Berto – Trash Kan DJ’s Volume 1



Berto brings the beats in memory of DJ Chronic (RIP) for Volume 1 of the Trash Kan DJ’s series of mixes.

It’s a great honor to have been invited to do Vol1 of the Trash Kan DJ’s series. Thank you Larry Roelofsen aka Rosk for the invite and Kieron Lee for allowing the series to be aired on Breaks FM.– B

Mastering by Timothy Barnard aka 21paths

Artwork by Gary Sisco aka DJ Sisco






DJ Chronic – 352 Love(Remembering DJ Chronic)
OnDaMike – Money 4 Nothing(Breaks Mix)
United States Beat Squad – Electro Booty(Original Mix)
K-Deejays – Burst Speakers(Original Mix)
TV Noise – Weird(Bradley Drop Remix)
Ready Or Not(Bootyleg)
Mizzo – Latch(Mizzo Remix)
Zedd & Stanton Warriors – Fuck Spectrum(Mizzo Bootleg)
SIA & Stanton Warriors – Wild Ones(Bootleg)
Riton & Oliver Heldons – Turn Me Out(Bootleg)
Plummet – Damage(Rhythmic Bless & Rick Tedesco Remix)
Mizzo – Ain’t Going Back(Bootleg)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – (Bootleg)
Chris Lake – I Want You
Huda Hudia 7 DJ30A – Crisis(Original Mix)




Berto – RIPEcast Exclusive Mix



Hailing from Florida we have long time Breaks enthusiast Berto.

“It’s an honor to have been invited to be on the Space Cowboys Ripecast. This mix is loaded with some Booty Bouncing Beats guaranteed to get your body moving. Enjoy the ride.”

About Berto:
Alberto Taboas aka Berto is a humbling artist who loves to tell stories through his mixes. Berto started the art of DJing in 1990 in Orlando FL after being influence by DJ D-Xtreme, DJ Chronic, DJ Stylus and Rob-E. Through out the years of his musical journey he has been able to play at clubs and festivals around all of Florida. He is very honored to play for Cognitive Music, Theoryon Records, Funky Flavor Music, (MTG) The Monkey Tennis Group and GMF Events labels. You can catch Berto playing the freshest in Breakbeats in clubs in festival all around Florida. He promises to heal your heart & soul through his music.






Deekline – Gotta Believe (UFO Project Remix
Beatslappaz – Them Girlz – (2timesdope Rewerk)
Defkline – Praise Ya (Original Mix)
JDouble – 2 The Floor (Original Mix)
Tiesto x Sevenn – Boom (Mizzo Remix)
Sychosis – Horns & Shit (Phat Kidz Remix)
GTA – Booty Bounce (Jesse Slater X Curtis B BassRub)
B-Phreak – Rewind (Wes Smith’s Booty Jucie Remix)
Opus III – Fine Day (Phat Kidz Remix)
Underground Utophia – It Ain’t Right (Original Mix)
Prince – I wanna be your lover (Mizzo Remix)
Suga7 – Take It Back (Original Mix)
Defkline – Bass Shaker (Original Mix)
Stanton Warriors – DBass (Original Mix)
Chevy One, Stanley Knife – Be King Booty (Original Mix)
K-Deejays – Don’t Give Up (Original Mix)
The LegsBreaks – F.U.N (Headset Heroes Remix)
Andy Mcallister – Boooshka (DJ Hero Remix)



Berto – Last Honors – Tribute to DJ Chronic



Scott Copeland was a great guy, humble and very passionate about music in all forms but specially Breaks. Scott Copeland aka DJ Chronic recently passed away but left an ever loving memory with those around him. I myself had various encounters with Scott via my site Breakzlinkz over the years, so sad and such a shame he left us so early. RIP Scott.

” Brother… Never did I believe I’d be given you my Last Honors through a mix with music from your collection. Here’s my farewell mix to you that I played at your celebration of life party. I love you Scott Copeland aka DJ Chronic. “ Berto






Intro – Message from Scott Copeland aka DJ Chronic
La Roux – In For A Kill (Dmoney Remix)
DJ Hero – 1992 (Original Mix)
DJ Hero, Ondamike – Gimme What You Got (DJ Hero Remix)
Ondamike, D-reDD – We Believe (DJ Hero Remix)
DJ Icey vs Nalin and Kane – Clique Balls (DJ Hero Re-Mash)
M.A.N.I.C – I’m Coming Hardcore (DJ Hero Remix)
DJ Icey – Tricks Theme (DJ Hero Remix)
DJ Hero – Hold Me (Original Mix)
Adele – Hello (Steven Montana Edit)( Phat Kidz Edit)
Element B feat. Eileen Jamie – The Journey Begins (Nerve’s Moonlight Mix)
Mix Factory – Take Me Away (DJ Hero Remix)
Huda Hudia & DJ Hero – Blood Is Breakin’ (As Loud As It Can Go Remix)
Huda Hudia & DJ Hero – Take Me Higher (Kickin’ Breaks Mix)
Huda Hudia & DJ Hero – Everybody’s Free (Original Mix)
Journey – Faithfully (KL2 Remix)

Mastering by Gary Sisco
Artwork by Timothy Barnard aka 21paths



Berto & DJ Chronic – Linda B Breakbeat Show Exclusive



The Monkey Tennis Group present a collaboration mix between two artists. Berto, known for his progressive breakbeat style and DJ Chronic, known for his funky side of breakbeat. The two have combined a new set and style of music for this mix heading outside of their music comfort zone to give us a new direction and vibe.





Berto Tracklist

La Roux – In For The Kill (Bootleg)
Dynasty & The Oracle Ft. Shawn Davis – Own The Night (Original Mix)
Headset Heroes – Right and Exact (Omega Squad Remix)
K-Deejays – I’ll Be Back (Original Mix)
Bradley Drop – Bring That Back (Original Mix)
Yo Speed, Mutantbreakz – Your Love (Original Mix)
Plump DJs – Shifting Gears (Stanton Warriors Remix)

DJ Chronic Tracklist

Face & Book – Big Bang (Original Mix)
DJ Dial uP & DJ Dilect – If You Want It (Original Mix)
Afrojack & SAYMYNAME – Hot (DJ Chronic Flip)
JPrime – Kaprikorn (Original Mix)
K-Deejays – Don’t Give Up (Original Mix)
Bubble Couple – Tonight (Original Mix)
DJ Icey – NextGen2 (Original Mix)
Beta & Karl Sav – Peytons BassFace (Original Mix)
Paket – Multi Style (Original Mix)



Berto & 21Paths – MTG Linda B Exclusive Mix



Doing an exclusive mix for the Monkey Tennis Group and the Linda B Breakbeat Show we have Berto and 21Paths playing a half an hour set each of some upfront bass & breaks music.





Berto Tracklist
Massmatiks – Gunning For You (Barely Royal & Bunnie Remix)
Patch Notes – Tell You (Original Mix)
Eztero – Route 83 (Original Mix)
Nosk – Right Now (Original Mix)
Archa – Godzilla (Guau Remix)
Suga7 – Can You Feel It (Original Mix)
Yo Speed – Eleven (Original Mix)

21Paths Tracklist
Skii Tour – Redlight (Left/Right Remix)
Donkong – Sisyphos (Roll it Up)
Duko – The Ripper (Badjokes Remix)
Just10 & Left/Right- Walls (Original Mix)
Just10 – Hide (Original Mix)
Left/Right – Leave it (Original Mix)
Figures of Eighty – The Silk (Negativ Remix)
Wrekloose – Shake (Original Mix)
Badjokes – Bootyground (Original Mix)
Wuki – Where you At? (Original Mix)



Jdub & Berto – Breaks Of Unknown Volume 49



Breaks Of Unknown are back with force with a very special double header set from Jdub & Berto. Flexing their force and knowledge of Progressive Breaks the duo put out a mean set of flowing synths and pads all the while providing you with an hour and a half’s progressive journey.





Jdub Tracklist

01. The Broken – Vision (Original Mix)
02. Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back (James Warren & Faskil Dub)
03. Cord – Impulses (Original Mix)
04. Schoco – Inside my Skin (Strange Rollers ReMix)
05. Phil Fuldner Feat Polina – Do What You Like (PrOxy Breaks ReMix)
06. Koan – Uncloak (One Arc Degree ReMix)
07. Mea Culpa – Spiritual Light (You Are My Salvation ReMix)

Berto Tracklist

01. Parallax Breakz – Atlantic Space (Original Mix)
02. ReTTriger – Apollo (Original Mix)
03. AnimoEx – Origin (Original Mix)
04. Skaarj – Origin (Original Mix)
05. Tentura, Tony Grand – Pandora (Atrium Sun Remix)
06. Anton Maiko – Luna (Alfredo Calderini Remix)
07. Enertia-Sound – Ecology (Original Mix)
08. Retroid – Innerscapse (Original Mix)
09. Liquicity – Distorsion (Original Mix)
10. Naevia, Sound Soul – Fly With Me (Original Mix)