Bobby C Sound TV – The Armory Podcast 086

Bobby C Sound TV - The Armory Podcast 086


It’s rare that we have the good fortune of a second visit from an artist as talented as Denver’s Bobby C Sound TV and we’re very excited to have him back in the Armory this week. For his second appearance on the podcast, Bobby treats us to no less than 57 tracks of his signature “laser-funk” sound. Press play. Get down.

It’s not everyday a producer/DJ gets blogged by one of their favorite directors as is the case with Bobby C Sound TV who was recently blogged and called brilliant by Edgar Wright, director of such cult movies as Shaun Of The Dead, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and Hot Fuzz. If that wasn’t enough, Bobby also got a shout out by the Godfather of hip-hop, Afrika Bambaataa on a remix for Ft. Knox Recordings. And Krafty Kuts recently called him, “the master of funky breaks”. Bobby C Sound TV is one Bobby Collins hailing from Denver, Colorado. He has been DJing for the 13 years and producing music for the past 10. In early 2009 Bobby started messing around with a video DJ plug-in and soon after unveiled, “Bobby C Sound TV”. His love of cinema was combined with his years of DJ experience to create a pastiche of pop-culture that is visually stimulating and danceable at the same time. His live mash up DJ approach was applied to create crowd rocking routines with some of the most memorable music videos, movie scenes and just about everything in between.






1. The Joker – Homer Simpson
2. Beware – Panjabi MC & Jay-Z
3. Gabru Tere – Panjabi MC & Labh Janjua
4. Sanehvaal Chounk -Kaka Bhainiavaala
5. Get Busy (Bhangra remix -Bobby C edit) – Sean Paul
6. Be Faithful – Fatman Scoop
7. Back To 93 ft. Earl Gravy – Bobby C Sound TV
8. The Message – Grandmaster Flash
9. Wesh Up (Lokid remix) – MC2
10. Fuego (Bobby C Sound TV remix) – Bomba Estereo
11. Put The Gun Down (Beat Fatigue remix) – ZZ Ward
12. Fame (Bobby C Sound TV remix) – David Bowie
13. Excursions (Bobby C Sound Tv remix) – Tribe Called Quest
14. Jump Spread Out (Bobby C Sound TV remix) – Jamalski
15. Home-Schooled – Bobby C Sound TV
16. Whole Lotta Sex Machine – Fissunix
17. Sex Machine Gun Funk (Bobby C edit) – Amerigo Gazaway
18. Skool’s Out (Deckwrecka remix – Bobby C edit) – Mekon ft. Schooly D
19. Get Ready To Roll (Bobby C Sound TV remix) – Rodney & Joe Colley
20. Sardines (Bobby C Sound TV remix) – Junkyard Band
21. Dear John (Bobby C Sound TV remix) – The Bionic Rats
22. Monarch (Opiuo remix) – Shapeshifter
23. Beans And Cornbread (Bobby C Sound TV remix) – Louis Jordan & The Tympany Five
24. Clumpy Cider – Opiuo
25. Better Than We Know -Bobby C Sound TV
26. Superstition (Funkanomics 2014 remix) – Stevie Wonder
27. Broken Record (Bobby C edit) – Synchronoice
28. Work Signs – Tom Booze
29. Say What (Bobby C Sound TV remix) – Trouble Funk
30. Cheer You On – Bobby C Sound TV
31. Music Sounds Fatter With U – Krafty Skillz
32. Be Faithful (Tony Anthem & Axl Ender bootleg tidy mix) – Fatman Scoop
33. Shades Of Funk – Kill Paris
34. Kassette (Bobby C Sound TV edit) – Moullinex
35. Dynamite Strikes Back (Bobby C edit) – Jean Tonique
36. Je Danse Le Mia (Bobby C Sound TV remix) – Iam
37. She’s Got Me Dancing – Tommy Sparks
38. Mr. Overtime (Oliver remix) – Punks Jump Up
39. Night Is On My Mind (Dillon Francis remix) – Oliver
40. Root Down (Cyclist disco mix – Bobby C edit) – Beastie Boys
41. The Big Beat (Bobby C Sound TV remix) – Billy Squier
42. Good Suit & Tie (Bobby C Sound TV remix) – The White Panda
43. Belleville Rendezvous (Bobby C Sound TV remix) – Triplets Of Belleville
44. Too Funky In Here (Bobby C Sound TV remix) – James Brown
45. Humps For The Boulevard (Bobby C Sound TV remix) – Rodney O & Joe Cooley
46. Savanna (Keljet remix) – Tobtok
47. Your Body (Jbag remix) – Gigamesh
48. Boots And Cats – Bobby C Sound TV
49. Your Life (Bobby C Sound TV remix) – Konk
50. Born Dis Way (Bobby C Sound TV remix) – Cookie Crew
51. MYB – Oliver
52 Control – Oliver
53. Control (Nom De Strip remix) – Oliver
54. Bump – Spank Rock
55. Low Rider – War
56. Low Rider (Lookas remix) – War
57. Happy Trails – Dale Evans and Roy Rogers


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