss]
37 Jack Beats – Just A Beat (Merlyn’s Basic Beat Redo) CDR
38 Je Boogie – Twerk (Original Mix) [Booty Cakes]
39 DJ Fixx – Drop The Bomb (Original Mix) [Illeven Eleven]
40 Wes Smith, White Boy Awesome – Bring Back That Funk (Original Mix) [Juice Recordings (USA)]
41 Noemi & Yera – Music Is My Life (Original Mix) [Let’s Go] CDR
42 The Freestylers – The Sound feat Fast Eddie (Blapps Posse Remix) [Rub-A-Duck]
43 Foamo – Release Me (Iva Re-Twist) CDR
44 Adam Highway – Superstars (Original Mix) CDR
45 Lady Waks & Marten Horger – Shock Out Feat Nujam (Mafia Kiss Remix) [IBWTmusic] CDR
46 CRNKN – Far Hidden Away (Original Mix) [OWSLA]